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  1. (I do not think my I-16 even has any external lights? Oh, wait, it's Operation Steel Swordfish ... no worries ...)
  2. Timing is a bit off, like half an hour at the moment, but that will be fixed 'round midnight UK Time
  3. Our DCS-OB Server now restarts at 1AM. 7AM, 1PM, 7PM CET. 12AM, 6AM, 12PM, 6PM for the UK. This can be changed for sure, just suggest a better time. I've tried to keep it as friendly as can be - though midnight for the UK, is that okay? There's also a check every 5 minutes, whether DCS-OB is running. if not, it will automatically be restarted.
  4. Well, my my my... This was beyond silly, as in, I made a stupid mistake, a typo basically, but the result of the typo was like beyond silly. This is the relevant bit of code to start our DCS OB Server. start /min "" dcs --server --norender @Echo DCS will be started via a powershell script that is in TaskScheduler. So that is all. My mistake? Somehow I lost the line fine at the end of that first line, so it resulted into this: start /min "" dcs --server --norender@Echo DCS will be started via a powershell script that is in TaskScheduler. @exit So, DCS would start, then show a message that "Authorization has failed" and next a whole list of modules that would be unavailable. And next. "Unfortunately DCS has crashed" ... with some weirdo exception error in the log on the intel graphics card driver. Never seen anything like this happen. I mean, one would expect a message "incorrect parameter" at startup, or even a message in the log file. But no, oh well
  5. Have been working on the process that re-starts our DCS OB server process. It will still run for 6 hours, but it will be restarted every day at 1:00AM and PM and 7AM and PM. That is CET. So in DogzTime it'd be 12:00AM/PM and 6AM and PM. For now that is. It may change when summer time comes back. Note: It appears I may or may not have broken the OB a bit for us. Oh well, will look into it later. There's always the stable one...
  6. 12/03/45 2nd Lt. Archie Bunting Air: 1x FW 190D9 (Damaged an Me262 and a 190A8.)
  7. 11/03/45 2nd Lt. Archie Bunting Crash landed in friendly territory. Wounded. Picked up by a Belgian farmers' daughter. Slowly recovering. Very slowly. Not to worry - no problem.
  8. 10/03/45 2nd Lt. Archie Bunting Air: 1x Me-109 Damaged Ground: 1x Boat
  9. This it shows if and when I remove all mods from my game: You must have put that thing in there somewhere ... Try and remove the UH-60L from your game and see if you can join
  10. 09/03/45 2nd Lt. Archie Bunting Air: 1x Me-410 Destroyed Ground: 2x Boat
  11. Some screenshots, from July 20th, 2023. Not sure what the occasion was. All unedited ...
  12. Some North American Screen Shots, featuring Fruitbat and BlueBear...
  13. 04/03/45 2nd Lt. Archie Bunting Air: 1x Bf 109 Destroyed
  14. Look here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/85701-fortresses-and-focke-wulfs-announcement/ B17E, P51A, Typhoon, 190A ... And discussion here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/85702-discussion-of-fortresses-and-focke-wulfs-announcement/ And at ATAG: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37474
  15. Well, if a missing jet disappears, then I guess anything goes. 😵
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