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  1. Crash

    Daks Over Duxford

    Down for the Wednesday and staying overnight.
  2. Crash

    Daks Over Duxford

    Well thats me and Jabo sorted
  3. We were not very good at it
  4. I might have to spend some money soon then.
  5. Like tanks? 216 Hello everybody, Before we return to telling about the Battle of Bodenplatte and Flying Circus in our DDs, today we'd like to tell you more about Tank Crew. The most important thing is that we prepare the next big update that will include two new tanks, M4A2 "Sherman" and Panzerkampfwagen III Ausführung M, that were used in Kursk area and the map of the southern part of the Kursk salient made for joint ground and air warfare. But of course, we work not only on the new content. The main areas of the Tank Crew development at this moment are: 1. Improving the damage and armor-projectile interaction model both for the player controlled tanks we're making for Tank Crew and the other objects. Several consequent updates for the sim we released this month contained most part of this work, but this was only a part and we continue. Ricochet modeling will be improved and 'simple', non-player controllable, vehicles will get even more detailed armor (which will be noticeable especially when you attack them from the air). We're beginning the work on the detailed systems of the player controllable tanks (fuel, electric, transmission, cooling, etc.) which will allow for more variable and realistic damage of Tank Crew vehicles. We also plan to make them repairable in the field. 2. Developing and expanding the tank and tank platoon commander functionality. The basic commander functionality is done - a commander can give all the orders we planned for this stage of development in relation to the current position, target, firing, maneuvering and some additional commands that make the playing experience more diverse. A commander will be able to give orders to other players in his tank in multiplayer and to AI crewmen alike. It looks like the commander role will be the most interesting one. 3. Developing AI for crew members. Again, the basic functionality is done and now detailed tanks controlled by AI can follow the orders that can be specified in a mission like the simple AI vehicles always did. This means that detailed tanks can be fully used in a mission scenario. Now we begin the work on implementing the functionality that will make possible for a player to give orders to crewmen of his tank and other tanks in his platoon. We hope to have this functionality mostly done by the end of Spring and release it into Tank Crew Early Access. 4. Developing the scenario campaigns which should carry out the main idea of the project - let you experience not the fictional gladiator-like balanced tank duels, but the tank warfare of July 1943 with its balance of power and technical characteristics of the armored vehicles involved. Moreover, we'll try to show the historical events since the scenarios will be based on the tour of duty of the units that participated in these events. Later we'll tell you more about these scenarios. All this - detailed, true to history tank models including interiors with crews, the historical map with variable detail level, buildings with detailed damage modeling, realistic movement kinematics, improved tank damage modeling, detailed weaponry, all important crew roles, especially the commander one, acting as a part of a tank platoon, history-based and educational scenario campaigns telling about the major event of WWII, ability to control one tank with several people in multiplayer - all this combined should give you the new experience and impression you can't get anywhere else. To make this DD less dry, our studio and our partners Digital Forms prepared several WIP screenshots for you that show what will be released in the next big update: The map of the southern part of the Kursk salient you'll see in the game. The zone containing detailed buildings developed for tank warfare and scenario campaigns in the historical events of Clash of Prokhorovka project is marked inside (106x106 km, the detailed zone is 19х23 km): KV-1S crew: PzKpfw III Ausf.M impact shot demonstrating the improved damage modeling with certain parts detaching: M4A2 "Sherman" interior renders: PzKpfw III Ausf.M interior renders:
  6. Crash

    Daks Over Duxford

    Didnt see that coming
  7. Crash

    Daks Over Duxford

    I was thinking about this, it would be a once in a lifetime chance.
  8. I will wait for the PDF
  9. As I understand it you set your soundcard as input 1 usb headset as input 2 and your seat would be input 3, as windows will see 3 audio devices. The sliders under the inputs like my Rift (input 1) sets the volume of the mic for that device. The buttons underneath select where the mic sound goes. If I select A1 I will here what I say in my Rift headphones and as I havnt selected it it goes straight to TS and VoiceAttack via virtual channel B1. The 2 virtual inputs to the left of the Hardware inputs are your game/system sounds so you could separate TS output from Game output. You select you headphones/speaker/seat A1 A2 A3 here. As you can see I have Rift, USB and onboard sound all selected on both channels although TS is the right hand slider and I need to deselect A3 as I dont want TS to go to the BK. The sound then goes to the mixer on the right and you adjust the outputs to the 3 devices plus the virtual game/system sounds and for me TS here. You also need to set your mic volume in the widows sound settings as this will affect your mic volume as well. It gets very confusing as you set the default input to voicemeeter output (I think)
  10. The problem is I have a USB headset, OR, and an output for the BK. Not an issue if you have 1 usb headset as you set the sound input to listen to this device and send it to usb, but if you have 2 usb headsets to set the BK up you have to rearrange the Windows sound preferences each time. Also it is possible to send the TS output to a different channel so preventing the BK doing its thing if anyone has a deep voice. Setting up diffent levels for each mic is also important as I also use VoiceAttack to toggle icons open and close map and other stuff.
  11. An interview with Jason https://stormbirds.blog/2019/02/06/part-1-an-interview-with-jason-williams-and-daniel-tuseev-il-2-great-battles-series/
  12. It MIGHT be playing nicely with Teamspeak and VoiceAttack
  13. Crash


    Has anyone else booked a room apart from Nick and me?