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  1. Crash

    Who has what

    Didnt see that coming
  2. First In-game Po-2 Shots Here are the first WIP screenshots of the Po-2 aircraft being made for the sim. This famous general-purpose biplane served in many roles during WWII, the Korean War and peacetime. It did it all from aerial recon, ad-hoc night bombing to crop dusting. Its 3D model for the sim is being developed by our external development partner Yugra Media. As you can see it's coming along nicely!
  3. Crash

    Hs 129 wont start

    It turns out that the buttons for mixture up/down were set to pulse in Target. When I set them to hold I was able to increase the mixture as the start up was finishing and the issue has now gone away
  4. Stupid start up switches the mixture to zero. How do you start it?
  5. My right hand throttle wasnt recognized in the last coop. I think its OK now but I will have to check.
  6. Crash

    A place to share coops

    Thanks for that. I think I will rename it to DD usable so I know everyone can fly them
  7. Another update........ Hello everybody, Three weeks have passed since the update 3.003 which started the early access of Bodenplatte. At the moment, we prepare to release another important update that will bring required functionality to support Steam requirements for the distribution of a new content. In addition to purely technical stuff 'under the hood', this will make running the game through Steam more streamlined, without entering login and password. Meanwhile, the development of the new project goes according to the plan. Fw 190 A-8 will go into testing soon (to be released in Bodenplatte early access shortly thereafter) and engineers are already working on P-47D-28 flight model. 3D artist department works on several aircraft at once - P-47D-28, Fw 190 D-9, P-51D-15, Me 262 A, Hawker Tempest Mk.V series 2 and Bf 109 K-4 - some of them are nearly finished while the work on others just started. Today we can show you the first WIP screenshots of two planes from this list: P-47D-28 и Fw 190 D-9.
  8. Crash

    Flying Legends 2018

    Spare bed going Friday and Saturday as Swep isnt attending
  9. Crash

    port forwarding

    I think I might have done it. We will find out Tuesday
  10. Crash

    port forwarding

    Thanks for that, I found the how to info but the port settings where hard to find. How does the router know its dealing with BoX?
  11. What do I need to do BT Home Hub 3?
  12. Sim flying can get a bit silly. Still, awesome PC+ top of the range controllers+VR+motion platform is an awful lot cheaper than owning a plane and lets face it WHEN you mess up all you do is hit re-fly
  13. Why did I look at this 😍 https://www.brunner-innovation.swiss/product/cls-e-joystick/
  14. Crash


    Just an update on the way I see it. Pluses I really feel I am sitting in a cockpit and I can sense the way the plane is moving. Better for situational awareness Minuses Much harder to spot aircraft/ground targets That might improve a bit when I get my lenses sorted. Very hard to check six, due to your head can only turn so far and limited FOV You need to use VoiceAttack as it is very hard to use a keyboard unless you can touch type. I use this for nav/landing/cockpit lights, open map, toggle icons/hud, open/close canopy, and logging into a server when I know the pass word, although you need to have TS on push to talk. On the whole I am really impressed and when the field of vision and resolution improves it will be amazing. PS its harder to drink beer