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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Sunday 12th July 21:00 BST


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    Apologies to all that last night was a bust; obviously there were a number of technical issues, many of which that were no one persons fault, but considering it took 40 minutes to get from server up (2120) to ultimate scrubbing (2200) there is obviously some work that is required. I have my suspicions that my internet connection is partially to blame; it may also have to do with the server being hosted by a player - DCS seems to run happier with a segregated host/client architecture and I suspect GBS may be the same. I will look into options hosting the campaign on the DDz dedicated server with FT. I cannot guarantee this will fix all the issues (lord knows I've experienced the occasional kick/crash even flying our usual coops) and may require a full campaign restart but I will know more in the coming days. As for personal technical issues; gremlins strike, we've all had them and on occasion even a full test prior to joining an event does not completely eradicate the chance of them occurring. However it will help mitigate the chance of spawning in and finding your TiR has gone for a burton or that for some reason a controller detection has decided to go south. Personally I'd recommend a quick mission free flight or a test on the DDz dogfight server. Speculatively, it may help to fly the test on the Rheine map before joining the campaign mission as this could load textures into your RAM, minimising the information that your PC is having to process and the load it is having to cope with when attempting to join, making a successful connection more likely. Maybe. The upshot of this is: from hereonin, if we have all players successfully spawned in but your hardware screws up, then sorry we continue without you. Even if it's a gremlin that didn't show itself in the test prior then you're an abort. Done. We cannot continue doing 40 minutes of restarts every time. As for pre-organisation of who's flying which position - this will help lessen the time taken to ready up but will always be subject to vagaries and interference of Real Life. Leaders will have to prepared to be flexible and adjust to on the spot deviations promptly and decisively. It would help if those partaking read and thoroughly understood the SoPs The point of me writing all that guff was not just to stroke my own ego or cos I had nothing better to do; it plays an important role in getting everyone in server and airbourne in the minimum of time. How? Well it means that the required information to be imparted at briefing is condensed down to just the following: 1. Formation assignments (or any deviations from prepared) - 1-2 minutes 2. Target - type and location - 10 seconds 3. Navigation - waypoints, points of note & egress headings - 1-2 minutes 4. Loadout - 10-20 seconds 5. Runway in use - 10-20 seconds 6. Any other matters lead wishes to bring up - 30 seconds Everything else is known and should not vary between missions. Thus a briefing could be over in as quick as 3 minutes. As for start time; next mission is scheduled for 23/06/20. This mission will have a participation cutoff of 2100 BST. If you are not in comms prior to this you will not be flying. If you have not entered server and selected you plane by 2110 you will not be flying.
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    Well, gents, for the first time I get to say... Welcome to Debrief! (Whoot!) 01/10/1944 Firstly, great job guys on all making it back. Particularly well done to the 485th for hitting their targets so unequivocally. 402nd - Reconnaissance of the frontline East of Bastogne. Great takeoff, form up and ingress to recon area, cruise alt Angels 16. Well flown gents. Spotted two contrails high over frontline, shortly after two Fw 190s dived through the formation. Broke formation and pursued one through cloud, lost him then reacquired him twice then came up on his 6 as he climbed south east and shot him down with a 2 no. 2 second and one no. 5 second burst, confirmed by Wingy and Zukker. Jabo claimed a probable in the same vicinity but couldn't get it confirmed. Regrouped squadron over Bastogne and we flew back to the frontline. Zenith squadron called mission complete so we RTB'd. All a/c down safe. To address some issues brought up: 1. Stuttering mid-mission; this is an AI issue and occurs when we fly close enough to the mission area to spawn the enemy and friendly AI air and ground units. I will tweak the numbers of these down further. 2. The multiple restarts were a pain and I am VERY conscious of those who suffer most for it, and can only apologise. For future I suggest the following: a) All players restart Il-2 prior to joining the P-38 Coop Campaign server b) All players DO NOT TOUCH A SODDING THING WITH THEIR CONTROLS UNTIL ALL PLAYERS ARE SUCCESSFULLY SPAWNED IN COCKPIT. In 402nd we basically call "Red 1 is in", "White 3 is in", etc, until everyone is in cockpit then we begin startup. c) We start even sooner. A 2100 start time perhaps?
