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  1. Crash

    I want one!

    That looks good to. Wifey wouldnt be pleased though (she thinks that I`m mad)
  2. Crash

    I want one!

    I found this I wish I was as rich as BG
  3. Crash

    TrackIr questions

    good move to get trackIr
  4. Is any one interested in the following
  5. Have you tried uninstall then reinstall?? My trackIR3 keeps losing the vector expansion
  6. my new high tech trackIR stand
  7. I like the spinning is prohibited I could do with that on mine.
  8. only when we lose at rugby!
  9. Good afternoon frior. I suggest that you go into control panel-system-hardware tab - device manager and uninstall the driver from there. click on the + by the sound thing. Then install the new drivers plug the card in and it shoul find and install when you boot.Good luck.
  10. this guy is amazing http://aces_artwork.airwarfare.com/IL2- ... Update.zip
  11. I am NOT Welsh!! I am English but moved over the border 20 years ago
  12. You clean the bottom of the heatsink and spread a thin layer of compound on the top face of the cpu. clip the heatsink onto the motherboard and taht should do it. With an AMD cpu the main body of the heatsink is a bit offset. Dont know about intels though. just check that it looks right
  13. Its the big lump of metal that has a fan attached to it that clips to the cpu
  14. You can spread a thin layer with an old credit card or similar I used some vodka to clean the heatsink!
  15. Hello Frior the cpu should drop in BUT you will need to ensure that it is installed in the correct position. there should be a mark on one corner and a corresponding mark on the motherboard. Are you using the same heatsink fan? if the old fan is up to the job you will need to use some
  16. Crash

    Caen map

    have a look here http://mission4today.com/index.php?name ... =66&page=2
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