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4.13 News

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Just seen this on the Banana forum

Dear IL-2 fans!

First of all we wish a Happy New Year! (if its not too late for that) icon_rolleyes.gif
Well you maybe have been asking yourself, what happend to us and the ongoing patching. We are very sorry for not making much noise lately!

We were (and still are) reorganising the team and things have slowed down during testing and fixing phases. We wished to have the release date near last Christmas, but there where bugs to catch -as usual - and we just didn't want to rush it, just at the cost of the quality. We hope you understand our intentions.

We had 3 Alpha and 2 Beta versions - and currently the first RC in testing. Thus we are pretty sure, that it won't be too long until the final release of 4.13.

So again we say sorry for the silence and the long delay - after all, we are still there! icon_wink.gif

AND we already have alot of new stuff to add, planes, incl. flyables, objects as well as features, so this story may continue quite well. Stay tuned...! icon_wink.gif

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I for one , Hope it never stops and that we are still playing it well into the next decade or two .. by then it'll be in a super ultra 3-D format or some spacey thing like that :) 

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