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  1. Good afternoon frior. I suggest that you go into control panel-system-hardware tab - device manager and uninstall the driver from there. click on the + by the sound thing. Then install the new drivers plug the card in and it shoul find and install when you boot.Good luck.
  2. this guy is amazing http://aces_artwork.airwarfare.com/IL2- ... Update.zip
  3. I am NOT Welsh!! I am English but moved over the border 20 years ago
  4. You clean the bottom of the heatsink and spread a thin layer of compound on the top face of the cpu. clip the heatsink onto the motherboard and taht should do it. With an AMD cpu the main body of the heatsink is a bit offset. Dont know about intels though. just check that it looks right
  5. Its the big lump of metal that has a fan attached to it that clips to the cpu
  6. You can spread a thin layer with an old credit card or similar I used some vodka to clean the heatsink!
  7. Hello Frior the cpu should drop in BUT you will need to ensure that it is installed in the correct position. there should be a mark on one corner and a corresponding mark on the motherboard. Are you using the same heatsink fan? if the old fan is up to the job you will need to use some
  8. Crash

    Caen map

    have a look here http://mission4today.com/index.php?name ... =66&page=2
  9. I am no hurry so let me know when and if you want it
  10. Would my old 6800 be of any use??
  11. Thanks a lot I would like to try it. One of the reasons that I havnt been on line is the complex engine management, and your set up looks as though it will work well.
  12. Hello everybody. I have got Freelancers X52 profile and am in the process of setting it up I know that guitarman wants it and it looks a really good one. I notice that it has the name Shadow on it. Is it the DD shadow?? If it is you I hope that you dont mind
  13. You only need 4.08, the switcher does the rest.
  14. Recruitment seems to be going well. I have noticed a lot of "how do I do stuff" posts in the zoo.
  15. Crash


    Buy one You KNOW you want to!
  16. Just some left over steel shelving and a TV swivel They work well (now) and cost about £30 including the stick. Fool Trottel in the Ubi zoo was the inspiration.
  17. Hello again The rudder issue is now sorted. The pedals are a home made set and the game was detecting a slight movement the the Y axis before the X axis that I needed. I have now disconnected the offending pot and all is well again. All I need to do now is set up learn and remember the complex engine management controls I might be up to speed next week or so. I will keep in touch These are the pedals.
  18. I found a line of zeros. I changed them to 100s and it now works After the mess up of 4.08 I deleted my Il-2 folder and copied back a back up of 4.7 When this is finished I will have another go with the switcher. Thanks for your help.
  19. Hello. I am having a hard time I patched to 4.08 and ran the switcher and now my rudder pedals and throttle dont work! Both check out in control panel . The rudder checks out in hotas but in game it just gives me left rudder. The throttle isnt recognised
  20. Crash

    What do I need?

    Thanks for the info. I have installed and tested it. Works like a charm I needs LOTS more practice.
  21. Crash

    What do I need?

    Hello guys :)I like crashing on carriers What A/C will I be able to choose? (I usually fly red but have been known to bat for the other side) My aim isnt very good at the moment so what would be best to practice?
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