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  1. Crash

    Upgrading - The fool's way

    This is very usefull info https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/20530/windows-10-reactivating-after-hardware-change
  2. Crash

    Upgrading - The fool's way

    With reguard to thw Win 10 key, dut you just use your Win7 key and was there any problems?
  3. Crash

    Thinking of water cooling

    Is it a good idea and what are people using?
  4. Oh YES 10777 2669 posts Location:Las Vegas, Nevada USA Report post Posted 18 hours ago 198 Dear Pilots, It’s the summer holiday season and many team members are taking their hard-earned vacations. So, as a result our ability to give you super detailed Developer Diaries is diminished a bit. However, we have the first shots of our American P-47D-28 “Jug” in the engine. The cockpit is under development and these shots are of course Work In Progress. She’s turning out to be quite the beauty! We hope you enjoy!
  5. Crash

    Any Flypast magazine readers?

  6. I am not saying it will work out though
  7. So should I delete everything in the coops folder and put these in for tonight?
  8. The new Fw 190 is very nice
  9. Crash

    All debriefy and things

    I thought that FunFlak and PapaBear would like it
  10. It would be nice if we all had BoP as I am sure that most peoples favorite rides will be included. Maybe non owners could request it for a Christmas prezzie
  11. Here is a thought, how about when Bodenplatte is released we go Tuesdays BoX? That should give us 6 months to get ready.
  12. Until we do move on to BoX weekly I agree with the idea of alternate coops/long missions on a Sunday.
  13. I think that we will/are moving to BoX soonish but no ETA
  14. I was right so next week we are BoXing.