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Greetings Friends!
The second week of early access featuring Bf-109 F-4 is now over. Thanks for all of your critical comments and positive feedback, but most of all – for your emotions. I think that it's most important that the project calls for so many emotions. It could have been just another game about planes which is not a rare thing these days. But luckily for us - and for your enjoyment - the project does give you emotions. This is the most precious of our goals, and it seems we've are reaching it.
We're at the second stage of the project development: adding, tuning and fixing content. Most technologies are now ready which is what we've been working at all the time before. The second stage is definitely much more interesting both for us and you because all the changes, all the development progress is more obvious. New features are being added daily and others are being improved.
But this impressive speed is also a big difficulty. We need to smartly evaluate our capabilities to be able to bring you something new and enjoyable in the short perspective and at the same time keep on working on the project until it’s complete. There are not many examples of studios that work like we do, so we never borrowed that experience, never had a chance to sneak-peek and learn on someone else’s mistakes. We're doing it our way and if we patiently beat our heads against the wall then we just harden our tough foreheads. Patience is what we expect you to have and luckily you're patient, thank you for that. It's a reward for us to work for players who actually understand us.
Let's get specific now - what about the next week? Everything goes as planned as of now and even though there are some technical issues the majority of players are able to fly and enjoy the game. That's why we've decided to start providing game access on weekends earlier than it was initially planned. So, everyone who was too busy to play should be able to get to the game soon.
The next session starts on December 6th and ends on December 9th. We're not yet ready to tell the certain time when our servers will go online the next Friday because we still need to figure out the best way to do it. The next goal is to increase the length of each session. Maybe we'll get to it earlier than planned as well. And of course the Standard edition owners will be joining the early access soon.
Next Friday you'll get the previously known LaGG-3 and Bf-109 F-4, but this time they will get their firepower back. We'll setup 7.62mm and 20mm weapons with historically adequate AR and HE rounds. AI-controlled planes are going to be the targets for you. They will have weapons as well, but they shouldn't be a problem for skilled pilots.
More details are coming up with the next blog update next Friday.
Thanks again for your kind and positive feedback and impressions the last 2 weeks that we've read on our forum (and it feels like it has been longer than only 2 weeks). I think that our project is going to break a few more stereotypes: not only about development time, team building and modeling principles, but also about the community in this genre. Yes, you're complicated, noisy and controversial and it's not easy to satisfy you. But it looks like earning your trust gives birth to one of the strongest game communities.

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And of course the Standard edition owners will be joining the early access soon.

Yay me



 Good news Perf.  You get access this weekend!


Been having quite a blast - in a very limited time frame - with BoS.  I really do like the LaGG3.  Its one steaming turd of a fighter plane but very rewarding to fly, fight and try to land in one piece.

Cockpit  modelling seems rather more complete than the '109 at the moment.



Am now reliably able to shoot down at least one of the a.i. before the pitiful ammo supply runs out.



Effects coming along nicely too.




Lets hope they're insured.




Not sure whats coming up this week.  Gunpods, bombs and rockets perhaps?

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I must say I hate the head movement model here. I have much playing till I get this to work properly.  Still managed to take off and smoke a pair of LaGG's. Expert is a bit more of a challenge keeping the bad guy in sight.

Snacko's ROF guide is helping immensely.

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