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    Wot a nice man Pat Wilson is! https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/61145-new-pwcg-issues-thread/?do=findComment&comment=965464 Thirty-eight minutes later https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/62970-pwcg-1000-beta-2-is-available/?do=findComment&comment=965497
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    Chaps, some observations. I hope you don't mind and I don't intend to be openly critical, my comments are observations of how GBS and the Dogz interact with eachother in the game personally and technically. I believe that the issues we are finding when we fly together may be influenced by factors such as GBS PWCG Windows communications pilot error key mapping controller mods issues Any factor on it's own could be enough to give a flyer an issue so if one or two or more are occurring at the same time it becomes difficult to pin anything down. When the after action chat took place last night I got the feeling that the issues are becoming overwhelming as we aren't always able to separate them from one another. Comms This is how the Dogz can be with comms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f5MvVx8RM8&list=RDOdKa9bXVinE&index=2 Or even a bit like this sometimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCmhR2JK1VE It would be great if we could try and be a little bit like those vids ie. the fun side but I think what would be better is if we could try to be a bit more aware, when necessary, of the need to listen to what is being said during briefs, startups, restarts and when flying. Please don't stop a bit of banter but let's keep it to a minimum when we are waiting for orders, instructions, directions etc. This may have an influence if people are trying to rejoin the server and aren't carrying out what they have been asked. I know we are the Dogz but sometimes we need to focus. Mods The question was asked last night if Mods affect the game and could they influence any issues we get. FT said that Mods do affect the game and he is right. Up until recently I have only looked at and used mods that change something visually for example the default skins, replacing the in cockpit picture with a technical info sheet or changing the size of the sun. I believe that these mods aren't an issue. However, one mod I do know could be an issue is the 'Torpedo' mod. This mod not only replaces the 1000kg German bomb object with a torpedo object, in itself probably not an issue, but importantly changes the physical action of the bomb object. The 1000kg bomb is dropped and basically stays where it hits the ground whereas the torpedo when dropped dives for a short period before doing a run for an amount of time. The reason I know this is a problem is because when cooping last week I was hosting with Painless, Pooka and Sweper and I ran a JU87 dive bombing mission where I took 1 x 500 and 2 x 250kg bombs and Swep took a 1000kg bomb to use on the ships. I didn't think anything of it until my game froze and I had a message box appear that mentioned an error with a torpedo. This occurred when Swep dive bombed and hit the water/ship with his object. To his pooter it was a bomb, to mine it was a torpedo. My game didn't like it and told me so. I only had to click the 'X' in the box to clear it and everything was ok after. This isn't a poke at anyone but last Thursday the four of us flew four Vander generated coops in two hours and the only issues were this torpedo one and the worry that the runway might not be long enough for the 262s to take off along...as it happens it was. Maybe me and anyone else using the torpedo mod is creating an issue because if, when flying PWCG, a random German AI spawns in with and uses a 1000kg bomb there is potential for an issue. Perhaps we do need to look at what mods we are running. Key mapping Please check for double binds on keys in the key assignment sections - look for any yellow/orange boxes on the key assignment that, when the mouse is placed over it, tells you where there is a double or multiple assignment. Ask for advice, I and others are quite happy to help. Controllers and Windows I have put these together because possibly they are sometimes linked. Like I said before please don't take anything personally, these are thoughts and observations. The P38 we fly in GBS is the same for everyone. The keys and bindings available in the game ensure that by pressing a button or controller assigned to that key then a particular action takes place on the aircraft. Real P38 pilots would turn up to fly and they would all have pretty much the same buttons and levers in the real cockpit to carry out the actions to fly the real aircraft. What we, and any other virtual flyer does, is bring our own cockpit to fly our virtual P38. All our cockpits are different and can be used to fly anything from a Sopwith Camel to an F16 to a spaceship and consist of various makes of controllers in any combination enhanced by personal Heath Robinson boxes along with combinations of software. Again, this is the Dogz and we do what we do and I marvel at some of the stuff produced. However, is there not the possibility that some of these custom hardware/software combinations are telling Windows do do something that when combined with GBS net code the game basically says I know that when running GBS the game will allow me to use five controllers. I tried six (Painless was there and saw the result) and one wasn't recognised. So to me, the limit is five within the game - Hotas, rudder pedals and three lever quadrants. Outside of the game I run three other hardware devices - TrackIR or VR, wireless headset/mike and a Realteus seat gamepad. These generally work flawlessly together. Like I have said a couple of times, these are my thoughts and observations. I can't think of any reason why we would get spawning issues when we go to start Tom's P38 campaign. I don't know anything about PWCG to comment other than to sympathise with Tom's frustration. However, perhaps something I have mentioned above could point to something and that we as Dogz could look to checking a few things. Cheerzen because ouch
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    Note to Squadron/Flight Leaders: During form up and ingress Perf pontificated (rightly it turns out) that any AI escort flight assigned to your squadron will not pick you up at the RV unless the two following rules are adhered to: 1) You hit the RV waypoint exactly, and 2) You hit every waypoint from lift-off to the RV As such I have adjusted the initial waypoint settings in PWCG to bring them lower and closer to the airfields to make hitting these easier as part of our orbits. I will also tweak each squadrons waypoints en route (where possible) prior to each event to make them more rational as some are, well, somewhat abstract to say the least....
