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Hsfx Question


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I now have HSFX installed and auto-updated to v.15. I’m experimenting with it now. But I do have a couple questions.

Am I correct in assuming that having it in Expert Mod is why only the compass heading shows up in the speed bar? Also could I ask for some advice on bomb settings? I’m assuming that HSFX has the bomb arming delay like the stock game, but what about fuse settings? I’m either blowing myself up or the damn things refuse to explode. I can’t seem to find a happy medium.

If my Egyptian hosts can refrain from doing anything too incredibly stupid, I’d like to start flying again.

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Trib, it will be your difficulty settings that is the reason why you are only getting the heading, not expert mode. Check under difficulty that 'no speedbar' isn't checked under the 'views' section of the difficulty settings.

re bomb fusing, if you look in your il2 folder you should find a 'guide 4.11.pdf' that gives all the info regarding on bomb fuses for 4.11.

if for some reason you haven't got the pdf (you should have as it installs with the 4.11 patch) i will upload here.

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