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  1. BluBear

    DCS Stable Release Version Update 06-02-19

    Fingers crossed this has made the whole thing a little more stable too.
  2. Chaps, rather than posting a thread for every nice aeroplane video we find, how about we just keep them in here for all to see and anyone can add to it if and when they find something of interest? I'll start off proceedings with this rather lovely example of why I freaking love Mustangs!
  3. BluBear

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Not had a chance to (re)watch it all yet, but this doc from the 90s has some cracking footage and interviews with a number of pilots no longer with us.
  4. BluBear


    Holy Shift! We gotta try this tonight 😀
  5. BluBear


    The air bnb idea really only works with a guaranteed number and probably only cost effective over 5 people. If there is still interest we could continue the search.
  6. Well you'll be right at home here old chap!
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  8. BluBear

    Take off and carrier landing...

    He got it then! 😉
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    Fixed that for you Kev 😉
  10. BluBear


    We ought to be putting more money, R&D into fighting the information war, but we've already lost that to the Russians so I guess it's all academic. Doesn't matter how many aircraft we have or whether they go up and down vertically or not. Anyway, nice pic!
  11. BluBear

    The offending Article.

    Haha, so that's the noisy bugger! 😤
  12. BluBear


    Aha, fine upstanding citizens performing much loved ritual of Duxford tradition.
  13. Due to RL commitments, I've had to largely knock Sundays on the head, as you may or may not have noticed. I don't miss IL2 1946 so much, but I do miss the banter with some of you gits that haven't yet succumbed to the pleasant lands of DCS and / or CloD! Don't get me wrong, '46 will always have a place in my heart and it'll never be bettered in many respects, but the graphical advances, technical challenges, attention to accuracy and over all immersion that the newer sims offer have got me hook line and sinker, BoX included (despite rarely flying it!). I have to admit though, whilst I'm fond of the Battle of Britain scenario (being a bit of a Spitfire fan boy and growing up in Kent) CloD has become somewhat flat over recent months. It is starting to feel more like a warm up to the short DCS session that follows. That said, we have a great crowd of chaps on Thursdays now, some fresh blood, some old hands. I guess I just miss having some kind of purpose, like SoW or a campaign of sorts (ahem fruitbat). Perhaps things will change when the updates finally come out, two weeks right? Not sure I'm trying to get any particular point across, just thinking out loud I guess! It's looking and sounding like the Tuesday session is shaping up to be Sunday 2.0, inasmuch as the natural progression of things, BoX becoming the ipso facto replacement for '46. So, if I can only fly two nights a week, I guess I need to choose, or if there is a general consensus to change things that's cool too. These aren't bad problems to have at all, in fact one thing is for certain, the DangerDogz seem to be in fine fettle indeed. Great to see such regular healthy numbers again, we must be doing something right! Bloody Nora, I've waffled on haven't I, and not even had a drink! S!
  14. BluBear

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    It's allowed me to change it now
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    Wouldn't miss it
  16. BluBear

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Apologies Jabo, this is the thumbnail that YouTube has picked! 😉
  17. Another fantastically written article with outstanding accompanying pictures; a must read! John's Spitfire display at the Shuttleworth finale this year left a tear in my eye, it was absolute aerial poetry. http://vintageaviationecho.com/john-romain/
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    That was fun*! *difficult but rewarding
  19. BluBear

    Shuttleworth Collection Race Day 2018

    Wonderful pictures mate! T'was a great show.
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    The A-10 is a lot of fun, welcome to the Hog club Bill! I only have the A as part of FC3 and it's enough for me at the moment. Especially with the Harrier taking up enough of my grey matter. I'm sure you'll enjoy that gatling gun, what a tool.
  21. BluBear

    Shuttleworth Airshow: Race Day

    It was a totally splendid day for sure, thanks Nick for your wonderful company as always mate. Looking forward to seeing the pics!
  22. BluBear

    The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    Kermie Cam now with VO!