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    Well, we(you all) have been through this process a few times in the past few years. It seems not to have brought in the new members or gotten people to show up in the past that you have wanted. I hesitate to post an opinion because I'm not a regular anymore. I mostly don't fly online anymore because I'm getting older(sleep/attention focus problems); and I'm doing other projects. But for me, my favorite part of flying online was flying actual simple missions. Something that was short and sweet and fun. Then, do it again, and again. The dogfight servers where everybody does whatever they want, I find boring. I can do that on my own.. ie:learning a DCS/Box plane. Once I can takeoff, nav, land and bomb/dogfight I would be ready to have fun online in a good mission. Or, if there was specific aircraft training, that I think is fun too. Touch and Gos, bombing range, all practicing a specific aircraft so we can fly that fun mission.. I will say that most of the successful online groups focus on 1 primary sim. Even in DCS that gives you ~30 complicated aircraft to fly? Even that is hard to get everyone to fly in a mission(ie. can't have a Spit on a mission with a F-18c). So, it's hard keep the old players and recruit new ones. So, I guess I agree with what Fen said in an above post. You need to pick 1-2 sims, state what day you fly them. Have regular "FUN" missions. That's my 2 cents.
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    Another BIG update today chaps. Lots of fixes for everyone, plus the I-16 is available! Will add to mission ASAP:
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    At last! The final, vital parts of my VR set up are completed
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    Interesting armament options!
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    Woooooooooo!😎 Doh! Now where is my dam wallet. My wife must have hid it again.😲
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    Well i mostly fly DCS and then CLOD, loosely using the term fly!! I still have IL2 but have not flown in it for quite a number of years! now i manage to get on line with you chaps more often as the internet slowly gets better, sims have moved on a bit. As far as flying any other sims goes i think the three that i have mentioned will have to do for me, as my remaining brain cells struggle to keep up as it is. I really do enjoy flying and get great satisfaction from it when it all goes according to plan, i agree with Tom seven nights and four sims is worth a try, it would be a shame to lose any.
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    The DCS: Fw 190A-8 is available for pre-purchase! https://www.digitalcombatsimu...om/en/products/planes/anton/
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    Fen's booked Holiday Inn for Friday night only, attending the practise day Friday and Legends proper on Saturday and RTB that eve. Papa-Fen will be my wingman. 😀
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    OK I will share with him. I will arrive on the Friday PM and am setting off for home via Santa Pod on the Sunday. Cost will be £150
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    Interesting little article about this year's Legends here chaps, seems our theory on a non-P-51 horsemen display could be on the money. Also, more than four Buchons, woot! https://www.aerosociety.com/news/legends-assemble/
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    Personally, I'll be sorry to see '46 and CloD go. For me, DCS requires too much effort to be moderately competent let alone competitive and GBS doesn't have the planeset or scenarios that hold my interest all that much. It doesn't matter really though - I fly so little now anyway that my input to the group is token at best. That said, I do think that the group as a whole needs to find a way forward that suits the majority of regular flyers. Our decisions when '46 was THE sim were easy - now there are 4-5, making everyone happy is going to be nigh on impossible. I will go along with the majority view for the good of the Dogz, whether I decide to fly or not.
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