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  1. Crash

    MB issues

    From the few tests I can do,it looks like my Reverb G2 is not very well. I have mailed HP to see if they can do a repair if they cant then decisions will have to be made......
  2. Crash

    MB issues

    All back together but I cant test until my adapter arrives tomorrow. I will try my best to be there for coops.
  3. Crash

    MB issues

    Parts are here but the PSU inputs are different, so I will strip out all the wires and start from fresh.
  4. OOOOOH! Dear Pilots! Today’s Developer Diary is a continuation of last weeks with more pictures of the upcoming ME 410 release, this time of the very cool looking cockpit along with more images of airfields on the Normandy map. The ME 410 is the last of the player flyable aircraft from the Normandy plane-set to be released and the cockpit proved to be a challenge to create, especially with its unique defensive armament arrangement and complicated gunner controls. However, our modeling and engineering teams have once again created an amazing combat experience for IL-2 pilots. The ME 410 will enter beta testing very soon and testers can put it through its paces. We’re almost there Hornisse fans! A fun fact about the Normandy map is that there are 100 airfields total when you combine the airfields in southern England and Normandy regions. These pics are just a few. Work on the Normandy map, Normandy Career and remaining vehicles and ships continue full throttle as we march to release in the coming weeks. And just a reminder that BON still has it’s Early Access discount, but time is getting short. If you have not already purchased it, now is a great time to pull the trigger. Enjoy!
  5. Crash

    MB issues

    Just checked and I can sell my 8086K for £92 at CEX so that will help a bit also I can reuse my AIO cooler as I still have the AMD mounts
  6. Crash

    MB issues

    I couldnt wait for the beer, so I have ordered a new CPU and MB.
  7. Crash

    MB issues

    Looks like my motherboard is on the way out sata ports 1&3 not working and with the other problems I think its time for a new processer motherboard combo. As its a 1151 socket and 4 years old no decent boards are available. I might go AMD or maybe not. I will have a think tonight whilst I drink my beer. So no flying for me for a week or so.
  8. Dear Pilots, Today’s DD brings us images of the ME 410 A-1 in the engine finally, showing off some of its paint-schemes and beautiful lines. This beautiful bird has been in development for a long time, but the wait has been worth it. The cockpit was an especially challenging piece of work and we’ll have pics of it in the next Developer Diary, but today feast your eyes on its external beauty. Our 410 an A-1 model, but with various modifications that are included it can also become a B-2 variant. We think you will really enjoy the ME 410 A-1 ‘Hornisse’ as it was known. It’s another triumph for the Sturmovik modeling and engineering teams! The ME 410 will enter Beta in about a week’s time. We also have several images of airfields that will be present on the Normandy map. It’s nearing completion and will enter Beta soon as well. It should be noted that the images below are still WIP and some textures may not final. As we have highlighted in previous diaries, different fields have different surfaces. These images definitely demonstrate a variety of different types. Just like our previous maps there will be numerous airfields to launch missions from and of course attack! There is just a huge variety of different airfield types to choose from. Enjoy! The Sturmovik Team
  9. Crash

    New Toy Mmm

    Went to the Cosford Airshow yesterday and I finally got to use my 70/300 zoom lens at a flying display
  10. Crash


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