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    RAM. Is it specific (server/personal)?

    Hm, so, the RAM took it personal then? Too bad ...
  2. FoolTrottel

    First Tuesday's Coop is in the BoX!

    Ah, that second video appears to be showing nicely what it was that brought my IL2 down... flak BOOM! Thanks for clearing that up for me! 😎
  3. First Tuesday's Coop is in the BoX! And it was a success... well, I'd like to call it that anyways... After I'd found out one should not try and organize coop missions in subfolders. Well, unless one does lots of editing. It was nr. 234, generated from http://il2-expert.ru/en/Coop. Four the people in. Sid and Wingflyr in Mig3's and Crash and FT in IL2's. Set out to attack an airfield. We did. No icon on the map - oops - navigation was tricky, but not impossible. Killed stuff on the airfield, Wingflyr got 2x 109, Sid 1x. Unfortunately, the did not get to return home, both had Sauerkraut and Schnapps for dinner. They did keep the enemy away from us bombers just fine! I found my way home, landed. "You have landed" a message stated. Yeah, did not know that! Then we even got a lost Crash home, after an initial misreading of the map and surroundings, the secondary attempt was good: Crash was some 50km in enemy territory, a 180 direction change brought him home in the end! External Views were of value there Too bad three of the IL2 AI wingmen went missing in action. AA must've got them... No technical issues or mishaps there. My views were a bit 'stuttery', fps was good, but still some micro stuttering when looking around. Have not heard any of the clients speak about stutters or warps or similar wotsnots ... (Was a rather long one, I ran out of time hosting, Wingflyr took over with hosting a df map...) Good show, I did enjoy that! (And we did get Funflak to buy and download Stalingrad, I left TS before he got off the ground, but I bet assigning keys went just fine, and he's killed his share of 109's by now ... oh wait, I think on the DF they were flying for the Germans?)
  4. FoolTrottel

    Flying Legends 2018

    Okay, skip all video recordings, we only need audio. I've got enough good footage to finally make them older videos bearable, if I have proper voice audio!
  5. FoolTrottel

    Watcha Got Cookin'?

    Here's what better not to do: Use like 7 years old heat sink paste on yer brand new processor: So, I cleaned it up. The only paste I had left was the stuff already applied on the heat sink of a brand new cooler... scraped it off, applied some to the CPU and some to the original cooler... all is good. On load it now runs at 68C, instead of 75C ... Have ordered me some fresh stuff though... Tomorrow I shall pull the stuff apart again, and put some of it on... well, if this thing lasts in this setup that is. Oh well...
  6. Britain's last Dambuster flies again to mark the mission's 75th anniversary http://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-derbyshire-44170331/britain-s-last-dambuster-flies-again-to-mark-the-mission-s-75th-anniversary
  7. So little time between him turning away from the approach to the airfield, to touchdown in that field! Maybe the video's wide angle did it, but to me it looked like he was much higher there ... To decide to do that at that moment, and keep the aircraft flying as he said... amazing.
  8. FoolTrottel

    New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Yes, well, the location of my home town is there, but whether there'll be any thing built there? I doubt it (Would be cool to try and bomb the bridges there though ... Any Mitchell planned already?)
  9. Hm, I'd make some different choices... and it might be more expensive These remarks are based on you stating wanting it to fly Great Battles... ! (Recently I upgraded to I7-8700K@4.8Ghz (OC), and 16Gb, still using 970GTX, and results are not perfect, I need to tune a bit more) - CPU: More cores, and a -K version, so you have the possibility to over clock. (So, basically, I am saying get an I7... K. Box appears to be liking CPU cycles) - Disk : Go for a true SSD. Maybe a bit smaller, 500GB should do. (You can always add one or a traditional disk later) - PSU: 550W minimum! Specs for 1060 states minimum is 400W of power! And: What about a Monitor? As in: What resolution will you be running the game at, and/or are you thinkin' VR might be something for you? And then this: 1. Wait for others to chime in 2. Go look around and maybe even ask here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com as a lot of active players there Good Luck!
  10. Good to see it's fixed now.... good job! 1. The NAME of an enemy will only show up if he's like 5m away. Then NAME of friendly Humans will show up at 1km.. (Why would you want to know who is shooting you down? 😉 ) I will change it, if others are unhappy with that, I will change it back. Then again, I can't imagine anybody having issues with that change) 2. DD's TeamSpeak works fine. But your problem is that it looks like you're the only one using it at the moment ... Not much I can do, except for when we fly as a group to join that Public TS Server (Thursdays from about 21:00 CET). We also have a private TS server, which we normally use. Have Fun!
  11. FoolTrottel

    Watcha Got Cookin'?

    That's indeed what they do... They need updates regularly, so new boards and newly discovered sensors will get added
  12. FoolTrottel

    RAM. Is it specific (server/personal)?

    I could tell you, but I won't, it's too personal ....
  13. FoolTrottel

    Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

    Great result!
  14. Welcome Back Roberts! I do remember your name... might even recognize your voice on TS ... 😎 As for controllers, the TM 1600 might do, but as far as I have read, it's not comparable with the virpil and VBK stuff, as that's way more 'professional'. Furthermore, I am using an old MS-FFB2, and a home built-lunch-box-bottun-box, so I really should not be the one answering this. That new hardware is just fine and nice overkill for IL2 1946 ...lol ... but should do fine for the newer Box, CloD and DCS as well
  15. Well, I tried, and on my system it works: I can get a 250 bomb on the 109E-4B just fine, on several bases - though I did not try them all. So, now please try and edit user.ini file, and look for these lines: [Aircraft.Bf-109E-4B] belt _Gun00 Gun.MG17 MainBelt 0 0 0 0 2 5 5 5 5 detonator Bomb.SC-250_Type1_J 2 -1 14 weapons 1 1 3 regiment BoB_LW_KuFlGr_706 Remove the two middle lines (so detonator and weapons) save the file and please retry. Make sure the game is closed first though. If that still does not fix it, then please specify the name of the base(s) you've tried. (I did change the availability of aircraft types on several bases last weekend, adding some of the 'newer' types, but I cannot imagine having this weird an effect - I may be wrong there... )
  16. FoolTrottel

