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  1. How do the other BoXers feel about the possibility of alternate Tuesdays, starting earlier although we could finish the usual time Could we rename this thread to "Cat herding in progress"?
  2. Here is an idea, due to the low turnout on Tuesday nights, and it has been this way for a long time, how about alternate 1946-BoX on Tuesdays?
  3. Just done a rough visual for the preferences, although still waiting for Artie Kira and Sweper to say what they would rather have. Nobody has said they cant make a Monday so far. Apologies for any omissions (Fruitbat and Fen) A possible 15 on a Monday?
  4. Thursday is a no go for Sid and I I am ok with Tuesday OR Wednesday.
  5. I would only be able to do one night a month. Although Tuesdays are usually lacking in pilots for HSFX
  6. Flying Legends 2018

    I will if Sweper isnt coming.
  7. VR

    Loving this but due to eyesight issues and hard to check six I really need icons
  8. I seem to be over cooking my engine. Prop pitch 90, water and oil rads wide open and checked the lever positions in cockpit (Il-2) Also when I lock the tailwheel the undercarriage collapses. The cockpit feels great
  9. online servers

    So the best aircraft set to use for coops at the moment is the BoS set as everyone has that content. I must get more aircraft pilots view positions set up Would we be running Mods on?
  10. Flying Legends 2018

    Ticket now booked for Saturday
  11. It feels a bit odd to be standing on the starboard wing of a MiG-3 at 1000 meters
  12. Just downloaded this excellent guide https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/30773-bom-cockpits-and-operation-quick-guide/ Seams to have a lot of detail info