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    DCS F-14A/B Pre-order Now Available at Heatblur

    Done: A Oh dear, just this little snippet .... lol ... oh my. I will sit back and watch it all happen ... It's a brilliant JET aircraft, but way too much for me to handle! "Set the Emergency Wing Sweep Handle all the way forward to 20 degrees (scroll mousewheel or left click & drag), then push the lever down with a right click and flip the handle cover over it. Then, press the MASTER RESET button (very important or the AUTO mode will not work properly). Use the Wing Sweep AFT & FWD buttons on your Wing Sweep Thumb switch (throttle) to exercise the wings through their whole range of motion. Then, set the Wing Sweep Thumb Switch UP to AUTO mode. The Wing Sweep Angle indicator should then automatically set themselves to 20 deg."
  2. There's no specific limit to numbers on our server, apart from the total of 44. Is this limited to one a/c type? I know that patch 4.5x changed something regarding 109 gunbelt sttings/loadouts, if you had some set in the past, it now mat struggle with the old values. Open User.ini, and edit it, and throw out the 109 gunbelt settings... and/or for other German types that cannot be created.
  3. Here's an overview on how our Cliffs Of Dover server 'works', ie. what's happening on it. If you have any issues with the server, remarks, questions, ideas or suggestions, put them in this thread, or PM me and/or Fruitbat. - One single mission is running over three hours (Increased from two hours, on July 31st 2014) - After three hours, the CloD server program is being restarted. Be careful, because you will then have to disconnect, and wait a few minutes before re-joining. - In this single mission, several pre-programmed waves of aircraft (mostly blue bombers) will appear on fixed timings, ie. in each three hour run, the pre-programmed flights will show up at the same time as in the previous run. Newly added: CloD Random AC Loader - Over the time time the mission is running, at intervals in between 20 and 40 minutes (randomly determined) one of seven (randomly determined) different pre-programmed flights of some type of aircraft will be spawned in. After one flight is spawned in, the interval for the next one is determined. Once the interval has passed, the next one of the seven flights will be spawned in. And so on. (So, yes, it is so very random that it is possible the same flight will be spawned in twice in a row. Or three times even... This is being realized by a separately programmed utility. I'm pretty sure it can be done within CloD's scripting engine, but I would not know how) Note: As of July 30th 2014, our Clod Server is running on a new box. It is different in setup, and it might show some issues, mainly when it is time to relaunch the mission, after the three hours have passed. The name of the server is the same as it was, as is the password, so from client perspective, connecting to the server is still the same as it used to be. Euro pilots will experience higher pings (from 30's to 90's) and NA pilots may experience lower pings (from 180's down to 90's) Future: After hearing about the 'CloD Random AC Loader', Fenrir suggested to remove all pre-programmed flights from the mission completely, and have them all spawn in via the random method described above. Now, that's a brilliant idea, and I'd like to follow up on it, however I do not have a clue yet on how to realise that. Maybe I can figure it out quickly, or maybe Fruitbat can help? Anyways, all this just for your information, and hopefully you all will have some fun with it! As of Aug 1st 2014: - Base map, emptied of all AI aircraft will run in three hour sessions. - The CRAL (Clod Random Ac Loader) will randomly launch aircraft/flights out of the following series: 1. 109's Northsee to Manston 2. D017-109's Ambleteuse to Folkstone 3. HE111-109 Oye Plage to Manston 4. Stuka-110 Framzelle to Dover 5. Wellington-Hurricane to France 6. 109's-From-Thames-To-Audembert 7. 110-Attack-Southampton 8. Spits-Folkstone-To-Manston-Channel 9. Blenheims-Beaufighters-Attack-Shipping 10. 109a.mis 11. do17.mis More may be added later on and/or removed.
  4. GB dedicated server is running, on the same server as the Cliffs of Dover one is... Name: DangerDogz Password: <unowichone> Currently running two missions: - Dangerdogz test server 3 - Fighter sweep II_202818 I could spawn in, but a lot of 'Multiplayer server overload. Contact server administrator' messages showed up. Not sure what causes it, CPU is hardly doing anything at 10% Anyways, it's just a test thing at the moment. Go have fun with it!
  5. FoolTrottel

