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  1. Just did a quick search and our old haunt the Cherry Hinton Holiday Inn Express is currently showing £111 per night - free cancellation: https://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/gb/en/find-hotels/select-roomrate?fromRedirect=true&qSrt=sBR&qSlH=cbgcc&qRms=1&qAdlt=2&qChld=0&qCiD=09&qCiMy=082022&qCoD=10&qCoMy=082022&qAAR=6CBARC&qRtP=6CBARC&setPMCookies=true&qSHBrC=EX&qDest=15-17 Coldhams Business Park, Cambridge, GB&qpMn=0&srb_u=1
  2. So the June show was... lacklustre at best, one P-51, one Spitfire, no fast jets and tons of civvy nonsense. As the late Pete Green once said, oh well. That said, naturally it was still great to catch up with Fenrir (+FenMa), Jabo and even a fleeting meet with resident T6 and Rapide driver Bongo (not guilty of bending any aeroplanes in case you ask) However, all is not lost as the initial flying list is now out for the September show and it looks like a winner already, the closest we'll get to anything resembling Flying Legends that is for sure. https://www.iwm.org.uk/airshows/duxford-battle-of-britain-airshow/flying-list 11x Spits, 5x Hurris, Buchons, Mustang and the usual compliment of resident WW2 hardware. Nice. So I'm thinking of going up Friday afternoon for practice day, staying overnight and doing the Saturday show, who's interested? I believe there's a fantastic little curry house in nearby Cherry Hinton that is sorely missing our custom...
  3. Oooooooooh niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. This alone is worth me trying to figure out why my MSFS freezes on start-up. It's been useless for about 3 months and I've not been bothered to fix it.
  4. BluBear


    For those unaware of the context, see here: ps. How in the hell was this ten years ago?!
  5. BluBear


    Great to see the Dogz official umbrella sunning itself at Headcorn today.
  6. Haha nice shots!* *Apart from Star Wars B-movie Rox and his U-WingTM
  7. Welcome to the Dogz Doug!
  8. Right then, I'm gonna book a ticket for the 19th as well. I believe that makes three of us so far? Jabo, Fen et moi. Will probably do September as well, possibly with an overnight stay.
  9. Sorry I missed this one chaps, currently over in the Emerald Isle visiting PapaBear et al. Should make the next one!
  10. Cropped from VR low-res screenshot, so not great quality but a snippet from tonight's fun dissimilar jet formation. BluBear - Harrier Brems - Mirage Wingflyer - F-18 Fruitbat - F-16 PapaBear - F-18
  11. Hi chaps, I understand the frustration and concern shown here; as Mick says I think it's been a while coming but I believe there are appreciable and understandable reasons: Firstly, we'd be remiss not to consider the effect of the pandemic, both positively and negatively. The lockdowns of 20/21 prevented us from doing so many things, but it did mean we could all spend more time here; which sure was a blessing. Simultaneously, we had the Lightning Strikes campaign that brought us all together for a common purpose with some friendly rivalry; even attracting some new members to the squad. I think what we saw during this period was a boom; we were seeing numbers those Tuesdays and Sundays frequently well into double figures. But. What we're seeing now, is likely the pay off for that boom. Understandably, as the world has opened up and we've got our lives back to as close to normal as we can, people are catching up on all those other things we were forced to forgo, away from a computer screen and outside of the house! The P-38 campaign has for sure lost its momentum, with the cutting back to every other Sunday it's easier to miss out on if the RL planets do not align, which is a shame. Though, attendance had dropped before then anyway. DCS has been on the scene for about 14 years and rightly occupies its own slots during the week as we decided a number of years ago, but even that is quieter now than last year. Thursdays will be lucky to see 3-5 Dogz now. Personally, since Christmas I've had some RL things to deal with that simply have to come first, so I can't always plan to be on. When the Lightning Campaign cut back to once a fortnight, I tried to keep the original routine up in order to attend some Co-ops and crucially catch up on the good ol' Dogz banter that I'd been missing. Even this is proving difficult as RL keeps insisting on getting in the way. I'm sure there are other factors, other online temptations and I'm not entirely sure what we can do about it, but anyway. That's my tuppence. I'm not going anywhere, but I can't commit as often as I did, not right now.
  12. Apologies gents, also not able to make this one. Still round family's house for Easter bbq and I'm not in charge of the vehicle home.
  13. I've not experimented too much, but the few addons I've installed (Duxford being one) are from here Nick: https://flightsim.to/
  14. BluBear

    malta visit

    Fantastic island, the air museum is a real gem. The view of Ta'Qali from the walled city of Mdina was a highlight for me, so much history in such a small space. Did you check out Lascaris war rooms in Valetta Dave?
  15. Legend has it, that Lt Broadside destroyed 2x AAA & 2x Ammo dumps with the appropriate ordnance and a Ju88-C6 with his face and ass simultaneously.
  16. The 26 looks sweet, it'll be a great addition. And the input profiles feature will be handy, similar to the DCS way of thinking?
  17. You da bestest and shift
  18. And the big question is, does Jo know about "Atom"? 😄
  19. FUGLY! Nice one Sidly and Swep
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