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    Curry done, more pics to follow soon
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    It was great to meet up with the guys again, had a great day, planes, sunshine and great banter, what more can a man ask for.....even had a pretty singer blowing me a kiss and lusting after me and not Sid standing dirctly behine me in her line of sight...it was me honest...
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    A few more of Dogz. Crash, Jabo, Painless, Friar, Fenrir Caption contest... Ivan (Son of Gec), Fenrir, Sid Jabo, Painless, BluBear
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    From left to right: BluBear, Crash, Sid, Painless, Fenrir, Jabo. These are their DD-faces, I do not know their real ones
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    Now when the voices magically appear in my headphones, my imagination no longer has to picture some version of 007 不不不不不. Seriously guys, thanks. My current profile pic is me at 19 and me now just might break the forums again !
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    Here is a picture from 2016 where everyone is dressed in official DangerDogz clothes. Well, most of them. Me at far right.
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    Blimey! Is Painless drinking beer? I see no sign of a discreet Bacardi and coke
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    By my count I reckon there's 51 aircraft now down to attend. That's a pretty good turnout!
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    Patch has been pushed to Stable Release version - bombs, drop tanks and increased radiator efficiency now available to all!
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    Not really interested in France Vs Croatia, especially when there are aeroplanes to see Incidentally I see they are putting up a screen in the conservation hangar in case anyone would rather watch that, for some reason... (I am to a certain degree pulling legs here, naturally) Good going with the attendance record old bean, 2020 will be my 18th, having only missed the fateful 2003 show since 2001. Many many happy memories over the years and long may it continue! ++++ NEWS! 15th Spitfire just added to the line-up (another Griffon whoop)! That makes: 3x Mk.I 4x Mk.V 3x Tr.IX 1x Mk.IX 1x Mk.XI 1x Mk.XVI 1x Mk.XIV 1x Mk.XVIII
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    Also, there's a certain early war Italian fighter being unwrapped and assembled, now looking largely complete! I wonder if it'll fly in time for Legends?! Now that would be something to see...
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    I found some information about CR.42 on an airplane forum I am a member of. "Had it not been for parts picked from worn out J 11's this would not have been possible. This Fiat CR42 carries the English registration G-CBLS and the production number is 920. That airplane was delivered to the Swedish Air Force in May 1941, then became J 11 with FV No. 2542. Used by F 9 and arrived already April 13 the following year lost at an accident at T疇rdnatjako in Lapland."
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    Irt's very nice to see you gezers together and shift, rather! (Makes one wonder why one is not there ...)
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    I suppose your'e having a delicious meal at the Curry house by now!
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    Nope, no guest icon visible. The only guest is my double, but then I am a bit tipsy
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    Is there a way to teleport?
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    Have lots of fun out there boys, and please do record the audio!
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    DD_Sheriff - now have DCS (Steam - Openbeta - P51 and Spit) DCS Vanilla and DCS Openbeta. Spit only at this stage. AND, finally can take off and land ... hehehe
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    As I descended over Dungeness late this morning, returning from our holiday in Menorca I looked out at the familiar shape of Kent from 14,000 ft with two distinct thoughts... The first and most obvious, is of our virtual dogfights in these very skies during CloD evenings, this quickly progressed to imagining it for real all those years ago accompanied by William Walton's 'Battle in the Air'. Enter the inevitable recollections of the Battle of Britain movie and my earliest memories of play dogfighting with my Airfix kits and my second thought was an overwhelming urge to go up in the loft as soon as I got home, un-box my childhood models, dust them down and have a little sentimental play. I thought perhaps we could put a thread together documenting the plastic kits of our childhood, if any of you have pictures to share too. Here are the majority of mine, all 1/72 scale from the 90s, apologies in advance to the general quality of the build, paint finish, markings etc... I was young and nowhere near the perfectionist and purist I am today! As PapaBear will recall, I was a tad impatient when it came to finishing model kits, inasmuch as using a heat gun to dry the paint as quickly as possible so I could apply the decals, or in some cases painting after applying the decals...不 Cockpits and internal details? Adding undercarriage? All seemed like a waste of time to a whippersnapper BluBear. Airfix Spitfire I, Vb, IX and XVI Airfix Defiant, Typhoon and Hurricane II/XII Airfix Stuka, 109E and G6 I think Airfix 190A8, D9 and A6M2 Airfix RAF twins, Mosquito FBVI and Blenheim IV Little friends, Airfix P-51B, D and P-38F Memories of Great Warbirds air display at West Malling probably prompted the need for this Airfix B-17G and Matchbox B-25, the latter of which is presented unpainted in the colour plastic as supplied (epitome of lazy!). I did jets too (sorry FT). Airfix Jaguar, Hawk, F5, F-16, F-15 and F-18, most of which have seen better days after hanging from and falling off the ceiling many times... The Hawk in fact started life respectably finished by PapaBear in Red Arrows livery, but for some reason I decided to camo over it... Also a rather nice Desert Storm Tornado GR1 from I believe an Italeri kit, completed when I was a little older with a little more patience (look Pa, I painted the pilot and everything!) - along with an Airfix Harrier GR3 That's most of mine, I have a Vulcan and Ju-88 somewhere too... Show us yours
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    @ Gypsy, LMAO mate, you and I seem to have a lot in common. I built airfix 1/72 aircraft first in Singapore aged 7 to 9. Then got into Tamiya 1/35 tanks back in England. Set fire to and shot the lot in my teens ! 云
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    So long Miss Velma... and well hello there Contrary Mary! What a stunner, exciting to see a 78th FG painted pony back at Duxford.
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    Dont have any old ones but here is the bulk of present kits, Phantoms fury SE5a curtis tomahawk spitfire V trop gladiator swordfish hurricanes mosqueto spitfires sea fury spitfire Me109s harriers F5s harriers tornado typhoon A-10 I have some helicopters and some 1/72 upstairs as well
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    Sad to admit, but models from my childhood came to inglorious end as targets to a new 22 caliber rifle. From age 10 to 18 I must have built 100s..no professional work like what y'all do, but they got better over time. Stacked on a 4ft wide, 8ft high, 2ft deep, 6 shelf metal monster. As I approached my time to leave home and go in the Air Force, my mom said to "move them out". Well a friend and I decided to take my models (even a quite nice floating, working, 24" long model of my dad's fishing boat) and his new rifle to a deserted beach (this was the early 60s in rural Texas) and "blow them up". Well 20 boxes of 50 each 22 long rifle ammo, we had a pile of plastic and a sunk boat(we cleaned up our mess). That was the end of my model building era! My friend later on ended up in the Army in a rifle squad and credits coming home from 2 tours in Vietnam (to a small degree) to that target practice at the beach. Oh, and he built models to the quality level of y'alls work when he came home.
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    Guess who didnt charge their camera batteries because it measured 100% on the camera and anyway I have a spare. What could possibly go wrong I did take some before the battery went flat.