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  1. Moar newz Dear Friends, Very soon - next week - we'll publish the next update that is planned to bring (provided no critical problems are found during the beta testing) the long-awaited StuG III and C-47A, AND the WIP Western Front Spring 1918 map (!). We have told about the legendary Skytrain in one of our previous Dev Blogs, so today's star is StuG.III Ausf.G. There were many StuG.III self-propelled guns produced during the war, more than 9000 units spanning around 10 modifications. The Ausführung G that is recreated by our very talented partners at Digital Forms was the later one, having the heaviest gun and armor of all of them. The vehicle represented was built on the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M base, so it has nearly the same chassis, engine and transmission. The fighting compartment, however, was completely rebuilt: replacing the turret with the welded armored superstructure granted it enough internal volume to accomodate the bigger 75 mm StuK 40/L48 gun. Its barrel and ballistics are similar to KwK.40 L/48 installed on Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G and later ones. This gun used the same ammo as 7,5 cm Pak. 40 AT gun. Unlike the tank gun equipped with a telescopic gunsight designed for direct fire, the StuG.III gun had Sfl. ZF 1a artillery periscope marked for thre ammo types - APHE, sub-caliber AP and HE. Late StuG III modifications were equipped by infantry MG34 machinegun with box magazines stored in the fighting compartment. To fire it, the loader had to get out of his hatch, raise the armored shield and set the machinegun up in one of the two positions - for firing at air or ground targets. Schurzen armor plates for protection against AT rifles and shaped charges could be also installed. Six one-shot smoke mortars could be also installed. Sure enoungh, not only we modeled them in the game, but we couldn't resist and upgraded the two previously released Tank Crew tanks with this weapon - Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M and Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.H1 Tiger. All in all, StuG.III is a light enough to be maneuverable, but also has a good frontal armor protection and a powerful main weapon. As we mentioned above, it will be available to its owners very soon.
  2. Crash

    GPU ???

    Hello Toad, in my opinion unless you are going to go VR I dont think the 3090/4090 is good value. If you go 4K screens the "dots" will be small so it probably will be harder to spot. A good CPU is very important for Il-2. I would ask here as some people know a lot more than me. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/18-hardware-software-and-controllers/
  3. NEWS!!! Dear Friends, Today we'll tell you about the development progress on two other Collector Planes. The first one of them is the C-47A Skytrain. C-47A was a military modification of the civil passenger aircraft DC-3 that had the reinforced floor and large door on the left side for cargo and different radio equipment. The cargo/passenger cabin windows had gun ports for small arms firing. The Skytrain name was used in the US, British called it Dakota, while in USSR it was known as Douglas. Li-2 planes (a licensed modification of DC-3 with Soviet ASh-62 engines, Soviet cockpit instruments and armament) were also called 'Douglas'. The DC-3/C-47 family was the most popular transport aircraft of the war. The model we have in the sim can accommodate a general cargo, air-droppable cargo containers in the cabin, the same containers attached under the fuselage and paratroopers. Having the takeoff weight of up to 14 tons, the aircraft could carry up to 2,5 tons of cargo (more than 3 tons if overweight). The main disadvantage was its low speed, which adversely affected its usage in airborne operations. However, it was very easy to pilot and had good performance characteristics, which made it a real workhorse of the war. The long-awaited feature - make it player controllable - should be ready soon. Our engineers and artists from Yugra-Media are working to make it available to you as soon as possible. The second plane we'd like to tell you about today is the late WWI fighter with rotative engine, the epitome of the British aircraft design school - Sopwith Snipe single seater. This aircraft is being developed from scratch since we did not make it for Rise of Flight previously. This very maneuverable, fast enough aircraft that was armed with two synchronized Vickers machine guns could confront the best German aircraft of that time. The new 9-cylinder 230 HP rotative engine Bentley BR2 had 100 HP more than the Clerget 9B engine installed on the very successful Sopwith Camel - a huge increase. The upper wing was shifted lower to give the pilot a better view forward and up. The work on the 3D model of this bird by Yugra-media artists is nearly finished and the work of our engineers is underway - we hope to release it for customers this year, which means really soon in fact. Speaking of WWI we should mention that the Flying Circus Vol.II map had good progress. We should be able to start the beta-testing of this Spring 1918 map in the near future and it will be released soon after that. In Early Access the players will be able to use the new map in QMB and create single and multiplayer missions. After that we'll have to complete the work on the Flying Circus Career mode and update the map according to the customer feedback. We count on Yugra-media designers to use the new approaches that were adopted by our map designers during the work on the Normandy map to achieve the next level of the visual quality and fidelity compared to the old Rise of Flight map. And last but not the least - according to the player feedback we have revised the WWI airplanes damage from rifle caliber ammo - the evolution and the improvement of all the parts of IL-2 continues.
  4. More news Wardog5711 Community Manager 81 Location:Kansas, Central United States 1CGS Posted 15 hours ago Since this has already been posted on the RU side, I will leave this here. I had planned to wait until all the details were fleshed out to make a more informative post, but that ship has sailed. As of now, there is a stream planned for Nov 9th with Albert Zhiltsov and Daniil Tuseev. The tentative time for the ENG stream is 10-11AM US CST. The exact times will be confirmed and re-posted as soon as we lock them down. But we are planning two, back-to-back streams. One for the English speaking community and another for the Russian speaking community. There will be no RU questions in the ENG stream and no ENG questions in the RU stream. I'm sure everyone is anxious for more detail, but you have everything I have at this point. There is still some set-up work to be done, and if anything changes, I will post it ASAP. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/81175-stream-with-loft-and-han-is-currently-scheduled-for-nov-9th/
  5. Angus killed 2 x AAA, 2 x Trucks and the port wing and engine on a Me 410 (oooh flames)
  6. Should be good but it might be turned 8pm before I get on as I am going to the zoo and a meal.
  7. Seen this Colin? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/66068-kuban-autumn-nth-africa-desert-beta-upload-updated-version-to-7-11-06-2022/?do=findComment&comment=1226531
  8. Fly with us soon, and you Arthur!
  9. Hello Pilots, I know that there is a great deal of uncertainty for some of you as to the future of the IL-2 franchise. I will try to help ease some of that anxiety. First and foremost, as he mentioned in his video, Jason actually left 1CGS back in late summer. BON was released on time and all the Collector Planes, Vehicles and modules with preorders started will be completed and released. 1CGS is still producing hardcore flight sims and Jason's departure doesn't affect the development schedule in any way. Moreover, the development of the next project has already started as it was stated several times in Russian and English interview and podcast. More info on the next development cycle will be shared in our Dev Blogs, streams etc. And for those concerned about current events affecting anything, it does not. 1CGS is not affected by any sanctions. And there will be a stream event next week with the development team that should provide much more detail on the path forward. The exact date is still TBD based on production completion.
  10. Test results Jorfe OK Al Ayati Spawn close to road Ben Slama Spawn close to road Boughrara OK Boughrara East EXPLODES on first spawn subsequent spawns OK Gourine spawn on road El Grean spawn on road Bir Krenifis OK Smar OK
  11. I will do some testing tomorrow. I have tested some and I will check which ones.
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