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  1. Cool idea! @DD_Fenrir and I had a go of a similar setup at Duxford a few years ago, albeit on MSFS I think. Aside from the realism factor of using replica controls, having the accurate stick-length (ahem) really helps with the fine movements. Thing is, what if I want to fly a P-51?! 😄
  2. Not read that one Mick but on similar lines the book Not Much of an Engineer by Sir Stanley Hooker, is exemplary. Heartily recommend.
  3. Was curious to see how the rig shapes up with the 1080 now, much better: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/47382374
  4. Wouldn't have you any other way FT. 😁 If you like, we could have it transcribed and sent over to you in the form of a scroll? Papyrus okay?
  5. 3rded. It's a good one that. After months of just picking random episodes to listen to, I've finally started from the beginning and listening to them in order. I find they make cleaning the bathroom an almost pleasurable experience.
  6. @DD_Fenrir @fruitbat @PapaBear @Mayhem This is what I was talking about this evening, guns guns guns!
  7. Seconded. Last night was a bugger, but still enjoyable. Fingers crossed for a solution!
  8. @DD_Fenrir I know you're a busy mutt, but when you get a moment could we see the scoreboards please old bean?
  9. 402nd FS Mission report (yes, really!) - 27th December 1944 Woke up from a nightmare this morning that it was perpetually the morning of the 27th December, how strange! Perhaps it was something to do with the 5.30am mission start, we were all a little groggy and irritable having to start so early in this god-forsaken freezing country. That said; Ophoven looked deceptively peaceful this time of day, they even managed to put the fire out that was blanketing the runway in dense smoke. Our mission for the day was to intercept enemy aircraft in the area of Zwolle, giving cover to the 193rd Typhoon boys who were slamming bridges and such. We took off as a reduced force of four aircraft (many pilots on leave / awaiting replacements / didn't read the mission brief yada yada) and headed roughly due North with a pair of precautionary 500s in case Jerry didn't come out to play in the skies. There must have been some miscommunication between the yanks and the limeys because they'd already hit their target by the time we got to the front line. However, at this point somewhere near Nijmegen, Jabo flying as Red 3 duly spotted four bandits co-alt to our 2 o'clock. Four 190A8s - They hadn't seen us. We crept up behind in a sneak attack and let them have it. Both FT (Red 2) and I knocked one down each in the first pass, Red 2 subsequently destroying a second in the short melee that followed. I maintained top cover as Red 3 and Wingflyer flying as Red 4 chased after the remaining Focke, with Red 3 landing a number of crucial blows. With the limeys calling for help with a possible formation of bombers sighted further North, we let it go as a probable and regrouped on a climbing heading for Apeldoorn. Shortly thereafter we spotted what appeared to be a pair of enemy aircraft in the circuit to land at the airfield near Arnhem. After some confusion it turned out to be the 193rd on their way back attacking the heavily defended airfield. I spotted a third contact trailing them high - another 190 it became apparent - with the hots for Crash. Firewalling it, Red 2 and I closed on the bastard as it was lining up for the attack. A lucky highly skilful deflection shot on the first pass from yours truly sent him to the forest in a fireball, momentarily yet satisfyingly spreading light on the dark fields below. Meanwhile, Red 3 and 4 had made a run on the airfield, damaging a landed aircraft but upon discovering the level of resistance, thought better of any further attacks. On the recommendation of the Typhoon boys we headed North East to look for ground targets around the IJssel river; a significant number of initially silent AAA were encountered and our bombs finally found their targets of opportunity. A successful period of strafing ensued but not without some damage to us. Red 3 had his rudder controls knocked out from the waking AAA and with a pair of hot engines headed South for a precautionary early landing at Volkel. The remaining three of us briefly encountered another collection of angry AAA near Doesburg on our egress, word must have got around of our presence, so we dodged and made for friendly lines without further ado. Flight home was unremarkable except for the slowly rising sun, casting it's crisp bright wintry rays upon the brilliant white canvas of Western Europe below us. A brief moment of apricity in the cockpit. Peaceful again, for now. Well done chaps, great team work and a decent haul all things considered. Hopefully, it's the 28th when we wake tomorrow...
  10. Perfect! Thank you both, I look forward wrapping myself in plywood and balsa this evening.
  11. Hey chaps, Does anyone else fancy meeting up at this event? https://www.iwm.org.uk/airshows/events/october-flying-day-one/flying-list It's one of their flying days, so not a full blown air show but still a very decent line-up of displays. The Ultimate Fighters display team did it for me. Also, if you so wish you could get in for free if you sign up as an IWM member (which I have done for £5/month). https://www.iwm.org.uk/membership S~
  12. Perfect, thanks mate! Going to have to memorise the 'picture' of those gauge settings, as the numbers are a little blurry in VR. A question, were the rpm gauges in order for fine tuning / synchronisation?
  13. Just checked, take off assistance was indeed on. However, I turned it off and took off again no problem; didn't even seem to make a difference! Either years of DCS Spitfire have paid off preparing me for hair-raising take offs, or the Mosquito is a lot tamer than expected.
  14. Great stuff! I finally took the Mossie up for a spin yesterday afternoon, after spending some time adjusting throttle curves etc. to get both axis working more or less in unison (no asymmetric thrust please). Managed to keep her straight-ish down the runway and took off nicely enough - although I haven't checked if any aids were on, must do that. Flew around for a bit, did some aeros, some low flying and landed surprisingly well first time. Then a bit of instant action on the Channel map, shooting at trains and dogfighting an A8 with my port engine on the blink. First impressions, she dogfights better than I expected, like a heavy Spitfire and a real stick and rudder experience - quite a contrast to dogfighting in the P-38, but then these are different sims so perhaps not an entirely fair comparison. This aircraft will prove to be a very enjoyable addition to the sim for sure. Going to try a cold start next for the immersions, then swat up on weapons and systems. PS. thanks @DD_Fenrir for the tip on curves, I've basically copied over my (your) Spitfire curves and it feels natural already. PPS. Everyone should get the Mossie 😁
  15. Are you sure there's not an additional 'TIT' you have to pull Brems?
  16. I managed a brief sit in the cockpit after work, looked around, clicked some buttons and opened the windows. Can't wait to get key mapping and flying this beauty.
  17. Mosquito is now available in OB gents. Don't just stand there, get one up!
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