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  1. https://www.woojer.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwjJmIBhA4EiwAQdCbxtPEkcY31SBoVNhLRMbigiHnJwZY8bkDL4poC7d5RXOljcvnoTbSSRoCXpUQAvD_BwE
  2. Our biggest unspoken wonder's as Husbands Dang, I hope the wife doesn't sell my Hunting, Fishing, Equipment and PC parts for what I told her it cost after I'm dead. 😱
  3. That would be trick!!!! I had no idea you had such machines at your access. 😎
  4. In that video, I have a screen shot, see how they made some sort of adapter to to fit the FFB stick without cutting off the Yaw sensor block. If you watch it for that time stamp you will see what I mean. If we could come up with the measurements, and import it into your CAD or what ever your printer uses. We could upgrade all out FFB without destroying them. Plus if we had multiple handles, we could leave the wires external to a Bodnar board or anther Base etc. I was thinking old school and do a plaster cast of one my spare sticks and develop the adapter then make it also adapt to the threaded adapter for the Warthog, and other screw on sticks like you did. without having to take the gimbal and stuff apart in the FFB As for the Hall Sensors, I'm not informed enough on what or how on that yet. If you can buy them and install them in direct replacement of the POT's I'm all ears, and willing to give it a go, once I know the skinny on them.
  5. FT, Roger, Did either of you ever identify the Yaw Potentiometer specs in the FFB stick? I'm wanting to replace it and the three in the CH base to a threaded type, for ease of installation. The CH are clearly marked MP-100A so without testing them I guessing 5-100 ohm My Meter is at work and since I'm off due to injury I care not to go in there, and get grilled. If neither know, I'll go by a cheap meter at harbor Freight or something less than 10 bucks.
  6. Oh nice stick wish I had one of those to scavenge from, I'd of used that instead of the CH stick.
  7. Nice Roger! I have mine working and flying as of today, I can probably put the CH control board in this case also. I modded my oldest USB Microsoft stick, it developed a bad trigger switch in between the two Top Guns I won years ago. I still have two perfectly working specimens though, for backups. I had to remove part of the FFB shaft with my dremel and box knife, then bore the CH handle to 9/16" IE 14mm to fit the shaft of the FFB. This is a confidence run, and if I do this again, I'll figure out a way to not ruin the shaft on the FFB again. A system like these guys have made would be the way to go. https://www.vrsimpits.com/ skip to 18:18 or so on this vid to see what I mean. Just got to get a 3d printer or find some chap with one that want's the challenge. I wander flee markets and consignment shops all the time, anytime I see one I grab it. I have yet to pay more than 20 dollars for a Joystick since I got the X45 years ago ad CH pedals, I have two of those accumulated, one is shot and only for parts any more. Plus several others, Game-port stuff, just for parts to scavenge from someday, looks like someday showed up LOL I have the FFB stick handle board's hanging out ATM and will be ordering some buttons and switches to incorporate them through the case also. Not a single store here local carries anything for this kind of stuff anymore. 😞 I have the CH base open and exposed yet, halfway thinking about just moving all the extra stuff to it though. Then put in a short cable and connectors externally, future proofing a cockpit layout down the road, not to mention gaining the use of the three pots in there.
  8. T_O_A_D

    B26 Marauder

    It's just better not showing up Sid, the Artesian wouldn't accept my excuse and apology for being late due to my Physical therapy today LOL
  9. Oh my! I didn't expect for you to take it apart again for pictures, But it looks like it needed a bit of cleaning anyhow, so all is good. 😎 I see how you attached your handle now too, thanks for that. Yep, I am working ideas out for the extra axis and buttons in my fatty tissue atm.
  10. Yep, I knew you had done that FT, One of the reasons I Posted I guess with that stick you was able to just wire the switches into the Microsoft board, since it doesn't have any extra hats? What did you do about the grip hand photo sensor? I read something about just connecting the too solder joints at the lights to make the board think your hand is there all the time. Do you have any pictures of your Mod as it progressed?
  11. I'm fixing to take an old CH Combat stick handle and put it on one of my old Microsoft FFB sticks, it's not going to be a huge challenge, since I can get ther CH stick off and feed it through the FFB handle, then feed the wires back to the CH base. I do need to locate at the very least a piece of 45 gauge multi strand 8 conductor micro cable. The CH stick actually has 11 Conductor, but not all of them are in use. I measure the stuff in it and it equals what this chart says it should. http://www.csgnetwork.com/wireconversiontable.html Not sure but an old keyboard cable may suffice, I need to locate one, to check. If I can get it to work this way, it will suffice till I up the anti and progress to a more complicated version. I considered an old X52 stick until I watch a Youtube of it being moddedand it is not nearly as comfortable as the CH stick is. They both have the same amount of buttons not counting the mode switch. And I can still keep the X52 as a button bay anyway. Oh and this was all brought on due to Some Wankers playing with Jets in DCS. LOL I'm hoping to use it even on Props, but if not I'll keep a un altered FFB sitting close by.
  12. You could make a whole panel and hang it up as art https://www.themagnetlibrary.com/products/vintage-ww2-aircraft-gauge-fridge-magnet-p-51-oil-pressure
  13. That's what I paid for VAC a decade ago, so VA is even cheaper if you figure in inflation lol
  14. Thanks I'll look into it, here is VAC http://www.dwvac.com/ , and I can't find my registration info, so if I have to pay again I'll try Voice Attack
  15. Thanks, I'm a Dork, Enable Mods was not checked LOL I had forgotten the last time I flew was with Mods off with Perf and them late at night. This looks sketchy LOL Nope worked LOL I have not noticed the Rocket before
  16. For the life of me I can't get that torpedo to work 😡
  17. This VoiceAttack mentioned, is it better than using VAC? I've had it for years in 1946 for working and moving to other gun positions in a bomber.
  18. I just deleted these last week, on the ifo given when asking, said Dogz Skin thing had them, is that not true?
  19. And a Link to them or upload them to the vault JSGME ready. I can't seem to find that Swaz-Sticker or the Cockpit packs that Crash listed up top? I use the Dogz icon Mod, But I'd like to tweak it to show pilots name at 500 meters, in RL we would be able to read the aircraft Number. In 1946 I use to host with plane type at 2000 meters and friendly pilot name at 500 meters they both slowly faded in to view at thos ranges so you actually was shortened 200-300 meters I miss that.
  20. Well I know this much, 99% ok 5% if we try it, only the Host will need it, or it will be like the distant random smokes, everyone will most likely experience something different. but if the host has it and net code carries ti through we should all experience the same thing.
  21. @Gpatricks No that is not me, I didn't get a PC until 1998 and my first flight sim was Janes WW2 Fighters and Microsoft Combat Simulator 1 at the same time. I was a bunch of different Toad's toad465, 82nd-Toad, MAD-Toad, 131st-Toad, BP-Toad, V228PT-Toad, DD-Toad, Nearly always T_O_A_D, or T_0_A_D on Forums even outside of gaming stuff.
  22. Yeah, that looks like a nice Monitor, and you are not alone thinking the way you do about VR and Flight sims, I have talked to several that have said the same thing. I myself have been holding out on it due to clarity that you mentioned and a better interface that has no hiccups tracking your hands, for clickable cockpits. And since the only Game that is active among us is DCS that supports it, isn't my favorite to play, well then there is no real need for it. I need to ask FunFlak what Monitor model he purchased he seems real happy with it.
  23. T_O_A_D

    Must Haves?

    I have the tank thing available in the game, what ever that means to ya,I haven't messed much with it.
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