    Hawker fury

    Nice! Specifically the scratch built cockpit! So much delicate work for something so ... invisible! True spirit of a true modeler!
  17. Hello ilario, That's all a bit strange... specifically that it changed since about a week ago. Can't think of a change that was made to the server then, that could cause these issues. Now I've tried to re-produce your error, and I did see 'strange' things, but that could be because at the first try I did not really pay attention to what button I was clicking, and when. However, if follow this procedure, I always get the bomb load out I requested: - Click the flag at the top (and make sure to 'leave your current aircraft) - Click base (I picked Pihen Fighter) - Select the 109 E-3/B (click on 'Plane' button if the type was already there in preview) - Click on Load out, and under Weapon Sets select 'ETC-500 IXb Bomb Rack + GP Bomb, SC 250, Type 1, Body Type J' and under 'Bombs' select the proper type and set the fuse and delay. - Click OK, OK and then Create. After Create, there's no way to change the load out, you will have to hit the flag first, and 'leave your aircraft'... Should this not be of help, then please report the exact base you spawn in, and what buttons you press and selections you make, step-by-step. Only then I can try and reproduce the issue - if it's there - and maybe either find a fix, or report it as a bug. One other thing you could try should the above procedure not work for you: Open the file user.ini in Notepad, then browse down to the section named [Aircraft.Bf-109E-3B], and remove all lines below it, until the next section starts (a line marked with [ ). Repeat this for the other types you have a load out issue with. (First make a backup copy of the file, in case something goes wrong) Good luck!
  18. Here's an overview on how our Cliffs Of Dover server 'works', ie. what's happening on it. If you have any issues with the server, remarks, questions, ideas or suggestions, put them in this thread, or PM me and/or Fruitbat. - One single mission is running over three hours (Increased from two hours, on July 31st 2014) - After three hours, the CloD server program is being restarted. Be careful, because you will then have to disconnect, and wait a few minutes before re-joining. - In this single mission, several pre-programmed waves of aircraft (mostly blue bombers) will appear on fixed timings, ie. in each three hour run, the pre-programmed flights will show up at the same time as in the previous run. Newly added: CloD Random AC Loader - Over the time time the mission is running, at intervals in between 20 and 40 minutes (randomly determined) one of seven (randomly determined) different pre-programmed flights of some type of aircraft will be spawned in. After one flight is spawned in, the interval for the next one is determined. Once the interval has passed, the next one of the seven flights will be spawned in. And so on. (So, yes, it is so very random that it is possible the same flight will be spawned in twice in a row. Or three times even... This is being realized by a separately programmed utility. I'm pretty sure it can be done within CloD's scripting engine, but I would not know how) Note: As of July 30th 2014, our Clod Server is running on a new box. It is different in setup, and it might show some issues, mainly when it is time to relaunch the mission, after the three hours have passed. The name of the server is the same as it was, as is the password, so from client perspective, connecting to the server is still the same as it used to be. Euro pilots will experience higher pings (from 30's to 90's) and NA pilots may experience lower pings (from 180's down to 90's) Future: After hearing about the 'CloD Random AC Loader', Fenrir suggested to remove all pre-programmed flights from the mission completely, and have them all spawn in via the random method described above. Now, that's a brilliant idea, and I'd like to follow up on it, however I do not have a clue yet on how to realise that. Maybe I can figure it out quickly, or maybe Fruitbat can help? Anyways, all this just for your information, and hopefully you all will have some fun with it! As of Aug 1st 2014: - Base map, emptied of all AI aircraft will run in three hour sessions. - The CRAL (Clod Random Ac Loader) will randomly launch aircraft/flights out of the following series: 1. 109's Northsee to Manston 2. D017-109's Ambleteuse to Folkstone 3. HE111-109 Oye Plage to Manston 4. Stuka-110 Framzelle to Dover 5. Wellington-Hurricane to France 6. 109's-From-Thames-To-Audembert 7. 110-Attack-Southampton 8. Spits-Folkstone-To-Manston-Channel 9. Blenheims-Beaufighters-Attack-Shipping 10. 109a.mis 11. do17.mis More may be added later on and/or removed.
  19. Finally found the "issue" with that weird truck icon on the map in Dover, the one with the yellow/orange explosive marker on top of it... It turned out to be a Balloon Winch. Never knew I put it in there... changed it to a Barrage Balloon, and there ya go... I know it's not really relevant, and not really worth mentioning here, but it had been bugging me for ages ... and I am happy it's now been fixed. (It's not easy to find a truck, when you are looking for one, and in the mission builder you are looking at something that does not look like a truck, it looks like a Barrage Balloon... amongst many others ... )
  20. FoolTrottel

    Whatcha Flyin'?

    No, not 'glorious Spitfire', just 'Spitfire', as for sure, Hurricane==Glorious !!
  21. FoolTrottel

    Whatcha Flyin'?

    Your review is all nice and good and impressive and shift. But massively incomplete, and thus rather irrelevant. 100% Agree, but: Where's your Spitfire? 😎
  22. FoolTrottel

    A place to share coops

    Well, lucky me, that code does not apply to Kuban
  23. FoolTrottel

    A place to share coops

    For now, I will be steering clear of the mission editor. And will try and download coop missions, created by others...