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    Me and my mate Nige go out on our motorcycles, he has a 650 Suzuki Bandit, every Sunday and occasional week day evenings. We usually head off towards Hereford via a number of routes in order to get a coffee and maybe a bacon butty somewhere. Last Sunday we went via Worcester and on the A44 towards Bromyard we saw a 'Biker Pics - Slow Down' sign placed before a layby and a right hand bend. As we approached a guy was there with his camera and zapped off some piccies as we went past. I smiled and Nige waved as we went past. Curious as to what it was about I went online later in the day and found this, Biker Pics Looked on the site and lo and behold, here I am, grinning away, enjoying the ride and the fact that someone's hobby involves me in a remote sort of way. There are some great pics in the albums, they take piccies of bikes, classic cars, sports cars too. Good to look at :)
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    Good news! FT and I successfully generated, ran and completed the After Action Report process for a campaign mission with PWCG hosted on the Dedicated Server last night. As such Tuesday nights mission will be hosted on the DServer.
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    I have put some new skins I have made into the 'downloads' section and also uploaded them into the Skault for downloading with Checkskins. 2 x Bf109E7, generic night scheme and a NJG 3 night scheme 2 x Bf110E, generic night scheme and a 'Channel Dash' generic scheme with night undersurfaces and sea green upper surfaces applied for the occasion. I will get some codes on the 110s when I have worked on getting the wrap around nose art on.... Cheerzen
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    Jabo and I ran a test session last night - a patrol from which we had a successful engagement then I deliberately forced a game crash from task manager to simulate a disco. Happy to report fully successful AAR process with all stats recorded.
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    IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - TOBRUK, the new addition to the acclaimed realistic air combat simulator IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz, is coming out this summer! Add IL-2 Sturmovik Desert Wings - TOBRUK to your Steam wish list today: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1049440/IL2_Sturmovik_Desert_Wings__Tobruk/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y06OEUceHF8 In this exciting new IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover - Blitz Desert War expansion, you can fly with over 40 aircraft and variants from the Royal Air Force, the Luftwaffe or the Regia Aeronautica. See combat in the legendary Spitfire, sturdy Hurricanes, stubby Martlets, and rugged Kittyhawks, or take wing in deadly Messerschmitts and Macchis. The game introduces a flyable Wellington bomber, as well as updated versions of the Ju-88 and Heinkel 111H. Desert Wings allows bomber and fighter jocks of all skill levels the opportunity to fully challenge themselves in this historically based campaign. In addition to the long list of flyable aircraft, there are over 25 new tanks, artillery and vehicles as well as 17 new ships, including massive battleships, cruisers, destroyers, patrol boats, submarines, torpedo boats and merchant ships; these additions allowing huge land and naval battles in ferocious detail. IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings- TOBRUK will feature a 385km x 385km North African map recreating in precise detail the strategic stronghold of Tobruk and the rugged contours of coast, desert and sea which surrounds it, with over 75 airfields, multiple landmarks and towns, an extensive road system as well as the historical fortifications, minefields and defenses, all based on actual maps from the war. Combined with the excellent multiplayer environment that allows over 100 players and dozens of AI aircraft online simultaneously, IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - TOBRUK promises intense and challenging human versus human aerial battles.
