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  1. First, will we be flying in 'Expert' mode? If so I still need a lot of practice. If not then I'd give it a go. My vote would be mud moving, either side.
  2. Beebop

    BoX screenshots

    Taking on some A-20's.
  3. OK, I'm a nOOb when it comes to Great Battles but... I'm flying on the Moscow map (the "Green Moscow" mod is a beautiful by the way) and I can't fly to Moscow!😮 I was going to explore the "Unknown Frontier" (flying off the edge of the map) as I called it in 1946, but the game takes control away from me at either returns me to the "Official Map" (AutoLevel on) or after a few klicks boots me out of the game. How rude! 😖 Anyway, just an observation.
  4. Figures. Kinda dumb I think because it would let others know what you have and could be helpful I directing a person to another person who has the same setup. Well that's what I get coming from M4T where we bend over backwards to help. Although I must say they seem to be a a kind of helpful lot over there. Not nearly as helpful as this kennel.😁 Thanks for your response.
  5. Rather than start a new thread... Another "observation I've made is although I have now bought BoM and BoK only the BoS badge appears under my avatar on the IL-2 Sturmovik forums. Not a biggie but why not? Enquiring minds want to know.
  6. When you start the game and when you switch to various GUI's (Settings, Graphics etc.) there is the sound of plane engines, ( a near helicopter sound morphing into a generic plane), and battlefield sounds. In 1946 you could eliminate these sounds by checking various boxes or editing the conf.ini. It's not that they annoy me but I am getting a little tired of the same sound. Is there a way to disable it so I can launch and modify my game through GUI in blissful silence? TIA
  7. Thank you. It's eactly what I was looking for. It should be called "The Simon and Garfunkel Mod". You know, 'The Sounds of Silence'. 😁
  8. Beebop

    Who has what

    BoS Premium/Founders Edition BoM Standard BoK Standard P-40E-1 Collector Plane
  9. Beebop

    Another sale on

    I've had BoS since the early release of the Premium Edition in late July of 2014 as a birthday present to myself. I got it from a M4T member who got frustrated and didn't like it. And he was selling cheap. He got permission from 1CGS for me to use his key. I also got founder status. It sat on my HD getting very little use as I found the interface a bit confusing as well as setting up my joystick and keyboard. Skinning was (and still is) daunting and only now I'm understanding how to do it although I probably take a few extra steps so I can use my PSP8 program that I am accustomed to. And, as a mission builder in 1946 I found, and still do find, the mission builder to be quite complex compared to 46. Anyway, I have recently got a renewed interest in BoX (Great Battles) and have been able to produce my first skin so I jumped in and got BoM and BoK. If for some reason you don't have these yet, or want Collector planes at an incredible discount, NOW is the time to visit and get caught up on the cheap. For me, getting BoM/BoK has spurred my interest even further. I'm sure that expanding your GB install will do the same for you.
  10. Hi there. Some of you may know I have done a bit of skinning for 1946. Now that I'm getting into Battle Over Stalingrad I of course wanted to try my hand at skinning. It's been a daunting quest. In 1946 I skin using Paint Shop Pro. However it has limited ability to save files as .dds. Yes the option is there but it becomes complicated (it doesn't want to save the alpha layer) and frustrating. 😖 So...I got GIMP. I saved the skin as a .psd because GIMP won't accept .pspimage files. 🙄 Then I had to learn how to save/export it. At first I couldn't flatten it to add the needed alpha layer. But finally I figured that out. (I still need a lot of practice to refine these processes. So, with some reservation, I present my first Great Battles skin, and IL-2M42. Now I like making hacks over at M4T and unusual skins have always interested me. Hacks are not really needed here (yet). So here is a skin for a real plane* now in the Central Air Force Museum in Monino Russia. Apparently the odd colors come from the fact that proper this most unusual coloration was due to shortages of the correct aircraft paints during the moving of the factories East of the Urals to avoid being attacked by the Germans. * The actual plane I used as a reference is a later IL-2 M version with a rear gunner but I don't have that expansion of GB yet. I did see a version of a single-seater as a scale model with the same color scheme. So without further ado..(be kind, remember it's a WIP and I need to do some, well a lot, more work on it)
  11. OK. I'm getting into Battle of Stalingrad enough that I went out and purchased Battle of Moscow and Battle of Kuban. I found out that there's a sale going on at IL-2 Sturmovik. So when I bought BoM I went to my License Key page at il2sturmovik.com and discovered that the key had been automatically activated. When I started the game it was there, maps planes and all. Good. So I decided to go ahead and buy BoK. I used the same procedure but this time, although on the license Key page it said my purchase had been activated, it wasn't. No map(s), planes, nothing. After opening the game and seeing BoM I took a quick spin around the autumn map then closed out of the game. After making my BoK purchase and ensuring that it had been purchased and the key activated I restarted the game to find no BoK!!! See below. So what's up? Do I have to contact IL-2 Sturmovik?
  12. Beebop


    Thanks FT. Good point. Fixed.
  13. Beebop

    First Skin (WIP)

    Now the skin is on a more correct model seen here flying over Tuapse looking for a train.
  14. Beebop


    DOH! Usually I log in off line. After my BoM purchase I "accidentally" hit the Green Enter box. After my BoK purchase I logged in offline. As Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does." So I logged in online and there it was. Thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious. You guys are lifesavers. Now to practice a heck of a lot.
  15. Gentlemen, Sorry I left so abruptly this afternoon. It seems that the server was set up for 'Expert' settings so I had no HUD plus I am so new to the game I use a lot of auto settings for engine management. I couldn't remember the default key settings for the radiator so I kept overheating. I am very familiar with 1046 so more realistic settings like in HSFX are not as difficult to deal with. I need to practice a lot more but am looking forward to flying BoX with you.
  16. Beebop

    First Skin (WIP)

    Buying now. Got it.
  17. Beebop

    First Skin (WIP)

    Yeah! I just got BoM because it was only 16.99. I got the standard edition because I already had bought the P-40. I think I will get BoK. I may just buy the Spitfire separately as I seldom fly Luft and really haven't flown the Hs-129 in 1946.
  18. Beebop

    First Skin (WIP)

    Yes I have a rear gunner but for this model but it's the Field Mod version. The plane in Monino is an 'M' version with a full rear gunner cockpit that looks more like the M38F version in BoK. I just might have to spring for that add-on as I would love to fly the A-20, Bf-110G2 and the P-39. Are the additional packs ever on sale?
  19. Thanks. With all the "new complexity" this version has it is nice to see that this part will be easy.
  20. Gentlemen, I plan on joining you tomorrow but have never played BoS online. I can get to the Multiplayer page but is there anything I need to know about joining? I have no problms joining direct IP with HSFX and have no router. Or it can wait until I'm on Teamspeak. I'll connect 1/2 hour early.
  21. When I'm customizing my plane I can see the "Official" skins but not the custom ones. All I see is the name. I am using BoX skins in .dds format. 46 lets you see all the skins. Is there a way to make the custom skins show on the Settings page? Of do I have to remember what each custom skin looks like from memory?
  22. Beebop

    Skins Question

    And another question, when I make my flight 2 -4 planes it looks like all planes get the skin I chose. Is there a way to give each plane in the flight it's own skin? I'm think of a squadron where each plane has different codes even if the basic scheme is similar.
  23. Beebop

    Skins Question

    I believe I have done all that. 1st are my "enablements": Enable Mods and Custom Skins checked. 2nd how the Official skins show. I get a visualization of the skin. 3rd how the Custom skins (don't) show. I have to remember what this skin will look like on the plane. 4th where my skins are located. Note that some are "hazy". When clicked they are very dark. They are 5.33Mb. The oOthers as you can see look "normal" and are 4Mb. I downloaded all from IL-2 Surmovik links.
  24. In 1946 I don't fly with visual icons on but being as I'm just starting out in BoS I'm finding them somewhat useful to help me acclimate myself to the game. I installed a mod which got rid of those annoying "Wonder Woman" arrows at the edge of the screen that tell you where to look for both friend and foe and has changed to plane icons from those big wedges to very small triagles with not plane info. I am learning about the tech icons on the side and what they are telling me. But what is that big yellow teardrop and that yellow diamond in front of me? If I aim for the diamond I become a lawn dart. And how would I get rid of them? So far I have figured out that 'H' clears all icons and HUD info. Right now I like having the HUD on the bottom that telss me at a glance my speed, heading and how much ammo I have left. Finally, is there a way to get rid of all icons but not the HUD? TIA.
  25. Beebop

    I'm Baaaack!!

    Hello you Dogs. It's been a while. Since I was last here... 1. I finally retired. I have all the time now in the world and at the same time no time at all. I'm sure you retirees know what I'm talking about. 2. My old squad, the HellHounds has disbanded. We went our separate ways but still keep in touch. Sadly Tim, Quazimoto, whom some of you might remember as the Tech Forums Moderator at the Ubi Forums has passed away. He is sorely missed by all of us. He was such a friendly helpful guy and one of my best friends. 3. I've dabbled with mods for IL-2 1946. Mostly though I like the "stock/vanilla" version best. However I have for reference and occasional use the following mod version: B.A.T Linebacker VP Modpack 4.12.2 DBW 1.71 HSFX 7.0.3 4.12.2m Modact 5.2 UP3RC4 UP 2..01 I also have the original IL-2 Demo installed. That's an interesting change of place. My how the sim has improved. I am a part time consultant to Team Daidalos. I don't directly create content but do occasionally beta test stuff. A few of my skins are now defaults in the game. Plus, I have had Battle Over Stalingrad, (just the base game, only the P-40 added and the 'Green Stalingrad' mod), installed for quite some time but never really got into it. Now I am looking at it more. It sure looks great! I will be looking through your Great Battles forum for help. Thanks to DD_Arthur for reminding me to check in. I'll most likely try and find some online DD sever to join soon. I still Admin at Mission 4 Today. If you have any questions about that site I will gladly try and help. Anyway, thought I'd drop by and say HI!