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  1. Well that was painless Used some airmiles or whatever they are to push the cost down.
  2. Oh dear I think I might have to buy this...
  3. The servers run 24/7 and are MODS ON and password protected. If you are a DD then you will know what the password is and can fly anytime. Get set up with teamspeak and you can join in . PS we have a tank server which has a gunnery range with static and moving targets plus much more.
  4. Welcome Beagle, as Friar might have said we dont go on public servers much but we have our own dogfight and coop servers that run all the time. The next session is DCS tomorrow night and then tanks on Saturday. Pop onto TS about 8 PM and there should be somebody on to help you with what goes on.
  5. Anotherupdate Dear Pilots, Tough, busy week for the team so we simply leave you with images with some Ju-88 C-6 in flight (please ignore the incorrect sheen on some of it's glass) and a render of our USS Gleaves Class Destroyer with full textures applied. The cockpit for the C-6 is under development, but when it's ready it will be a lot of fun to tear up ground and maritime targets! And our destroyer for Normandy landings support is looking good.
  6. Dear Pilots, Today we want to show you some WIP pics of the P-51B/C with the birdcage style canopy. It really changes the look of the P-51 and it's obvious why they changed to the bubble style canopy with the "D" model and some "B" airframes had their birdcage replaced with the 'Malcolm Hood' canopy which was a semi-bubble modification. We will also model the Malcolm Hood. Also, if you happen to have any detailed references on the Malcolm Hood's canopy frame, rails or emergency release mechanism please share them with us. We could use some more detailed pictures or drawings of it. The P-51B/C is unfortunately behind schedule and should have been ready by now, but she is getting ever closer to release and likely to be finished next month. Also, here is a pic of our American bomber pilot model ready to face some German flak! Enjoy!
  7. Crash

    Dead Rig

    good luck Nick
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