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  1. As for additional power for the X55 - I'd rather be looking at a powered USB hub than a bigger PSU. To increase the amount of RAM and its speed should be good - but it will depend on the other hardware around it whether it would make it worth it ... As for performance issues in GBS, I'd first be looking at CPU, then GPU - if you are at 16GB.
  2. "Chief turn on the ground power" That's what you probably need.
  3. I'm not worried about it. It only occurs in multicrew being a 'gunner', on externals, and only on ones 'own' tank.
  4. It's all in there Colin: "I could not see the numbers on the outside of the tank that I was the gunner in"
  5. Colin, No, I could not see the numbers on the outside of the tank that I was the gunner in, through the gunsight ...
  6. Could not see the number 404 on the tanks I was a gunner in, when selecting external view. It did show up when we got killed, and the external view showed up.
  7. There's a icon to the right side of the screen, click on it, and it will open the setup window.
  8. Why would one ever want to slide ones fuel?
  9. Let's not do that Mick, if we did then 402nd would've lost like 4 pilots this mission!
  10. As we are going back in time ... Found this one ...
  11. Aaron Massengill unfortunately got hit in the head by anti aircraft fire. All dead and shift. Doug Grabowski reporting for duty...
  12. It sure is... but it's a lot of work to set it up for each and every commander, to each and every commander... and then, when one swaps roles within a tank... have to change it all again...
  13. Good idea about the loose tankers in one channel ... just wondering whether whispering to all channels (and all of the crew in them) would be a smart thing to do. All of the crews will hear all commanders - it works for us in the P38 campaign, but it's different there, as any pilot can always look around like 360 and kinda know and 'feel' what is around him, and thus select a proper level of panicking... In a tank that's so different - A commander whisper 'Right guys, there are some guns left' so all drivers turn right, then left, and gunners move ... in the opposite direction ... Me
  14. Well, they are the commanders! Let them sort it out themselves!
  15. Sure, if you set your framerate to 43.3, and the monitors/card at the same one, I bet it's gonna look static - however, how would one do that?
  16. Colin, will you add the free PzIII to the mission? If not, then for the 1. Driver option, you will need to own TC !
  17. Nice! (Looking at this video, DCS seems closer than GBS ... )
  18. (BTW, I tried it, shot down all of the luftwaffles, picked up the entire crew of a channel ditched bomber, landed in France, took off and brought me back the coolest nicest French farmer's daughter you can come across, she speaks English ánd Dutch ... )
  19. So, yeah, the Stable version on our server is being updated. For the channel map. No need to buy it. It's just a command that must be executed: DCS_Updater.exe install THECHANNEL_terrain For future reference, here's a link to a table of like all DCS modules, with their names in it: Modules! (And the thing I did buy back then, that I never did not need to not buy was the Normandy Map + Asset pack ... )
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