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  1. Have installed it on our OB server.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    North Africa Campaign MOD - ONLY use this download if the Media Fire one does not work for you
  3. 12/2/45 2nd LT Emmo Nesia Ground: 1x Search Light 2x AAA Gun 1x Cannon Howitzer 1x Locomotive 2x Railroad cars
  4. https://www.nu.nl/296625/video/twee-vliegtuigen-botsen-op-elkaar-tijdens-vliegshow-in-vs.html
  5. Appears to have been fixed by ED peoples. Both servers up and running now!
  6. Our DCS Stable and Open Beta servers are both not available due to this issue: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/312583-invalid-username-of-password-ed-website-ok/
  7. The Airborne Tulip memorials It's all in Dutch though ... but you'll get what it's about Extra bit of info: And there's this ... (not trying to invite you to spend your money) but it adds some info: https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-arnhem-boys-tulip-memorial fun fact "'Poppies' appear to be family of the tulips" - or maybe vice versa ... lol
  8. 10/02/45 2nd Lt. Phewt Isle (He died ... mid air collision between Red 1 and White 1 -> messy Pink2!) Ground: 2x Transport
  9. So, now ... why on earth is this titled 'alarm'? Who of our group is still actively using Tobruk / Cliffs?
  10. Good Show Sid! There's a book out there somewhere, written by Igor 'vladdydaddy' Putin, who flew an I-16 over Korea ... be sure!
  11. Mine are like 185GB each. That's the program folder. The users\Saved Games folders are 13GB each, (though I do have one shared 'liveries' folder of 9GB in there)
  12. 07/02/45 2nd Lt. Phewt Isle Ground: 7x Facilities 1x Machine gun 1x Transport Good show, we all made it home!!
  13. Thanks, Colin! Good show. The very fIrst session was a bummer and very disappointing as the capture-base did not work for me, and I made it so far behind enemy lines! This last session was the best one for me: Killed some three Shermans, and did not get myself killed .... (The Sherman kills were all near the bridge in 0710. While waiting for it to be repaired, the first Sherman I spotted was over 1km away, tucked in behind a tree. Started firing HE shells at him, to try and direct Fenrir towards him. But to my surprise, the HE's hit him and not just the tree. So I took APHE and killed him. Other kill was similar, longer range even, where in the end I wasted some shells as I had not noticed he de-spawned! Another one did fire back at me, so I was just kinda thinkin' - oh dear, is he a good shot? How fast will he get a shell to hit me? That feeling of contest that usually does not end will for me - but he was way off all the time, while I kept hitting him ... Also got me some enemy trucks in Esnes... ) Thanks Thanks!
  14. This would be easier to figure out if you were a bit more specific on which mission it was, and what type of 109. It could be a custom skin, could also be a stock one. Seeing its tail markings Ace of diamond, it could be an advanced and experienced ace pilot looking at how a rookie is doing...
  15. FoolTrottel

    Bf 109 taxiing

    Great shot this!
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