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    Some pix from this weekend. I had forgoten what burnt nitro smelled like
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    After seven years of "window shopping", I finally was able to get myself a nice sports car. Had to sell both children and the dog but hey, what you gonna do ? It's a 370Z Nismo with short tail resonated exhausts. Sounds rather nice : )
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    https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52553-and-now-for-something-completely-different/ Anyone up for it? It could be an 'event', periodically, if you see what I mean? We used to have them......
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    Thanks chaps ! Hey bongo, now you know how we feel when we watch you, ( through high powered binoculars), as you climb into the cockpit wearing those fetching, bun hugging flying overalls you dashing devil ! 😂
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    Oh, poor neighbors, lol. Looks quite ok. Where does the dog get seated? Read that one can get one of these as an option:
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    Yes it is, i was looking forward to meet you all in person, but hope is not lost, planning for next year has already started.
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    So lets see... Car not fueled - Check Camera batteries not charged - Check Food & Beer not bought - Check Bag not packed - Check DD Shirts not found - Check Yeah, I'm all sorts of ready.
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    Yeah I'm a little jealous.
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    As FT would say, yeah but.... no but..... and all that shift...... lol. Nice ride Mr. P.
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    Limits are for Sissies!!
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    It is rather tasty and even limited to 4000rpm, managed to drown out the rest of us in the Duxford convoy on Saturday. Good for you Mr P!
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    Here is a cold start and rev to 4000rpm at the end... https://www.dropbox....45 (1).MOV?dl=0
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    Funniest damn thing about flying I've ever watched... and yet I've learnt more about the SR-71. Make time for this one, it'll make your life better. Trust me.
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    Power to weight is all important Arthur.... that’s why Artie is such an accomplished love terrorist ! With those pipes she has 362bhp (crank) and weighs 1584Kg (curb)..... The car not Artie.... All the power is from 5000rpm to 7500rpm so I have not used any of that yet. Self imposed 4000rpm redline until 1200 mile oil change, (also self imposed).
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    Hmmm....lets see; 3.7ltr. V6 which gives it three times the power of my Golf but weighs 300kg less? Bloody........
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    A20B_4k_8thGBAP_2.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_3.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_4.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_5.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_6.ddsA20B_4k_8thGBAP_1.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_A.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_B.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_C.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_D.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_E.ddsA20B_646BS_8U_F.dds Hello chaps. Back from a fantastic Duxford weekend and as always get inspired .... I have attached 12 A20 skins, 6 x USSR and 6 x USAAF. I thought that it would be good if everyone had them or at least the A20 pilots because it means that we can look like a squadron when on coops or dogfight. How cool would it be to run a mission where a number of A20s are dressed as a unit...Even if the non A20 flyers downloaded them it would mean they would see us all smartly dressed.... Perhaps even, and I know this is the Dogz, when selecting your A20 in the coop, if you are in the number 1 position, you took number '1' or the 'A' skin etc.... Aw go on...you know you want to... Cheerzen
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    OK so he has a list of requirements... 1. Get a group of friends and a person willing to host an event. - I think we have that covered 2. It can be as long or as short or as organized as you want ... OK, it has to be at least a little organized. - we can manage here.... 3. Set the time period and make your alter egos in the campaign. - "characters" covered... 4. Schedule a time and fly. - what are we waiting for?
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    Waiting for Dave to arrive. The moment he arrives we will immediately have a cuppa and a rambling conversation about the route we intend to take. Then it’s check hair, makeup, exfoliate and roar off towards DX. Hoping the weather stays splendid for the duration.
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    Want to brush up on your Case I recoveries? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=221412 Download Banklers excellent mission and get practising. Nuff said!
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    Bloody shame Hunter, was looking forward to seeing you guys again ☹️
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    Thank you Jabo but you do not have to do that since trip to Duxford has been cancelled by me and Thor. Unfortunately there were some issues that could not be resolved and we could not come this year. Have fun and take a lot of photographs :)
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    Following.. 😉
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