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All Please Read: Bomb Delay 4.11.1M / Hsfx6 Conclusions And Suggestions


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Ever since we've been using 4.11.1m / HSFX6 with its new bomb fusing, we've seen several weird issues when on low level bombing runs, like bombs not exploding at all, or exploding too early. Weird visual stuff, like 'I did not see your bombs drop' or .... and so on.

Some extensive testing by Sweper and me has shown that most of these weird issues are explainable, and -which is more important- preventable.


A. Long Delay fuse setting is not perfect: For example, setting it to 4 seconds will set it for 4x500lbs bombs , but not for the 1000lbs bomb when that is used as a combined load. The 1000lbs will have a minimum drop alt of 193m, and will explode on impact (0.24s).

B. Default fuse settings are now directly related to aircraft type / load out combination: They will be reset to a default when the next mission is loaded! You can no longer assume it is set at your favorite value, ie. it no longer works the same way as your weapon convergence settings or your Rocket Delay setting!

C. BombBayDoors mod works, but causes (visual) issues if not used by the host and all clients in the same way. If one with non-automatic doors pushes the bomb drop button while his doors are still closed, he will not drop a bomb, but a client with automatic doors will see a bomb being dropped, hit, and explode.

Suggestions (In order of importance / relevance)

1- Do not use 'Long delay' bomb fuse setting.

2- As fuse timing is now related to the type of load-out, make sure you check and verify your delay settings for each and every mission. For instance, the default timing for 4x500lb in a Mosquito VI, is 1 second. Yes, one second, and that can get you killed!

3- Best we all use the same delay settings and load out on a bomb run, and coordinate the attack, so we will not get surprised by sudden and unexpected explosions and blasts... B)

4- Bombaydoors=0 should be added to the [mods] section of your conf.ini, so we all are using the same setting. This setting is the default of 4.11.1m, so in fact we are disabling this mod in HSFX6.

For immersion purposes you are allowed to press a dummy button, and call out 'Bomb bay doors open' on comms ;-)

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No, I am up here on a research trip for the Priory as our mission goal is to save fallen women and I have heard that northern women fall over easier than southern ones.....

On the doors front FT, if it is the doors that cause an issue I will of course remove it with no problem, sadness yes, problem no.

Many thanks for all your testing and time, by the way.


Friar, sent from Crashes, "ooup north"

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I have always had bombbaydoors=0. I found that after playing this game for so many years, I always forgot it. And on some planes the doors do open automatically, so I couldn't remember which was which.

Jolly good job 'ol chaps!! Cheerios!

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