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  1. And if you delete the one in your local folder, and then run ChkSkins, you will get the new one.
  2. Server now running 4.501 Unfortunately, we have lost some of the GoodCoops missions - there are only four left at the moment. Sure, will start saving them again, but this time we should only put missions in that have the original .mission file, as with bigger updates (like 4.501 is) the .msbin can no longer be loaded... Oh well... Looks like I found a workaround for this...
  3. Great idea, but I think PWCG will not have such an option built in - it would mess up current results for sure - should one be able to re-run it through PWCG then probably air kills will be counted yet again - as well as ground stuff kills that had been registered the first time ... though that may not be a bad thing ... And now for the manual way: Read log files and retrieve the kills that way. Sounds good in theory, until you find like 165 log files for one mission, and I took this small bit out of one log file just to show it's really not doable: T:0 AType:15 VER:17 T:173873 AType:12 ID:1402880 TYPE:M16 Half-track AAA gun COUNTRY:103 NAME:m16 PID:-1 POS(111287.6875,136.1675,184716.0625) T:173873 AType:3 AID:-1 TID:1402880 POS(111287.6875,136.1675,184716.0625) T:173968 AType:12 ID:1393664 TYPE:M16 Half-track AAA gun COUNTRY:103 NAME:m16 PID:-1 POS(111287.6719,135.9392,184705.2813) T:173968 AType:3 AID:-1 TID:1393664 POS(111287.6719,135.9392,184705.2813) T:174142 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:BlocksArray COUNTRY:103 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) T:174142 AType:1 AMMO:explosion AID:8196 TID:8192 T:174142 AType:12 ID:726016 TYPE:Flak 38 COUNTRY:201 NAME:flak38 PID:-1 POS(82003.2578,503.8732,200700.9844) T:174142 AType:1 AMMO:explosion AID:8196 TID:726016 T:174143 AType:2 DMG:0.0899 AID:8196 TID:726016 POS(82003.2578,503.8732,200700.9844) T:174143 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:art_position_small[47891,0] COUNTRY:103 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) T:174143 AType:1 AMMO:BULLET_USA_12-7x99_AP AID:8196 TID:8192 T:174146 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:BlocksArray COUNTRY:103 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) T:174146 AType:1 AMMO:explosion AID:8196 TID:8192 T:174146 AType:1 AMMO:explosion AID:8196 TID:726016 T:174147 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:art_position_small[47891,0] COUNTRY:201 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) T:174147 AType:2 DMG:0.0010 AID:8196 TID:8192 POS(82003.2578,503.8732,200700.9844) T:174147 AType:2 DMG:0.1007 AID:8196 TID:726016 POS(82003.2578,503.8732,200700.9844) T:174153 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:art_position_small[47891,1] COUNTRY:201 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) T:174153 AType:1 AMMO:BULLET_USA_12-7x99_AP AID:8196 TID:8192 T:174153 AType:12 ID:8192 TYPE:BlocksArray COUNTRY:201 NAME:BlocksArray PID:-1 POS(0.0000,0.0000,0.0000) Or maybe ... well, Fen's got a proper good brain that he knows how to use properly ... so ... who knows? Yeah, a lot of this are just assumptions... but given the circumstances and complexity ... checking the names and spaces will do fine!
  4. Me thinks you need to do some more database checking on them trailing spaces Tom ... there are more pilots that have flown multiple missions, like Dennis, with Zero ground kills. Funflak as well... might be worth looking into!
  5. Cools! Good show all! Goes to show we all should be aware of peculiarities during this campaign - and report them in debrief - or rather here in the thread like Chris did... It could be nothing as in a quirk in the game, or an observational error - it could be something else that is fixable!
  6. you can safely limit this to "485th flyers" ... or maybe 485th "flyers"
  7. If the nose wheel bounces, do not go stick forward! Try and let it settle down all by itself.
  8. FoolTrottel


    Welcome back Kimo!
  9. About collisions: Stay in pairs and focused on communication - leader should properly coordinate ... And what Fen said: Very often I find myself thinkin' : "Mission objective complete, lets go home! " but still it takes a while to get there, because distractions and diversions and stuff and I'm like "oh dear, NO!" especially when I am supposed to be leading the gang .... Yeah, scared stiff regularly - not only for my persona as such, but for all of us - just hate it to find one of us not comin' home..
  10. Tried it, initial look seems positive... but need to fliegen a bit more. And for sure, I am going to forget and thus regret the fact I put that Startup.cfg on Read-Only! Thanks!
  11. Just deleted some 30 skin files where their names ended with (1) or (2)... Duplicates! Please be careful when downloading skins and saving them... Usually, when your browser downloads a file that already exists, it will automatically name it adding (1) to it. Or (2) if (1) already existed... So, it will not ask you to overwrite!
  12. It's a screen shot from a P38 mission? Or does it not show up?
  13. Not sure if it should be here, not even sure it's of this campaign, and really sure not from the last mission... but hey ho...
  14. Great idea. I like it. And should be doable - Like a list of types one can check mark ... Select all, select none .... select random ... lol Then again, it would defeat the whole point of it... would it not? Then we'd still run a good chance one picks a skin, and the other does not see it! And, I would have to create a default DD default-favorites list, plus let you save your own favorites list for the next time... sigh... lots of work! Furthermore, we got 5GB of P51 skins, 5GB of P47 skins, 3GB of P38 skins - that's already getting close to 1/3rd of the total. For these three planes. Take some more popular models into account and ... well, you'd still be having lots-a-skins! Like still a silly amount... Furthermore, the thing is geared towards fire-and-forget. Do we want to add any complexity? Better start a poll, see how many people would be interested in this: I mean, DD's that are not using it now, and who would start using it if this functionality were built in. If that number is over 10 - I might consider putting it in... Like said, I really do like the suggestion - but is it worth the while?
  15. Now that was cool stuff... Sure, you can call Kira, Ovy, Delta and me silly old conservative ancient trolodyte gits, but man, now that was good fun! Thanks Dave for the initiative! We are now on the Calendar!!
  16. I do ... except when we do the P38 Campaign, it's a server side 'realism' option ...
  17. in game, you can also switch off the icons completely... Check what key you've got set at 'Service, Show/Hide Instrument Panel, Navigation and Map markers' - and try and press that one in cockpit...
  18. ft.dangerdogz.com Yeah, for old times sake, please add the :21000
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