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  1. Nijmegen - Sunset March

    The Dutch people do still remember WWII, and still do actively thank and respect all service men involved in liberating the country ... But this is something really special, read about it here: The Sunset March
  2. no permission

  3. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Actually, no. But, there's is a story to its name, and it's kinda related to the bridge. The name is 'De Leugenbanke' which kinda translates in to the "bench of lies" (?) There used to be a small building there, open at the front, with benches in it. Older people - all men for sure - would gather there, and talk shop. And all kinds of big stories, like the ones fisher men talk of, the size of the fish they got on their lines... Next bit done, the fixed part, where the lifting part will be connected. Now as you can tell, I apparently have decided what water level to go for. It was determined by me coming across the four creatures in the second picture. They should be on grass, so I need to have a green bank, so I cannot go for a high water level. Decision making can be so simple ...
  4. This will be a challenge. First part is fixed to the quay (quay not visible here), then there's a part that can be lifted, next a fixed element, next a three-ship element that can be ferried out. Some six ships on a flexible part, where the ships rise and fall with the river's water level. On the far side, all fixed stuff.
  5. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Okay, but how many targets for my Shturmovik are up there? Eine neue Wunderwaffe? Die 2.4 ATA grösse Höhe Sturmgeflug?
  6. no permission

    I want to see it fixed ASAP!
  7. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    wow... the raindrops on the cockpit glass when stationary is very cool, looking great! (Would like to know how it sounds with the engine off... ) But while flying, I think the streaming stuff over the glass will quickly become annoying ... Not to rain on their parade, but there's realism and there's ... well, you do not want to spend that much on a great graphics card and monitor, to have the beautiful view to the outside messed up like that!
  8. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Oh, sure. The bridge is no longer there now A few years ago, they've created a small pier where the bridge used to be, in a similar shape and style. It's in use by the small ferry, you can it in the picture, the small white one on the other side of the river, a bit to the left. Here's where it docks, and you can see they've used ships again: What is extra special, is that this bridge used to end up exactly and spot on where my pub is. (Even came across some plan by the city council, dated around 1870-ish, to demolish the building the pub is in, and create a passage straight from the bridge's end into the city centre.) It's the grey-ish building in between the white house and the brick like tower in the first picture here.
  9. no permission

    Nick, I get the same issue, or a similar one. This shows up in the 'Unread Content': When I click it, this happens: The link at the top is this http://dangerdogz.com/forums/topic/12942-skins-for-event/ I've been looking around, and I've seen that I can change a lot of settings ... but none that make sense regarding fixing this issue. Looks like the automatically generated announcement when one uploads a file to the vault gets put in an area where most of us have no access to. So, either switching off the generation of that announcement or granting access to that part of the forums would be a good work around / solution... But I dunno ... really. Haven't even dared to press the 'Get Support' button, scared as shift I might wake up Rog
  10. no permission

