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  1. Crash


    And shiney wheels
  2. Crash


    Needs flames
  3. Crash

    Pooter won't boot

    And if you dont like it you will know, and be able to sell on putting the funds towards an 4K monitor and super graphics card to drive it I might be a bad influence again
  4. Crash

    Pooter won't boot

    Of course you could always buy a second hand Rift instead of a monitor
  5. Crash

    Pooter won't boot

    Maybe Delta might be interested in the 1070.
  6. Crash

    Pooter won't boot

    Glad for the progress Siderly
  7. Crash

    Pooter won't boot

    Got a linux boot disc?
  8. Crash

    Graphics issues

    There is always fleabay
  9. Crash

    Graphics issues

    To be honest a 1050 isnt the best card for the job.
  10. Crash

    Graphics issues

    Might be worth asking here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/89-technical-issues-and-bug-reports/
  11. Crash

    Laptops ??

    I would ask on the Great Battles forum as they might be able to give advice based on experience.
  12. More stuff Hello everyone! In these sunny April days, we are working on the next big update, which we hope will be released in May. Previously we can say that this update will again be very voluminous in terms of the amount of content being released. A little bit later we will be able to say exactly what will be in this update, but we are aiming to launch a new noteworthy aircraft of the "Battle of Bodenplatte" project, two WWI airplanes in the "Flying Circus" project and two new tanks in the "Tank Crew" project. We also continue to work on evolution of the aviation part of the project and on deepening the gameplay of the tank part. A little later in the developer’s diaries we are planning to tell in detail about a new big "feature" of the multiplayer game - the "Battlefield Marshal" mode, the development of which is almost completed and will soon move to the testing and debugging phase. In the tank project, we are working on the functions of the tank commander, which will allow you to control both your crew and subordinate units. Also in the next update, we plan to significantly expand the model of damage to the systems and parts of the tank. Today we want to show you a couple of the first in-game cockpit shots of our new "Swallow" - the Me 262 A "Schwalbe" fighter-bomber. Honestly - it turned out to be an incredibly interesting aircraft: Today we also will dedicate a couple of screenshots to the almost completed crew of the M4A2 "Sherman" tank. Since the tank has an extremely wide range of possible positions for firing and driving by various crew members - this work was not easy, but the result is interesting too: And another screenshot shows a new particle-based effects technology inside the cockpits in the first-person view. In the first stage, we will introduce this system for tanks (the effect of a fire starting from spilled fuel, the effect of extinguishing this fire, smoke when the engine is damaged, powder gasses when firing from a cannon and a machine gun). In the medium term, we also plan to use this technology for airplanes: And many of your have inquired and commented about the Arras map for Flying Circus. It is underway by our partner Yugra Media. So far, everything regarding this map is on schedule, but work is still early and we don’t have any WIP shots for you to see yet. We are doing our best to help Yugra make a quality map for you.
  13. Couldnt find it!
  14. I thinks so. I was just slowly flying about and I noticed a small gauge that was rapidly going clockwise. Apparently I was climbing but it was hard to see as I was over the water and not familiar with the cockpit. Time to reference the Haynes Manual