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Our Clod Server: Changes To The Currently Running Mission

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Finally found the "issue" with that weird truck icon on the map in Dover, the one with the yellow/orange explosive marker on top of it... It turned out to be a Balloon Winch. Never knew I put it in there... changed it to a Barrage Balloon, and there ya go... I know it's not really relevant, and not really worth mentioning here, but it had been bugging me for ages ... and I am happy it's now been fixed.

(It's not easy to find a truck, when you are looking for one, and in the mission builder you are looking at something  that does not look like a truck, it looks like a Barrage Balloon... amongst many others ... )

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At the moment our DF server has some weird issue in running CloD. 

Last Thursday we experienced a crash due to the issue...

Have not yet found out what is wrong exactly,  but basically the DF server is not running CloD at the moment.

However, it is up and available, as at the moment I am running it from my secondary PC.  Not sure whether I can keep it running 24/7 though... oh well ... 


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So, as I am off on a business trip for a few days, my server is not on, and our own is off as well, so basically, in the end and shift, there's no DD CloD server up.

Oh dear.


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