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  1. Photobucket has changed it's Terms Of Service - They've sent me an email suggesting me to go for a plan that would cost like $400 a year. Yeah. No thanks. So, I've deleted my account there - well, I've tried to anyways... lol In the end, some of my threads will now have lost their images. Not all, just some. Luckily, most of the pictures I usedI put 'Mission and event announcements' I used the forums here to save the pictures to. So, just a heads up - no Panic
  2. Photobucket has changed it's Terms Of Service

    Too much Moon ...
  3. Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Immersion? Don't forget to add: * That really big fan pointing at your face that starts running when you open your cockpit, and make sure to use that UPD thingie so its speed is directly related to your airspeed! * Some of the rags you were using when you last gave your car an oil change ... hang 'm close to your nostrils. Or maybe hang 'm over the fan?
  4. Il-2 1946 Cup Jet Age Module Simpit

    Won't be helping you out, as this stuff is so obviously a cheat Can't be collaborating with that! For BoB campaigns in 1946, apart from the a/c you already got done, you maybe find yourself in a Me-110C1, C7, D3, E1 or F2?
  5. Broadband in the UK

    Brando? BRANDO!!! That would be mighty fine ... you back 'round here, and with us vairborn! (eh, lemme splain' : Virtually Airborne is what I on about)
  6. Battle for Britain Campaigns?

    Me thinks he re-worked it and/or converted it for HSFX, or no, wait for Clod maybe? Lol... can't remember!
  7. Battle for Britain Campaigns?

    Nine Lives is good. Not sure how it will work with HSFX, as it was built for UP2/3 ... http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&id=545 Here's a comment from someone in 2015, so ... if you edit it a bit, it might work! So far goodThis campaign is well worthy. I´ve experienced some issues with two or three missions but just went to FMB and removed some parked planes in hangars saved and close it. Then it worked fine. You will fly all kind of aerial engagements, always outnumbered and with good immersion. Even a mission searching for a german flying boat like the ones that often scout the channel for german pilots - as so many of them were forced to ditch or bail over the sea. Not outstanding but good. I recommend it
  8. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Them aircraft look like they are kinda great fun to fly 'm...
  9. might be worth a look

    Thanks for that Perf... For sure, lure him into our group, no problems there..
  10. More Modeling 1/64th scale

    Target is this building: Here's what I did ... Needs some more detailing and finishing
  11. Flying Legends 2018

    Oh come on, get a room already you two!
  12. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Oh carp ... Deaf and blind I am now... (Impressive legendary stuff ... really... yet ... jets... yuk ... yeah ....)
  13. A view with a sky

    Yes, to both The bridge is the rail road bridge, it's the successor of the one I created a model of ... And if you look closely, behind it, you can see a bit of the arc of the other bridge.
  14. A view with a sky

    As there's so many beautiful pictures of skies with aereoplanies in them, here's one without any, for comparison.
  15. Spitfire Training Day

  16. Short and sweet, some people should learn something from that... me thinks ...
  17. IMG_3416.jpg

    wow... Is that your shot Nick? Darn, all them bits and pieces flying!!
  18. Thank you Jabo, lovely stuff!
  19. might be worth a look

    I think there would be no problem with you doing that.
  20. Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

    Though it does have one optical sensor in the handle, it makes the FFB shut off when you are not holding the handle. That's an item I lost in my MSFFB2/Guillemot mod, but, oh well, I've only found this an issue when bailing out in CloD, there's a good chance the stick keeps on shaking until I've parachuted all the way down to the ground/water...
  21. Not really hell, but a challenge for sure!

    Not optical, I think they are of the HAL kind, something with magnetix stuff and shift ... Nice custom job!
  22. Here's an overview on how our Cliffs Of Dover server 'works', ie. what's happening on it. If you have any issues with the server, remarks, questions, ideas or suggestions, put them in this thread, or PM me and/or Fruitbat. - One single mission is running over three hours (Increased from two hours, on July 31st 2014) - After three hours, the CloD server program is being restarted. Be careful, because you will then have to disconnect, and wait a few minutes before re-joining. - In this single mission, several pre-programmed waves of aircraft (mostly blue bombers) will appear on fixed timings, ie. in each three hour run, the pre-programmed flights will show up at the same time as in the previous run. Newly added: CloD Random AC Loader - Over the time time the mission is running, at intervals in between 20 and 40 minutes (randomly determined) one of seven (randomly determined) different pre-programmed flights of some type of aircraft will be spawned in. After one flight is spawned in, the interval for the next one is determined. Once the interval has passed, the next one of the seven flights will be spawned in. And so on. (So, yes, it is so very random that it is possible the same flight will be spawned in twice in a row. Or three times even... This is being realized by a separately programmed utility. I'm pretty sure it can be done within CloD's scripting engine, but I would not know how) Note: As of July 30th 2014, our Clod Server is running on a new box. It is different in setup, and it might show some issues, mainly when it is time to relaunch the mission, after the three hours have passed. The name of the server is the same as it was, as is the password, so from client perspective, connecting to the server is still the same as it used to be. Euro pilots will experience higher pings (from 30's to 90's) and NA pilots may experience lower pings (from 180's down to 90's) Future: After hearing about the 'CloD Random AC Loader', Fenrir suggested to remove all pre-programmed flights from the mission completely, and have them all spawn in via the random method described above. Now, that's a brilliant idea, and I'd like to follow up on it, however I do not have a clue yet on how to realise that. Maybe I can figure it out quickly, or maybe Fruitbat can help? Anyways, all this just for your information, and hopefully you all will have some fun with it! As of Aug 1st 2014: - Base map, emptied of all AI aircraft will run in three hour sessions. - The CRAL (Clod Random Ac Loader) will randomly launch aircraft/flights out of the following series: 1. 109's Northsee to Manston 2. D017-109's Ambleteuse to Folkstone 3. HE111-109 Oye Plage to Manston 4. Stuka-110 Framzelle to Dover 5. Wellington-Hurricane to France 6. 109's-From-Thames-To-Audembert 7. 110-Attack-Southampton 8. Spits-Folkstone-To-Manston-Channel 9. Blenheims-Beaufighters-Attack-Shipping 10. 109a.mis 11. do17.mis More may be added later on and/or removed.
  23. Some changes made: - Start time from 11:00hrs set to 13:00hrs, so mission runs until 19:00hrs. - Medium Clouds at 1500m set to Light Clouds at 11000m - Removed the 'targets' that were there for training purposes. (We don't need no training!)
  24. Flying Legends 2017 Show News

    Indeed, Epic, Awe and Adventure are words that are appropriate here Very much so!
  25. New Game Launcher, New Set Up

    Found this, here: link to Il2 Forums