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  1. I will have to sort my log on issues with BoS and get back into it.
  2. Not enough buttonzzzz
  4. Oh, is this part of BoK?
  5. Mad as a box of frogs
  6. When I heard that they had found a new cure for my dyslexia; it was music to my arse.
  7. Have you opened the fuel cock? are both the magnetos on?
  8. about bloody time! I mean Welcome Back
  9. I use Fruitbats set up (no tracers) I will see if I can find it. Here it is click the link
  10. I was convinced that the takeoff would end in tears
  11. here is the site, and there are quite a few positive reviews of them on the DCS forum
  12. hi Dave read/get this organized and read this I should be available until about 9pm BST
  13. Did a search on tinterweb and found a newer driver and now all is good
  14. I ordered another gamepad to calibrate the FFB. On the first and second calibration screens it show the device as connected but on the rumble set up it doesnt show the device. So thats put an end to the shaker idea. Maybe I could roll back windoze but I have a sneaky felling that it will put the update back on at some inconvenient time.
  15. To be honest I dont really understand WTF is going on. I understand Reddog and PhilStyle getting a bit pissed off with the very slow progress of TF and there is a clash with Snapper? but for me at least, DCS will be rather slow to develop (how is the P-47 going?) and the main part of the game is P-51 v Bf109 v SpitIX v Fw190 in short mainly a dogfight. They arnt interested in BoX which I feel is most likely to be the true successor to the original especially if the hosted coops happen. The real losers in this mess are the community. What a shame that Oleg messed up with the original CLoD.