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    From the album: FT

    Yeah, basically, just push it off its tracks!
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    Well, somehow I got it to rotate the mission after it's been running for two hours now. Mind you, it runs for two hours if nobody is using it, so nobody gets killed, nobody bails out... So at least we won't be caught at night around there anymore!
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    A third mission added to the rotation, which is now set at 3600 seconds.
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    Okay, the 'spontaneous' mission end/roll over is now fixed, it was due to me leaving the setting 'Team points per round' at 0 (zero). So, have changed this to value of 1410065407. Next point of attention will be registering the server correctly, so it will be using a Username to logon...
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    I decided to try it again, and copied and pasted the name you suggested and it worked! Thanks! My problem, I guess, was I was copying and pasting the names from the roster, which happen to be in "ALL CAPS." Apparently their system must be caps sensitive 😁
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    Air Combat Group - a mix of RAF & Lufty squads who congregated online to do realistic CloD campaigns back when CloD was more popular. Like Storm of War but a closed group. Got some good vids out there, some good pilots too. https://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/
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    More A-10 goodness. This time from an abandoned strip in Estonia:
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    I have a friend in the business Col. I'm sure he'd be happy to give you some advice - I can give you his number if you like.
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    While the server/missions might need a bit of tweaking, this is a really good start.
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    Hm, after doing some more flying around on the server, in the cool company of Jabo, Gypsy and Arthur, it kinda looks like the first pil2ot that kicks of a trigger, and gets its aircraft downed (including bailing out first), will force the mission to be rotated... The perfect Friar style of hosting this is!
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    I'm going to have to pre-order Bodenplatte aren't I...
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    Overload be gone! DangerDogz server; The FoolTrottel Remix...................