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    Good points Sidly, some of them we can address but as we know a post on the forum may not be enough.... A session on TS with everyone checking mods, key assignments and functionality would probably be productive, slightly painful 😂and worthwhile ? Comms issues are a very old chestnut and really need to be split into A : informal free for all with added banta, side stories and singing. B : formal disciplined brevity with any whispers taking priority when announced. “B” only when appropriate for the type of mission obviously . We could even have say, one coop (so it doesn’t alter the light hearted nature of the DDz), in a normal Coop session declared “Formal” just for practice when we all form up in flights on the same side (Allied or Axis) and make surviving the priority rather than a good individual haul of points ? Not sure if this idea will appeal to the majority or not ?
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    In preparation to tonight's event, a little re-shuffle is required in the Command Structure of 402nd FS. The painful loss of Capt. Nick Jabeaux has left a leadership gap in White Flight. Ergo, Lt. Arthur Smedley will be OC White flight hereon-in, with Lt. Chris Bloobair taking over the second element. As a basis going forward if we get a full compliment, then 402nd should look like this: Red 1 - Maj. Tom Fen Red 2 - 2nd Lt. Jasper Jacobsen Red 3 - Lt. Arjen Efftee Red 4 - 2nd Lt. Louis Zook White 1 - Lt. Arthur Smedley White 2 - 2nd Lt. Luke Rocks White 3 - Lt. Chris Bloobair White 4 - 2nd Lt. Peter Lamarr Blue 1 - Capt. Kevin Fruitbat Blue 2 - 2nd Lt. Bertrand Finknottle Blue 3 - Lt. Per Fesser Blue 4 - *vacant* This of course is highly dependent on pilot availability so expect some shuffles from mission to mission to accommodate any absenteeism. Also I may choose to vary the Red 2 position as I see fit; cos I'm the ****ing boss. So there.
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    Latest Beta images of all confirmed flyable desert war aircraft, coming to the highly anticipated expansion to IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhrmosWZgbI Not all aircraft shown are complete, with cockpits, external components, special effects and sounds to be finalised by release. At the end of the video, we have included a full list of all flyable aircraft, including all variants, available in both IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz, which you will need to own in order to play the expansion, along with the outstanding channel and desert war types and variants. Let us know which of the new aircraft will be the first you will fly when the game is released!
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    Better late than never but yes, got some of 402 squadron start up, take off and formation to target. When it all works - it's thrilling!
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    Apologies for my intemperance tonight. . I don't get as much time to fly and look forward to our missions and I just think it is is frustrating that we spent an hour trying to launch a mission I realise that we are pushing boundaries and that the basic game struggles to cope with what we are trying to do but we are not helping each other by some of our actions. We need to be smarter to help each other, it is difficult to get a successful launch so we should all be a bit disciplined at the start to give us the best chances of success. make sure your hardware is working prior to mission Make sure you have read through this thread, understand what is required and are able to start, taxi, take off, formate fly and land the P-38 Make sure you have the correct skins available make sure you reboot the game prior to joining, Once you have joined the server, follow your squadron leaders instructions on loadout pick your skin and ready up quickly. Once mission has launched touch nothing untill instructed by squadron leader Squadron leader should instruct on wing position and you should follow instructions on rolling out and takeoff. On a personal note I would like limited restarts e.g. two or three depending on number effected. If only one or two have issues then mission should proceed, only if there are multiple issues then a restart should be called This has the potential to be very imersive and exciting. It would be a shame if technical issues etc put paid to Tom's hard work.
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    Showcasing the new Beta version of the visually stunning TFS 5.0 Macchi C.202 Folgore. Latest Beta images of The Italian Thunderbolt, from the upcoming desert war expansion to WW2 flight simulation, IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTmX-6Hzyao The desert war expansion will feature the following MC.202 variants: C.202 Series III C.202 Series III Alta Quota C.202 Series VII C.202 Series VII Alta Quota Alta Quota - High Altitude To ensure you don't miss any of our latest release videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel.
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    My apologies for not attending - I was ready at 2050 or so BST, when I found out that TS3 refuses to launch. Took me 30 minutes to fix. Was really looking forward to the skins - next time!
