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  1. Now that's no weather to go fly in ... ! except maybe in a Swordfish..
  2. Pub closed down again so... yeah!
  3. 11:30AM your time me thinks? Now I am confused for sure... (We not only 'seem' like a great group, we áre!)
  4. Hello... Welcome here! Not sure we are even up to that level ... I surely hope you take better care of the virtual vehicles you just bought. What did you hit? (You can freely knock down trees though. It's even fun. And there's plenty around, and they all get re-planted each new mission... so no harm done...)
  5. 1st Lt. George Vanderweit Air Claims: 1x Confirmed Me262, 1x Shared 109 with Franklin Orbach, 1x Shared 109 with Leo Zimmer. (all over friendly territory) Ground Claims: 2x heavy AAA, 1x Searchlight
  6. Yeah, I think it's called disgnore ..
  7. Looking at implementing a new server:RAGL! (Retreat And Get Lost)
  8. "KABOOM!!" that was good fun!
  9. Owww... the challenge! Hm. I can try... but... what's the point really? How many tankers will be there? Hm. Might even host some IL2 flying coops ... cools! (Meaning: I dunno, I'm lost!)
  10. FoolTrottel


    PW? Poor Waterbirds?
  11. Oh dear - Why would one do that? And specifically that late in the afternoon! Everybody knows it's better to do that when waking up and getting out of bed early morning! Get well soon!
  12. Yes, it does stop playing. That's due to me ending the play status though. I should maybe get me a portable-internet-headset-radio-podcast-device ... As when I clean the bathroom, or take a powered walk, I tend to be too far away from the audio of the pc to still be able to follow the cast. I am an old git. I do love my FM radio, would probably still do AM if I still had a device capable of receiving it... (No, I am lying here, I do have DAB+ radio... )
  13. Hm, are there podcast on the subject "We Have Ways of Making You Listen"? I just can't keep it up... Maybe I should start walking? Okay, now looking for "We Have Ways of Making You Walk"
  14. Oh, yeah, sorry... I'll rotate that turret, and all is well again!
  15. Oh my, gots to practice driving rearwards!
  16. No worries - it was trying to update whilst OB server was still running on that secondary login account (Also noticed Fruitbat was hosting already, so I took my time to fix it ... )
  17. Found the server in a bit of distress yesterday, so I fixed it a bit, and the OB has been updated now, and all is well again ...
  18. Don't Nick, it did not take! Repeat: It did not take! You're alive!!
  19. Nope, leaving mid mission will not kill you. You go missing from the mission, and you will survive. We've had people having game crashes, or internet drop outs kicking them out and they did not get killed. If you need to leave, hit Escape, Finish Mission, Leave Server - and if you need to leave in a hurry, just press At-F4 ...
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