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  1. GB dedicated server is running, on the same server as the Cliffs of Dover one is... Name: DangerDogz Password: <unowichone> Currently running two missions: - Dangerdogz test server 3 - Fighter sweep II_202818 I could spawn in, but a lot of 'Multiplayer server overload. Contact server administrator' messages showed up. Not sure what causes it, CPU is hardly doing anything at 10% Anyways, it's just a test thing at the moment. Go have fun with it!
  2. It's running now... (Weird stuff, looks like it was an 'operator error' ... for sure not by me, I am the admin there... )
  3. Here's an overview on how our Cliffs Of Dover server 'works', ie. what's happening on it. If you have any issues with the server, remarks, questions, ideas or suggestions, put them in this thread, or PM me and/or Fruitbat. - One single mission is running over three hours (Increased from two hours, on July 31st 2014) - After three hours, the CloD server program is being restarted. Be careful, because you will then have to disconnect, and wait a few minutes before re-joining. - In this single mission, several pre-programmed waves of aircraft (mostly blue bombers) will appear on fixed timings, ie. in each three hour run, the pre-programmed flights will show up at the same time as in the previous run. Newly added: CloD Random AC Loader - Over the time time the mission is running, at intervals in between 20 and 40 minutes (randomly determined) one of seven (randomly determined) different pre-programmed flights of some type of aircraft will be spawned in. After one flight is spawned in, the interval for the next one is determined. Once the interval has passed, the next one of the seven flights will be spawned in. And so on. (So, yes, it is so very random that it is possible the same flight will be spawned in twice in a row. Or three times even... This is being realized by a separately programmed utility. I'm pretty sure it can be done within CloD's scripting engine, but I would not know how) Note: As of July 30th 2014, our Clod Server is running on a new box. It is different in setup, and it might show some issues, mainly when it is time to relaunch the mission, after the three hours have passed. The name of the server is the same as it was, as is the password, so from client perspective, connecting to the server is still the same as it used to be. Euro pilots will experience higher pings (from 30's to 90's) and NA pilots may experience lower pings (from 180's down to 90's) Future: After hearing about the 'CloD Random AC Loader', Fenrir suggested to remove all pre-programmed flights from the mission completely, and have them all spawn in via the random method described above. Now, that's a brilliant idea, and I'd like to follow up on it, however I do not have a clue yet on how to realise that. Maybe I can figure it out quickly, or maybe Fruitbat can help? Anyways, all this just for your information, and hopefully you all will have some fun with it! As of Aug 1st 2014: - Base map, emptied of all AI aircraft will run in three hour sessions. - The CRAL (Clod Random Ac Loader) will randomly launch aircraft/flights out of the following series: 1. 109's Northsee to Manston 2. D017-109's Ambleteuse to Folkstone 3. HE111-109 Oye Plage to Manston 4. Stuka-110 Framzelle to Dover 5. Wellington-Hurricane to France 6. 109's-From-Thames-To-Audembert 7. 110-Attack-Southampton 8. Spits-Folkstone-To-Manston-Channel 9. Blenheims-Beaufighters-Attack-Shipping 10. 109a.mis 11. do17.mis More may be added later on and/or removed.
  4. Oh dear! Thanks for reporting it, will have a look!
  5. FoolTrottel

    Our GB Server is up and running

    Added the 190D9 to three of the four DF missions on our 24/7 DF server... (One mission only has one active Red base) Spawn only, no AI 190D9.
  6. So, I climbed up to like 30k in my Hurricane, cruised around peacefully, until I met some 9 AI 109's... they were at 25K. They quickly broke up and started the chase. Now the Hurri does not fly that nicely up there, so ... here's a picture of the outcome of the meet-and-greet
  7. FoolTrottel


    A very good idea of you to start off with the easy bits of operating that thing !
  8. Hello. No it does not have any statistics ... (The focus of this server is on having as much fun 'live' in the game. It seems scoring and statistics are not that important to us ... We do not like statistics, this could be due to the average age in our group: We are too afraid of becoming them ourselves...)
  9. FoolTrottel

    Better get learning FT...