    Same here Gec. Have seen that before, I did not really care about it much Will look into it... I may be able to fix it, or maybe make it disappear all together ... who needs propaganda anyways?
  11. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Well, not much to tell there, we never found him, but we managed to quickly find a döppelgänger in the local old folks home, and sent him back to the Vatican ...
  12. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Line up of all nine ships. The longer deck created, and mounted is a test fit. And hey, it all fits, and lines up! So, next up is creating over 70 cm's of railings... Here's a shot of the set up I created for transforming them bamboo cocktail pickers into planks for the deck. On the left, coffee! Below that, the remnants of the pickers, the curly bit I cannot use. Then there's the small container holding the end product. Above it the raw materials. Then there's the cutting device, with some extra tool so I can cut the things at a constant length. As each picker has a pointy end, that needs to be cut off. And when I do that, the small cut off bit just flies off, up up and away! The box to the right will catch some of them
  13. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Probably, in the end ...
  14. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    The Pope did visit the area, in a boat. It sank.
  15. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    tHER` Well, there will be some, in the end, on the bridge, once it's done and ready and has reached the 'diorama' stage
  16. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Yes, it would swing out to let bigger ships pass. As for how it was opened, I do not know. Swinging it open would not be too much of an issue, as the swing out would be down stream Only found one picture focussing on the opening, and it suggest it was simply a case of man's muscle power ... this one: It's open now, and these guys just seem to be operating a winch? If they are, one would assume there'd be a cable running towards the other end, yet that would mean the cable would be in the way of passing boats. So, maybe they would only connect the cable when closing it, and maybe that's the reason there's that small boat in the foreground? To ferry the cable over from the other end to the swung out part? It's just a must a guess as whether the Spit was better than the 109, and whether a Hurricane could out turn itself, and be on it's own on tail in less than 3 full circles... it all happened way back then, nobody left alive sane enough to really explain the hows and the what nots...
  17. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    So, here's the completed section of the part that swings out, the car is in 1:87 scale, so it appears correctly, size wise that is, historically not so much, the car is way too modern. The light coloured horizontal beams that carry the deck are not glued in yet, so one can still vary the height of the deck. Still unsure whether I will create it with normal water level, or high water level. Here's some details on construction of the deck. Glueing all those planks on the frame. Each of them is 3mm wide. So, for 30cm I need 100 of them. No worries, I got 400. Yeah, I maybe miscalculated there. But, at a price of 1 Euro for 50, oh well. A lot of cutting to do though. Here's the jig I created for the railing. 6 cm of railing each time. An I need like well, not sure, but over 1 meters lenght I think, times two. At the bottom one finished piece. Test fitting the first bit. It fits, it works!
  18. I would love to make one of these :)

    I think both the guy and his contraption look equally scary
  19. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    It is accurate! You can't tell by those pictures, but I found some that show proof of that. No shortage here of anything basically
  20. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    The boats now have the structure mounted that will support the bridge deck. As for colours to use, I found this:
  21. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Thanks very much for that Nick, I am laughing out loud, picturing your erifaeS !! I do need a laugh atm, so, yeah, THANKS! (And it's so recognizable.. You know I am reporting all the good progress I am making, but for sure leaving out all the failed attempts were releasing the boats from their litle jig resulting into them falling apart all together due to me not being patient enough, or using the wrong materials... So frustrating to see all the work put in suddenly turn into a mess of little parts of bamboo... already realize my dreams are in the English language, looks like my spontaneous cussing has also evolved there! Darn! Carp! And shift!
  22. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Oh, and thanks for educating me: Indeed I was doubting a bit on that word 'mould'... Though I should know the correct word, as back in 2010 at Duxford's Romainia, I did witness and even touch the jigs they had there to manufacture Spitfire wings!
  23. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Better? It's fine already! Boats are indeed different altogether... And from the pictures I can find it shows there's always been a heavy degree of 'maintenance' over the years, wooden boats been replaced with metal ones, the railing being replaced... all makes sense, back in the days, the river would freeze up every now and then, and wreak havoc on the bridge. More changes were made on the fixed part to the left/West, and replacement of the lifting bit... oh well. Since there's basically no one alive that would've seen the real bridge from 1910-ish I am going for, I really can't go wrong! The only thing I can screw up are them fingers!!
  24. And the next one: A bridge, an old one: Ships

    Milestone reached! Nine out of nine ships created! In the end, they are not all the same. I used a mould, but still some came out 1cm shorter than others, and some are really crooked... I don't care, no one will be able to tell in the end, I hope... Each ship made out of 20 separate parts. Another milestone: some three years ago I started building that one Road Bridge, next the Railway Bridge, and the Ferry, lots of wood work involved, sanding and cutting. Today, while working on this bridge, I finally cut one of my fingers real good. Called the medics, wasn't sure it needed treatment (Shoot me a PM and I'll send you a picture I took - nothing too special, but yet too bloody messy to show out here in public ), they initially told me it did not. Then they called back as said I needed a Tetanus shot... w00t. So, went out there, and the doctor's opinion was it did not need any stitches, nor did I need that shot - as I wasn't outside! No street dirt! So, in the end they glued it. Well, I tought of that myself, I've been gluing all them parts together, why not glue my finger? Different glue probably ... ) oh well... The small parts layed out at the top left, the right hand one of those, is the next subject of construction, they are the vertical bits that support the deck. Ten in total of the three-wide parts, 8 more of two bit parts. Here's a pic that shows more detail on that vertical stuff: