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  1. 402nd Debrief: 6th December 1944 A reconnoitre of the Zülpich area armed with 2x500lb bombs A mixed mission for sure and not without incident sadly. We flew as white and blue flights to 485th's red flight, in a show of force to jerry. As we reached cruise altitude blue one was seen to nose down violently by blue two and despite his frantic calls, never recovered from the steep dive. Suspected catastrophic control failure and the subsequent extreme negative G the likely cause of pilot incapacitation. 2lt Roger Over joined 402 only a few missions ago, but he quickly became a favourite of
  2. I trust his judgement. It'll be worth the wait
  3. Well the bottleneck sure is obvious now: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/41531338 Other than that, I'm pretty happy although not sure why my Ryzen 7 is showing "Performing below expectations (36th percentile)"
  4. Why don't the online stores reserve stock for telephone/mail orders only? Go old skool. That'll deal with the bots at least?
  5. Hello, from the other side! Thanks ever so much @Jabo for your assistance this evening, we got there in the end. New rig up and running, all drives sorted and now leaving it overnight to download all manner of sim-fliegen-goodness.
  6. Okay thanks Nick, I think I understand it now, however I'm not sure the best way of proceeding with my proposed hardware set up. Here's the lowdown: Current rig: C Drive (SSD1 250GB) Windows + most programs inc. GBS B Drive (SSD2 250GB) DCS D Drive (HDD 1TB) DATA - Relocated User files and Steamapps New rig with new drives, my plan: C Drive (m2 1TB) Windows with all programs GBS, DCS etc - should I partition or not bother? D Drive (HDD 2TB) DATA - Relocated User files I had planned on keeping my old rig as operational as possible, because I may have a plan for
  7. 402nd Debrief: 3rd December 1944 Attack on trains and rail facilities in Krefeld armed with 6x500lb bombs With little AAA resistance encountered over the target area, the squadron dutifully attacked and naturalised the primary objective. Shortly thereafter, red leader and red two spotted an FW-190A8 with lights on to the NE, presumably in the pattern for Krefeld airfield. Both pilots landed hits on a head on attack, which was met with return fire. With the enemy aircraft now trailing grey smoke, red leader swiftly lined up behind and shot it down in flames. No other enemy aircraft were en
  8. Thanks Col. Although, I own a boxed copy already (have the disc in which to make a bootable usb) and have the licence key which is being used on my current machine. It's just a case of deactivating and transferring right?
  9. My new rig has arrived! Well, the components that'll make up my new rig; some assembly required of course. May need some pointers and recommendations with regards to the software side of things - transferring windows, setting up new partitions, user folders etc. Also, can I copy across GBS and DCS installs or will these need to be fresh downloads? I'll probably tackle this Monday afternoon / evening because I don't think I'll have time to sort it all before the campaign tomorrow night.
  10. Well I finally got confirmation over the phone that I should have my order this Saturday. Have to say, I know they are stretched, but the service hasn't been exemplary. After they tried to get me to downgrade because my mobo wasn't in stock, I found it on their website under a new LN number on sale for cheaper than I'd paid for it! Anyway, minor refund on its way and everything now in stock and being stress tested as we speak. Just under a month from ordering.
  11. What a horrendous state of affairs!
  12. 1st December 1944 - 402nd Mission debrief Upon ingress to the patrol area at angels 12, Red 3 spotted four bandits below us still within the frontline, N/W of Nettersheim. Red flight immediately dropped down to trail the E/A, now confirmed as 262s, with White flight providing top cover. Whilst the four 262s were duly dispatched by Red flight, White flight spotted and engaged a formation of six Ju 88s higher and to the North of Nettersheim. Red flight re-grouped with White flight who had already got plenty stuck in to jerry and assisted in bringing down all E/A. With the squadr
  13. New pilot Capt. Sean O'Sullivan reporting for duty. Please download and overwrite my skin with this one all Dogz:
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Updated skin "Little One". Overwrite existing file with this version.
  15. I noticed this last night actually, thought it might be a bug. Cool.
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