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I've made up a list of the current commands.


IL2 Battle of Stalingrad





  Send chat messages to all                                         Enter

  Send chat messages to friendly                                Rctl Enter

  Show/hide ESC menu                                               Escape

  Show/hide HUD                                                         h

  Lobby                                                                        Tab

  Show/hide mission briefing                                       o

  Enable/disable flight recording                                 Lctl r

  Make a screenshot                                                   SysRq

  Change gauges                                                        i

  Change map                                                             m

  Accelerate time                                                         ]

  Decelerate time                                                         [

  Game Pause on/off                                                    p


Camera Controls

  Switch veh turret sight position                                 Lctl Mouse Wheel

  Reset external free camera                                       c

  Free camera – slow mode                                        NP0

  Reset camera                                                            NP5

  Camera local rotation up/down                                 Lsft Mouse Y

  Camera local rotation left/right                                  Lsft Mouse X

  Rotate camera up/down                                            NP8


  Rotate camera left/right                                            NP4


  Camera: player cockpit                                             F1

  Camera operator: enemy                                          Lctl F12

  Camera operator: friendly                                        F12

  Camera padlock: friendly air                                   Rsft F8

  Camera padlock: friendly ground                            Rsft F7

  Camera padlock: enemy air                                     F8

  Camera padlock: dangerous air                               Rctl F8

  Camera padlock: enemy ground                              Rctl F7

  External free camera: friendly air                            Lsft F3

  External free camera: bombs                                   F6

  External free camera: friendly bombs                     Lsft F6

  External free camera: enemy bombs                       Lctl F6

  External free camera: enemy air                             Lctl F2

  External free camera: ground                                  F5

  External free camera: friendly ground                   Lsft F5

  External free camera: enemy ground                     Lctl F5

  External free camera: player plane                        F2

  Camera: flyby                                                        F3

  Camera: free                                                          F11

  Camera: head-unlinked cockpit                             Lalt F1

  Camera: combat camera                                        F4

  Camera: track                                                        Lctl F1

  Move free camera forward/backward                   s            Mouse Right Button+Mouse Y


  Move free camera left/right                                  a            Mouse Right Button+Mouse X


  Move free camera up/down                                  f            Mouse Right Button+Mouse

                                                                                r                                               Wheel

  Camera zoom                                                       NP-         Mouse Wheel


  Change veh turret zoom                                      Mouse Wheel


Pilot Head Control

  Not included


Plane Controls

  Airbrakes: on/off                                                 Ralt b

  Autopilot level flight: on/off                               Lsft a

  Autopilot: left turn                                              Lsft z

  Autopilot: right turn                                            Lsft x

  Autopilot: on/off                                                 a

  Bail out                                                               Lctl e

  Canopy: open/close                                            Ralt c

  Canopy emergency remove                               Rctl c

  Cockpit lights: on/off                                         l

  Flaps down                                                         f

  Flaps up                                                              Lsft f

  Ldg: up/down                                                     g

  Ldg lights: on/off                                               Rsft l

  Navigation lights: on/off                                   Rctl l

  Parking brakes: on/off                                       Lsft /

  Adjustable stabilizer: up/down                         Rsft Cursor Up

                                                                            Rsft Cursor Down

  Pitch trim: up/down                                          Rctl Cursor Up

                                                                            Rctl Cursor Down

  Roll trim: left/right                                            Rctl Cursor Left

                                                                            Rctl Cursor Right

  Rudder trim: left/right                                      Lctl z

                                                                            Lctl x

  Wheel brakes                                                    /

  Left wheel brake                                              ,

  Right wheel brake                                            .

  Switch to next free plane                                 Lctl c

  Tail wheel: lock/unlock                                   Lsft g


Engine Controls

  Engine(s) superchargers toggle                       Lsft s

  Engine(s): start/stop procedure                       e

  Auto mixture & supercharger                         Lsft m

  Auto Radiator                                                 Lsft r

  Engine 1: start/stop procedure                        Rctl 1(number 1)

  Engine 2: start/stop procedure                        Rctl 2

  Cowl Flaps: open/close                                  Lalt =

                                                                          Lalt -

  Mixture: lean/rich                                           Ralt -

                                                                          Ralt =

  Oil Radiator: open/close                                 Rwin =

                                                                          Rwin –

  Prop pitch: low (high rpm)                             Rsft =

                     high (low rpm)                             Rsft –

  Throttle                                                            -


  Water radiator: Open/close                              Rclt =  

                                                                           Rctl –

  Switch common control of

    Engines: on/off                                              0 (number 0)

  Switch engine 1 control: on/off                       1   

  Switch engine 2 control: on/off                       2


Weapons controls

  Gunners: Fire at will                                        Ralt 1

  Gunners: Attack balloons                                 Ralt 5

  Gunners: Attack ground tgts                            Ralt 6

  Gunners: Return fire                                        Ralt 2   

  Gunners: Cease fire                                         Ralt 3

  Gunners: Cease heavy weapons fire                Ralt 4

  Gunners: Long attack distance                        Ralt 9

  Gunners: Normal attack distance                    Ralt 8

  Gunners: Short attack distance                        Ralt 7  

  Fire all guns                                                      Space

  Reload all guns                                                  r

  Remove personal weapon/flare                         Lctl `

  Red flare                                                            Lctl 1

  Green flare                                                        Lctl 2

  Yellow flare                                                      Lctl 3

  White flare                                                        Lctl 4

  Personal weapon                                               Lctl 5

  Shoot personal weapon/flare                            Lctl Space           Mouse Left Button

  Bomb bay doors close                                      Lctl n

  Bomb bay doors open                                       n

  Bomb sight                                                        v

  Turret: nestle to the gun sight                           Lsft t

  Fire only cannons                                             Lalt Space

  Fire only machine guns                                    Ralt Space

  Turret: Take/leave control                                t

  Fire turret guns                                                 Space                     Mouse Left Button

  Switch to the next firing point

     In the current turret                                       Lsft c

  Reload turret guns                                            r                              Mouse Middle Button

  Drop bombs                                                     b

  Throw bombs mode toggle                              Lsft b


Flight Leader Commands

  Attack nearest air                                            Lalt 1

  Attack nearest ground                                     Lalt 2

  Stop actions & follow our mission                 Lalt 3

  Copy my actions                                             Lalt 4

  Formation column                                          Lctl 6

  Formation left edge                                        Lctl 7

  Formation right edge                                      Lctl 8

  Formation V                                                   Lctl 9

  Hold formation & cover me                           Lalt 5

  Accept the leadership                                     Lalt 9

  Patrol the area                                                Lalt 6

  Patrol for air enemies                                     Lalt 7

  Patrol for ground enemies                              Lalt 8

  Return to base                                                Lalt 0

  Hold this position & wait                               Lctl 0


Pilot Gestures

  Hand up                                                          Lsft 1

  Form left                                                         Lsft 2

  Form right                                                       Lsft 3

  V formation                                                    Lsft 4

  OK                                                                  Lsft 5

  Attack                                                             Lsft 6

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