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    SPITFIRE Hello! Today there will be a very small issue of diaries for the reason that we are preparing a release candidate for version 4.008, which we told you about before, we are doing the final tests so there is a lot of work and little time. However, even if this DD is short, it’s still significant - because for the first time we will show you screenshots of one of the English planes that will be in Battle of Normandy – the Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIVc. In fact, this aircraft will have an additional modification with heavy machine guns, the Spitfire Mk.XIVe, but we will show you that version a bit later. This plane is quite different from the MK. IX Spitfire, which was previously included in BOBP. The main thing that catches your eye is the massive 5-rotor Rotol propeller, driven by the Rolls-Royce Griffon engine. To provide a much more powerful engine with sufficient cooling, radiators of a larger area are installed on the aircraft. Also, the tail area had to be increased for added stability. The aircraft will be presented with two types of weapon configurations - modification "c" with two 20mm guns and 4 x 7.69 machine guns, and modification "e" with two 20mm guns and 2 x 12.7mm machine guns. A 150-octane fuel option will also be available causing the already powerful engine to develop up to 2,200 horsepower. Work on this legendary aircraft is at a rather early stage, but much has already been done as you can clearly see in a small selection of screenshots:
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    Due to house move and family stuff I won't be online flying for a while, probably back late July. Will keep in touch on forums Regards Dave
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    i'm also surprised. aren't the ukulele lessons part of the newbie induction course? where can I sign up?
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    Camera ship; Perf. Formation; Arthur, Fenrir, Blubear. L'ensemble; Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
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    I think these are great ideas and I can't see any problem with putting time aside during our normal coop sessions to practice for our campaign. The mission generator we are using for normal coops can easily produce a mission for us that mimicks the PWCG ones; eg start on the ramp with engines off, etc. This should also help us understand more any problems we're having with launching our PWCG mission. Mods? 'Feckin' mods' certainly can upset IL2 1946 but this is a completely different game. I note from Sid's post and the torpedo mod he was the actual host at the time and had this mod activated on his game and therefore his hosting machine. Our server is merely running in 'mods on' mode and does not need to nor should have any actual mods loaded. Again, this is something we can test ourselves but I would caution against getting too worried about them. Server disconnects and joining problems; one thing Oleg really did get right is that the netcode in '46 is much more robust than GBS which would seem to me a more fragile set up but something I'm sure we can get right with a little practice and adopting a standard opperating procedure for our campaign starts. I think we're already working out what we all need to do when the mission is put up. Comms? Wellllll.............we're Dogz............ I'm quite sure we're now all old enough and ugly enough to understand when the CO says "shut the f#ck up" what we must do! I know I've got to set up whispers on t/s as this is something I've never had to do before. Controllers and key mapping? Yes! Everyone should go through their control assignments to check there are no potential conflicts. It's not difficult and the game shows you if you have one by the use of the little boxes described above. One more thing about about controls; if you have start up engines, throttle and mixture controls mapped to separate levers/bindings/franken boxes so you can control individual engines on a twin-engined plane.....can I ask why? There is nothing to be gained and it introduces another set of potential problems. I've got a MSFFB stick and a custom made throttle box so I have access to five levers and four rotaries as well as a plethora of switches and buttons. If I wished I could assign everything on the JU52 and it's three engines to separate controls but in practice I would gain nothing from it. Much more reliable to have one button to start engines, one lever for throttles, one lever for rpm's, etc. Generating a post mission report with PWCG; as we have seen, since the game has a slightly 'nebulous' net code I suspect until the time we are all on hyper-fast fibre connected directly to our backsides we will always get occasional instances of people dropping out of the game for one reason or another. To then complete a long and rewarding sortie and then find we are unable to produce a result is disappointing and I'm sure for Tom extremely frustrating. We should ask Pat Wilson whether he can add something to his generator to deal with this. When I say 'we' I don't mean Tom or FT either - infact I'll ask him myself on the forums later tonight. S!
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    Another thought, ask everyone to delete the coop cache before connecting for the mission.