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Nice! Congrats!
  6. Yes. No. Maybe. Would be cool to attack that one enemy object ... Just figure out where it is, attack ... see what gives
  7. Have removed like all of the 'Radio Beacon' objects in the mission, as well as most of the 'Radar' objects - There were a lot of them in there, and I kinda figured out only one Radar object on each side (Red/Blue) was needed to cover all icons-on-the-map and radio messages on bandits left/right... Well, I hope so anyways... (In theory, if you know where the enemy's single Radar object is located, you could basically blind him in one go... )
  8. Not sure, but I think the engine will lose its power, and or seize up... prop stops turning, so glider ... Why not try it out?
  9. FoolTrottel

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Now what if you had some really bad wire somewhere?
  10. FoolTrottel

    ethics question.

    Not all Poles were that cold!
  11. FoolTrottel

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Oh, if it's a Samsung SSD, you could try and use Samsungs 'Data Migration Software', it can and probably will clone your current HD's contents over to the SSD one ...
  12. FoolTrottel

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Yes. SSD = Fast. Speed = Good. Upgrade to the running dead!
  13. FoolTrottel

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Me thinks best to create two partitions on the new disk, one for (a fresh install of) windows, and one for BoX and DCS. That's what I'd do... And probably, you will need MS's help regarding the licensing... There is a trick you could try - sign in with your or a Microsoft account to the current Pc, to 'register' the current W10 license with that account, then swap motherboard and stuff - boot from the current disk/OS, login with your Microsoft account again. Next, put in the SSD and disconnect the 500GB disk, reinstall W10 from scratch, login with your Ms account. Later, hook the 500GB back up. Now I am far from sure whether this would work, but I just needed to share my creative thought process here
  14. FoolTrottel

    Airshow Details

    Nope... none whatsoever... (D-Day? In July? Silly peeps them Brittons... )
  15. FoolTrottel

    Our GB Server is up and running

    Oh, how lovely it is to watch you use that butcher bird's speed and roll rate to get that enemy... however, your gunnery ... it may need some improvement left and right, but mainly center Now why did your engine stop? Must admit I watched the video without sound, so I may have missed some really relevant stuff? Good show anyways!
  16. FoolTrottel

    So the new rig is dead(ish)

    Do hope you get it sorted out fast!
  17. Grid AS26 now has some static ships in them, of the neutral type, ie. neither belonging to Red nor Blue army. They are kinda grey-ish. These are bombing targets, and once destroyed, they will not be re-spawning. Well, after another mission restart they will all be back in for sure.
  18. Feather the prop of the engine that was knocked out. It will reduce a lot of drag, and maybe you could have kept it in the air and attempt a landing on a airfield. Gear up/down? I am not sure. The airframe is a write off anyways, so in the end you did well as you and your crew survived ...
  19. FoolTrottel

    Lockon Platinum/ Lockon MAC / Lockon ACS - work with DCS ?

    Good morning. No. (Sorry, just me being silly... Really, I do not know... nor could I tell... or even make an educated guess... )
  20. FoolTrottel


    Get a Room you gits!
  21. FoolTrottel

    How do you recover from a stall?

    You should have prevented getting into that stall ... You were too low to get out of it. You nearly made it though Do not fly that low, that slow, with the flaps down. Save that stuff for your approach to landing. Have Fun!
  22. FoolTrottel

    Video - Landing an Airbus 330

    Just a cool video, how everyday pilots do their job...
  23. FoolTrottel

    Our GB Server is up and running

    Mission rotation is now set to 90 minutes, used to be 60 minutes.
  24. FoolTrottel

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    Well, the number of bucks maybe a bit too large for that...
  25. FoolTrottel

    Time to cobble something together for christmas

    I get that tooth length feeling - My i5 and mother board were new in 2011. So... My thinkin' was "I gots the moneys now ... let's go!" But only after getting the 1080 things really changed over here ... it's all about balance, you know...