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    So, I climbed up to like 30k in my Hurricane, cruised around peacefully, until I met some 9 AI 109's... they were at 25K. They quickly broke up and started the chase. Now the Hurri does not fly that nicely up there, so ... here's a picture of the outcome of the meet-and-greet
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    Good morning Sid, You are correct.Beta only.There are some issues regarding slow loading time and,time outs on multiplayer etc. I am unable to get in on Toms server on the Beta.Continually being timed out with a high ping figure.So off line only at the moment . ED forums are full of the same,so I assume they are working on it. However you cannot loose the smile on your face when you are flying it🤪
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    And as an added bonus https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/43824-request-mod-add-axis-to-trim/
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    Hang the expense. Just ordered an RTX 2070, doh!
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    That last one in the Yak was as good as I've ever seen a Danger Dog pull off. For the emergency landings in a damaged aircraft, you are better off forgetting about the landing gear all together, it's more harm than help on rough ground. IIRC the Stuka had a charge to blow the gear off for just this reason. (I don't think it's in the game though)
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    Yup. Given the number of groups that have gone to the wall over the last few years, perhaps it's the flexibility within the Dogz that you can fly your 'sim of choice' that's helped us continue in the way we have. And, while we're still able to offer specific nights to all these sims, it does mean that we are offering the widest possible choice to potential new members. Most of the guys who have joined recently only fly one or two of these (which is fine) and it's only the total nutters that would try and fly a different sim (almost) every night of the week anyway...For the record, I do have all 4...ho hum.
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    You're right. Does this help? This is from one of your tracks. Mix meister Sid at the controls......