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    Full inflight video and discussion of the incident from Miss Velma's emergency landing last year. A great insight into the decisions and problems with a misfiring engine. Great airmanship. Originally posted on the Key forums.https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/...irport-landinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBpq...ature=youtu.be And there's me thinking he pulled the pin at the time!
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    Just watched the entire half hour, well worth it. However, for the short of time, here's the summary video:
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    Britain's last Dambuster flies again to mark the mission's 75th anniversary http://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-derbyshire-44170331/britain-s-last-dambuster-flies-again-to-mark-the-mission-s-75th-anniversary
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    Hurray!! I have spent ages trying all sorts of key mappings to correct the pilot's head position in the IL-2mod, 1942, all to no avail. It didn't matter what I did, I had obviously created a 'remove seat cushion' mod somewhere without knowing it as my view in the aircraft looking forward was like being von Smallhausen....I could not see over the top of the instrument panel cowl without standing up....not good for flying. I looked online, obviously where I should have gone first weeks ago, and found out that each aircraft pilot or gunner head position has a .svc file (or a _t1.svc file for example for a turret position) in the folder here: IL2 Battle of Stalingrad/data/LuaScripts/snapviews. Closing the game, deleting this file for the relevant aircraft position from the 'snapview' folder and then restarting the game resets the pilot's head position to default, creates a new .svc file and hey presto, allows me more BoX joy because I can see what I'm doing now. Simples. A much happier Sid. I don't feel so much like Sid Viscous now..... Cheerzen
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    Okay, skip all video recordings, we only need audio. I've got enough good footage to finally make them older videos bearable, if I have proper voice audio!
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    BREAKING NEWS! Bernard Chabbert will NOT be commentating at this year's Flying Legends! WHOOP!
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    So that 770 of mine? It made a loud popping noise Sunday night, and BSOD ensued on every boot (plus artifacts during boot). 4 years old... Replaced with a 1080SC EVGA model, 8GB DDR5X RAM and boy, night and day! So DCS is smooth, F15C at supersonic is so smooth... Shame about the $600 I had to drop to get back up and running 😄😂
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    And lucky there was a set of wings nearly complete in the States which they could use.
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    Thanks for this Chris. Well found. My heart was in my mouth watching his approach, even knowing the outcome.
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    Decided to revisit my MSFFB2 X55 Franken stick. First image shows the new part I printed on the right, and the original part on the left. This enabled mounting the X55 handle much lower, closer to where the original MSFFB2 handle sat. Second image is the part mounted in the gimbal, third image is the X55 circuit board mounted inside the MSFFB2 case, and the wires connected to it (10 enemy teensy wires to be soldered!). Final image is it all lit up, and you can just make out the X55 USB cable exiting the MSFFB2 base Now back to the collective project, now I have found the ideal material (nylon as it is very strong, self lubricating, and very light).
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    I'd heartily recommend reading Robinson's other period aviation novels. Damned Good Show (Bomber Command) and Goshawk Squadron (Great War) are the two others I have which are also fantastic reads. Most of them have some kind of link, with familiar names appearing as they progress through their RAF career. Skull Skelton for example is the main protagonist in Damned Good Show. I really need to pick up 'A Good Clean Fight' which continues the story of Hornet Squadron, set in North Africa in the spring of 1942 flying Tomahawks.