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  1. Yes it is. Link here: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/203816-vnao-t-45-goshawk/ You will also need the A-4E-C: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/290302-community-a-4e-c-v201-march-2022/#comment-4860158
  2. Good show Ben, good fun, thanks! Nice teamwork, we got royally and regularly killed individually, but as a Team still!
  3. Brilliant ... ! 18 months ago you typed this "when we move onto P51s from P38s in Tom's campaign" lol ... we're still not there yet !
  4. (Added to ChkSkins - 4K must be unchecked!)
  5. Added failures? No need for those, I got plenty myself already!
  6. GBS DF-Server updated to 4.706, Arado added to both missions.
  7. Thanks Sid! (They are in ChkSkins now - but to get all 4 files, you need to switch 'Only 4K Skins' off!)
  8. 30/01/45 Luke Short Air: 1x Me262 Ground: 1x Machine Gun 2x Facilities
  9. DCS-OB Server: All repaired - issues not fixed
  10. (DCS-OB server currently in Repair process - trying to figure out some F-16 I-16 issues... )
  11. Our DCS-OB server has been updated to latest version today.
  12. Hi Doug, welcome here!
  13. Here ya go, it is indeed HUGE ... And PLEASE DO NOT BREAK IT!! DD_All Planes Jet Practise A4 0700 WW2AP.miz
  14. 28/01/45 Edward Turton (He died by the way) Air: 1x FW190 Ground: 1x Truck 1x Tank (Marder) 10x Facilities
  15. Our DCS Stable Server:
  16. Our DCS OB Server reported this:
  17. Yep, I certainly did Crash! How did you come across it? Fun fact: I can see the church tower where this was taken, from my house (It's really close... lol) and the two far away big block buildings in the center of this image is where I work - well, them buildings are gone, but that's where my job is... not that I sit in the open air, no, there's a different building now, much smaller, and nowadays quite old as well. Come to think of it, the building where I work now is behind that big one in the image that has been demolished in the meantime. I'm out now.. . off to da pub!
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