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  1. Chaps, rather than posting a thread for every nice aeroplane video we find, how about we just keep them in here for all to see and anyone can add to it if and when they find something of interest? I'll start off proceedings with this rather lovely example of why I freaking love Mustangs!
  2. CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ Version 4.53 is live https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34216-cliffs-dover-blitz-version-453-live/
  3. Whilst out for a cycle ride this afternoon on one of my regular routes, something caught my eye on the corner of a T-junction about 2 miles from my house. It looked like a granite memorial headed with the recognisable RAF crested motto, something I can't remember seeing before; I carried on but made a point of stopping off to take a look on my return an hour later. It turned out to be a (relatively new) memorial to a 603 Squadron Spitfire pilot lost on Battle of Britain day: F/O Arthur Peter Pease Here's the excerpt from the BBM website: F/O A P Pease Arthur Peter Pease, the son of Sir Richard and Lady Pease of Richmond, Yorkshire was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he read History. He was a member of the University Air Squadron and was commissioned in the RAFVR in September 1938. Called to full-time service in October 1939, Pease completed his flying training and was posted to No.1 School of Army Co-operation at Old Sarum in late May 1940. He met Richard Hillary there and they became friends. They went to 5 OTU, Aston Down on 23rd June and after converting to Spitfires they joined 603 Squadron at Dyce on 6th July. Pease shared in destroying a He111 on the 30th. He was hit by return fire but returned to Montrose, unhurt. On 3rd September he claimed a Me109 destroyed and on the 7th he made a belly-landing back at Hornchurch in Spitfire L1057, after being damaged in combat over London. On 15th September 1940 Pease was shot down and killed in combat. His Spitfire, X4324, crashed at Kingswood, near Chartway Street, Kent. He was 22 and is buried in the churchyard of St.Michael and All Saints at Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire. It's the closest Battle of Britain loss to where I live that I'm aware of and it kind of struck a chord with me today, especially as I hadn't previously been aware of it; I've lived in this area now for almost 12 years. So, I've decided to honour F/O Pease, virtually. For the foreseeable future, I will be flying in the Spitfire he was lost in, X4324 on Thursday's CloD nights. Further reading here, it seems a retired American academic paved the way for the above memorial: http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/features/13610056.An_American_academic_seeks_to_honour_a_Battle_of_Britain_hero_from_a_famous_family/
  4. online servers

    Cheers mate, i'll give them a go and check out the vids later. Perhaps a BoS session Monday evening?
  5. online servers

    Now that I can actually launch the game online without those silly authentication errors I've had a dabble on multiplayer. I jumped on to a purely dogfight air-start server yesterday after CloD to get a feel for it. My first impressions: 1. I need to adapt to BoS, it's another different beast from CloD and DCS for sure. 2. Teamwork! I had my arse handed to me five times in a row, with only a few hits on the enemy, even in an La-5 I was outclassed on my own. 3. I think I need to hone my set up, controls still feel too sharp and i'm finding it difficult to achieve a decent gun solution. 4. Track IR - it feels sluggish in BoS and looking up in particular is a problem, does anyone else have any tips here, or a profile I can use? Currently using my IL2 profile (which is different to my DCS one). It certainly has potential, but I really need to spend some time on my setup I think to really start enjoying it. Twice I had to belly land and I had a grin on my face as I slid along the ground, kicking up dirt, wings bending, grass flapping against the leading edges and the canopy slamming open and shut. Very immersive, even in defeat!
  6. Hurricane - New film trailer

    Hmmm... looking a bit Red Tails if you ask me, shame.
  7. Hi gents, has anyone else had problems with this? I've posted on the official forum as well where I go into a little more detail... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/27136-connection-master-server/?p=567923 I'm getting to the point of asking for a refund.
  8. This worked! Also, just launching from the lL-2.exe normally works too. Thanks chaps.
  9. DCS 2.5

    12.3Gb! Holy moly! I'mma need a new HDD
  10. I launch the game from the splash screen with the big red play button (i'm guessing that's the launcher?) and il-2.exe is already on my exceptions list. I'll try straight from the latter exe. ...refund? Hmmm, maybe as a last resort. I'm just baffled as to why it's chosen to stop working after last time. Thanks chaps
  11. DCS 2.5

    Too much faff for me, going to wait for 2.5 official release.
  12. Flying Legends 2018

    Me, probably!
  13. The Big Fat Aeroplane Video Thread!

    That made me feel sick watching it. Kudos indeed to that there driver
  14. How slow can we go?

    Talk about chewing on the seat cushion! Great story.
  15. SE5a

    Even at 1/48 scale that looks like a tricky and intricate kit to do well, bravo sir!
  16. Read it here chaps, featuring some stunning photography of the graceful old bird: http://vintageaviationecho.com/arco-blenheim/
  17. RAZBAM AV-8B in progress

    Well, I finally got some nozzle time on the Harrier yesterday and boy is it a lot of fun! I was surprised by how smooth and controllable it was in the hover, although get it wrong and you soon know about it. I would say that a few years of DCS Huey flying has certainly helped me understand and appreciate the added dimension of flying in the vertical plane, but the lack of torque and vortex ring state makes the whole experience a little less bum clenching! Once you appreciate the physics of the hover and how nozzle position and thrust affect the behaviour of the aircraft, you soon find yourself in a rhythm. That said, so far i've only flown lightly loaded and in low winds. I'm looking forward to the real challenge next, working out the weapons systems, firing off some Mavericks and managing the weight of the aircraft in order to understand it's operational envelope.
  18. Coming back to the kennel!

    Congrats SkyPup and welcome back sir!
  19. RAZBAM AV-8B in progress

    Just got this for Christmas, looking forward to trying it out when I get home 😊
  20. Merry Christmas!!

    Mary Chris Mass peeps!
  21. Open steam, go to library》games and you shoud see blitz down in the list as an available game. Click on it and download, it will install as a separate entity altogether. Simples. It's about 6.3gb. I also managed to port across my ammo and custom window settings by dropping in my conf confuser and user ini files.
  22. More info here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32880-il-2-sturmovik-cliffs-dover-blitz-now-available-full-list/ Exciting!
  23. Hello fellow flyers!

    Welcome Thrudd! Despite our name, we do not bite. Glad to welcome some new blood to the squad, I'm sure Friar will be along soon to introduce you to Sister Johnathon, just be careful where you put your undercarriage.