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  1. Just by looking around at flightrader24.com, I came across this stuff: The two selected aircraft are of the type 'Hawker Hunter' ... and by the looks of their flight paths they appear to have had a lot of fun out there!
  2. Really? Are you wearing your proper glasses? You know that using <ctrl><mousewheel> combo you can Zoom IN?
  3. Sorry Crash, I meant to just reply "Yes!" to your question, but somehow I got lost somewhere!
  4. 2014 Cambridge ... Off to France, La Normandy! Panzer
  5. 2011 There was so much fun and laughter ... Around the time the picture above was taken, Crash spoke these wise words: "You couldn't write this shit"
  6. These classics from 2010, not sure who took 'm though!
  7. Plenty of Spitfires and Mustangs? Where's my Rata!? Oh wait, I could go be nasty, I think I got a FW190 parked somewhere ...
  8. Get stuffed Arthur, I am out - P-51 is for Sissies!!!
  9. Immediately start making new backups As for that defective disk: I'd maybe try and put it in the fridge for a while, make it real cool. Then re-connect it, who knows it may fire up. But that's just a last resort attempt, more for laughs and giggles - as well, what if that would work? Now that'd be so cool! I'd just count that disk as a loss.
  10. What if someone sent you a USB stick with the installation(s) on it? Would that work?
  11. Oh dear, now that'sere's gonna be an issue here, nobody told we fly exclusively allied only nowadays?
  12. My My .. and Oh Dear! Welcome back sir ! (also trying to be polite .. did it work?)
  13. Maybe Rufus can do what you need: https://rufus.ie
  14. Oh, the XP ISO is no longer available at Ms. Need to create a bootable USB stick, then copy the XP DVD contents over to it. Should work ... Will do some more searching...
  15. Have not tested this, but here's a way: How to Make a Bootable USB Disk and Install Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
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