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    Well, after all that drama and heartache, the After Action Report failed anyway, my suspicions fall on Perf's freeze and disconnect. Same happened back on the 1st of June with Arthur's machine restarting without warning (thanks Bill Gates). Both FT and I suspect that PWCG is expecting to see a definitive mission ended routine in the logs (for when you click "Finish Mission" after landing, bailing or being killed) but when you disco, it doesn't register as something PWCG recognises and when it comes to the AAR process it can no longer determine whether the disco'd pilot is alive, dead, wounded, a prisoner or just plain safe and sound and subsequently throws a wobbly. So the good news is for all of you who bit the dust today one way or another: it was all a bad dream! As far as PWCG is concerned it never happened and the 5th October 1944 mission is yet to be flown. Nick, some consolation may be found in Pooka having an identical problem to you with de-synchronisation of engines just after take-off; it may be worth you two having a conflab on TS at some point to see if there are any common peculiarities to your set-ups or any potential double bindings. The loss of controller inputs both at mission spawn - or even mid-way through a mission is a troublesome and insidious one and one I think I've bumped into once on a standard co-op evening a few months back. I suggest that anyone who suffers from this from hereon in logs it here in a dedicated thread thread so we can build up a picture of what may be happening when it occurs because it's got to be either Il-2 and/or windows issue, and we need some better data before we start reporting it to 777. After all that (and another round robin of 35 minutes of restarts *sigh*) I rather enjoyed the mission. Hope those of you who managed to see it though did too. Next event will be on Tuesday 7th July. 2100 BST cut-off time for inclusion.
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    Excellent news, three cheers for FenTrottel !!! Thanks Tomjen.
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    L - to - R; Arthur, Fruitbat, FT.
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    Next Tuesday '38 Campaign Mission is on the 23rd June old fruit. Glad you enjoyed it, it was awesome looking back over my shoulder and seeing all those Lightnings in formation. Wonder if Arthur got any good cinefilm of the event?
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    Guys, I realise this is a sh*tty start, but, am unable to join, my work life is pretty unbalanced...
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    Red 4 candidate reporting. Can't promise to be regular but will try...
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    update Dear friends, Today is a very important day - we have just released update 4.008 that includes the first Battle of Normandy aircraft and the last tank for Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka project. The first BoN plane is P-47D-22 "Razorback", the one so many of you had waited for. Battle of Normandy is at a very early stage of development, in the first quarter of the whole plan, but some of its parts are already taking shape - for instance, this new plane we told you in detail in the Dev Blog #225. This release officially starts the Early Access program for the Battle of Normandy and its owners will gradually get more and more content as soon as it is ready, starting with the "Razorback" today. The last combat vehicle for Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka is Sd.Kfz.184 "Ferdinand" tank destroyer, you could learn more about its history and design peculiarities in our Dev Blog #254. Tank Crew owners can try it right now. This fearsome machine completes the vehicle lineup of this unique and interesting 'Clash at Prokhorovka' project. Another new addition in this release is the new historical campaign Ice Ring by Alexander =BlackSix= Timoshokov. Consisting of 15 scenarios, it is dedicated to very interesting and strategically important events of November and December 1942 in Stalingrad area - the actions of the special IL-2 group under the command of Major Leonid Karpovich Chumachenko which was tasked with interdiction of the German 'air bridge', the air supply route for the encircled Paulus' 6th Army. The campaign can be purchased here and requires only the Battle of Stalingrad module to play. Check this link for details. Battle of Moscow owners also will find something new in this update - Martin =ICDP= Catney has finished the work on new 4K quality external textures for IL-2 mod. 1941. They, as well as Battle of Stalingrad customers, just received the new early war Luftwaffe pilot model in winter uniform and additional stuff - sidearm, animations for putting the glasses on when starting from parking and the oxygen mask when it is needed. Another neat feature we want to tell you about is the support for a special in-game voice communications system known as SRS - "Simple Radio Standalone" (IL2-SRS). At the moment its support is not final, but it can be used with ease already. You can find all the info on how to install and use it here. Less than a month has passed since the previous update, but again we have found ourselves posting a vast list of changes made. Sometimes the corrections mean that a user-created content needs to be updated as it