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  1. Nailed by quadruple A? That must have been awful, triple A is bad enough. 🙈
  2. Could be worth a look: https://www.microprose.com/games/the-mighty-eighth# Although, a multi-crew DCS B-17 would be preferable...
  3. To whet everyone's appetite once again for tomorrow's instalment, here's another little movie of a close call a couple of missions ago.
  4. Thanks Col, that was a great deal of fun! The ground/air coordination added a challenging element and I think the capture the flag objective worked just right. You evidently put a lot of effort into this and it paid off, kudos to you sir. I look forward to the next one. I just wish I'd recorded the moment I flew under the bridge in a 110 as a Sherman crossed overhead. 😄
  5. Looks like I missed an action packed mission. Did it 'take'? If so, RIP 1Lt Fesser and 2Lt Zook 😔
  6. I'll be giving this one a miss gents, it's the young man's birthday weekend and we're working our way through the last four James Bond films in the absence of being able to do much else in lockdown! Best of luck to you all, give'm hell.
  7. Great Scott, that is beautiful
  8. Blimey. I do feel for the TFS guys, it obviously took dedication and a great deal of hard work, but in the end it took so long to release that most have moved on. I wonder how many fly campaign/single player? I may still try it, sometime...
  9. YES! There is a small museum on site I believe?
  10. Yeah, I am worried abut that...
  11. That'll do nicely That'll do nicely
  12. Good find there chaps! I've just booked the last twin room at that price. Twin rooms are still available but now listed at £150 for two nights. I'll keep the reservation at Corby for the time being as an insurance policy.
  13. To my knowledge there are currently only three genuine Bf-109s with DB engines, maintained to an airworthy state. Two are Emils, one with the FHCAM museum in Seattle (which is temporarily closed) and the other with the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar which has yet to make it outside the airfield's airspace in the 4/5 years it's been over here. Also In the USA The MAM in Virginia Beach operate a G-4 that was restored by Meier Motors in Germany a couple of years ago, I believe the number of original parts may be minimal and it flies with a later G-model lower cowling, but is still classed as an ori
  14. why not? I want content!
  15. Northamptonshire Dave, an hour to the West of Duxford and closer to you! http://www.sywellaerodrome.co.uk/ https://goo.gl/maps/b2wzdrcRHWaasvDZ7 It's also home of the Grace Spitfire / Ultimate Warbirds / Air Leasing and a number of other operators. Could get busy round those lanes though from what I've heard, they'll probably have to limit the numbers considerably compared to DX.
  16. It's official, the new home of Flying Legends will be Sywell! This is fantastic news, something we all need right now and I'm glad it's staying in the UK. SATURDAY 10th and SUNDAY 11th July
  17. Attack on Cologne cine-film! Some selected* combat footage of the last mission is now available for viewing gentlemen: *402nd only this time, as per the limitations of my recorded tracks, apologies!
  18. @5:04 😵 Looking forward to this a lot.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    402nd Personalised skin: FRUITBAT
  20. 402nd__E6_K_Fruitbat.dds New skin to download chaps! ps. reporting for duty.
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