    Oh dear... two hours and forty four minutes of video ... I won't even be spending that much time back in there you know! And I watched it ... for a bit until this came along, at about 05:00 "(...) delay mode is not modeled here, but what delay mode does is (...)" pfffttttt ...I'm out.... lol, start explaining stuff that's not even modeled ... yeah, great, and so useful too! 🤯 So, I still continued watching, and next there's the relay function "The relay function is not active in real life nor in the sim (...)"
  10. FoolTrottel

    Our DCS Server

    Our DCS Server is up and running. In a Beta form still, stay tuned here for the latest news on it. - Runs the latest-1 version of Fenrir's 'DD_All Planes Jet Practise' mission, and it does so... endlessly at the moment. So, in the end, ships will reach the harbor, it will turn dark, it will hang itself probably. Ie. there's no automatic restart yet... - A4 is in the mission, but only on ground start, so it will go BOOM!
  11. FoolTrottel

    Our DCS Server

    Hey, this topic is about our DCS server, it's not about some silly noisy sissy-jet-toy-jockey-airplane! STAY ON TOPIC!
  12. FoolTrottel

    DIY Pendular Rudder Pedals

    Marvelous job! "(...) look a little crude" ... well, you haven't seen my DIY rudder pedals I bet ... 😎
  13. FoolTrottel

    Our DCS Server

    Server now is on a 4 hour cycle, one mission only, and it is no longer paused on restart...
  14. FoolTrottel

    Our DCS Server

    And, mission/server should restart every 12 hours now. One issue still is that I have to manually un-pause it at start. Haven't found a fix for that yet... The 'documented' ["pause_on_load"] = false, is serversettings.lua does not really work...
  15. FoolTrottel

    Our DCS Server

    Name is DangerDogz ... Oh, you're on the Open Beta, server is 'Stable' It does get Dark out there! (Note: Have just restarted the server ... it's all bright again)
  16. FoolTrottel

    Our DCS Server

    The A-4's are now Air-starting ...
  17. FoolTrottel


    Yeah, "we" (as in AAA) got him in the end... See my markings " FU, Claus!"
  18. FoolTrottel

    And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Another model built, in a perspex/plexiglass box: Should you want to read more about the build itself, have a look at the facebook page BuildingAModelBridge! Here's an image of the original one, back in 1919 or so... it's got a nick name: The elephant's bridge, guess how come?
  19. This will be a challenge. First part is fixed to the quay (quay not visible here), then there's a part that can be lifted, next a fixed element, next a three-ship element that can be ferried out. Some six ships on a flexible part, where the ships rise and fall with the river's water level. On the far side, all fixed stuff.
  20. FoolTrottel

    We need to talk...

    1946 once a month? Might just as well drop it ... I do not see a valid solution here. Ya can't keep em all four, ánd have significant numbers. So, you'd have to drop one or two, and if you do so - whichever you pick, you will also drop members with them ... For me? Cliffs puts the biggest smile on my face, 2nd could still be 1946 - as I can build missions for that one - close behind it DCS. BoX I find mostly frustrating, nearly not as much fun as the others (too complex / too many weird control assignments with the lack of clickable cockpits, it does not feel as nice as the others - or it's maybe because I cannot make sense of the mission editing part?) I dunno ... I really do not...
  21. FoolTrottel

    Daks Over Duxford

    Fakebook News!
  22. Two new Spawn points created: - Ramsgate-HOT : A new base, NE of Manston. - Hawkinge-HOT : Zoom in on the map - alot - and to the west of the original spawnpoint 'Hawkinge' you will find one named 'Hawkinge-HOT'. Now you guess what the -HOT refers to? ☀️ Removed airspawn NW of Hawkinge. Note: Will be active after next mission-cycle
  23. Server version of Cliffs is now updated to v4.55.
  24. FoolTrottel

    IL-2 GBS Resources

    It is, though there are some ... ifs and buts ... I am looking into putting it on the Server ...