happened now with height map corrections for Battle of Moscow, but the required actions are minimal, you can learn more about them here. Other numerous changes and corrections in 4.008 are listed below. Please note that some of them are quite important and should get your attention: Main features 1. P-47D-22 “Razorback” heavy fighter is available to all customers who pre-ordered the Battle of Normandy. Early Access phase starts for Battle of Normandy project; 2. Sd.Kfz.184 “Ferdinand” tank destroyer is now available to all owners of the “Tank Crew” project, completing its 10 vehicles lineup; Official retail release of Tank Crew is TBD. 3. The new historical campaign “Ice Ring” is released and available for purchase (it requires Battle of Stalingrad); 4. Support for special SRS Radio voice comms app. The final version of SRS for IL-2 is still WIP by its author and will be released soon. We have created a special section in the forum dedicated to SRS instructions and discussions - check this link; 5. The 1941 IL-2 attack aircraft now has 4K quality external texturing thanks to Martin = ICDP = Catney; 6. The new model of the early war Luftwaffe fighter pilot in the winter uniform has been added for Battle of Moscow and Battle of Stalingrad; 7. The new model of a hand holding a pistol or flare gun in a 1st person view added for early war Luftwaffe pilot; Aircraft improvements 8. In a multiplayer game, the next steps have been taken to eliminate the problem of invisible planes that appear only at the moment they start to shoot. Because reproduction of this problem is extremely difficult, please help: if you encounter this problem again, be sure to report it and attach a flight record to your message; 9. The option to leave a destroyed object in the game now works for aircraft (uncheck the “Delete after death” checkbox in mission editor); 10. P-47D-28 stall behavior has been corrected: the aircraft is less likely to suddenly stall at a beyond-stall angle of attack; 11. P-47D-28: damping moments have been corrected, resulting in the more inert and 'heavy' feel of controls; 12. P-47D-28 controls effectiveness has been corrected. The maximum roll rate has been reduced to correspond to the historical data. At high speeds (before the air compressibility effects kick in) the aircraft is more controllable along the roll and pitch axes. During the Mach-tuck the controls lose effectiveness making exiting a dive more difficult; 13. P-47D-28: maximum wing lift with extended flaps has been reduced; 14. P-47D-28 engine thermal model corrected (it became more resistant to overheating); 15. P-47D-28: the visual image of the rotating rotorhead has been improved; 16. P-47D-28: the problem with the rotation of the bent screw when using boost has been fixed; 17. P-47D-28: 150-octane fuel modification has been added; 18. P-47D-28 injection system corrected: when there is no liquid in the system left, the engine can’t be switched to WEP mode. The pressure gauge shows correct pressure in the injection system; 19. P-47D-28: the description of the aircraft and the related tips in the technochat were updated; 20. P-47D-28: the outside and inside sound mismatch has been addressed; 21. P-38, P-47, P-51, Tempest, Ju-88, Me-262: landing gear doors of other players in multiplayer won’t stay visibly open; 22. Me-262: landing gear doors in the hangar are now open; 23. P-51: landing gear doors in the hangar are now open while the flaps are down due to the lack of hydraulic pressure; 24. P-38: antenna between the two rudders disappears when one of them is lost; Player controllable tanks improvements 25. Crew members can be gradually poisoned with CO gas when firing the main gun with the hatches of the fighting compartment closed and ventilation turned off or damaged. M4A2, KV-1s, SU-152 the ventilation system is powered from a working main engine while on other tanks it is electric and won’t work with no electric power; 26. The engine won’t stop so frequently after a collision; 27. Tanks shouldn’t visibly ‘levitate’ above the ground; 28. A bug that reduced the actual number of shots for the main gun by 1 for each ammo type has been fixed; 29. A bug that caused the number of shells to be calculated incorrectly when one ammo type is spent (it did not decrease at first and then decreased by 2 after a next shot) has been fixed; 30. Driving along the shallow coastal part of the river is no longer like driving on a highway; 31. A toppled over tank won’t glide on a terrain slope like on ice; 32. A bug that could cause a detailed tank to explode multiple times has been fixed; 33. The effective destruction ranges of light vehicles have been corrected in HE shells descriptions; 34. Pz.Kpfw.VI ammo descriptions updated (trajectory drop and HEAT speeds); 35. Pz.III Ausf. M, Pz.V Ausf. D, Pz.VI Ausf. H1 starting procedure has been updated (the manual fuel pumping was replaced by an electric one with the addition of the required buttons in the driver compartment); 36. Pz.III Ausf. M now has a functioning fuel gauge (to the lower right on the bulkhead of the engine compartment); 37. Pz.III Ausf. M traverse indicator is now illuminated; 38. Pz.III Ausf. M and Pz. IV Ausf. G intercom Z18 parts are covered in self-luminous paint; 39. Pz.IV Ausf. G and Pz.V Ausf. D odometers have been corrected; 40. T-34-76UVZ-1943, SU-122 and SU-152 fuel and oil pipes color has been corrected (made less vivid); 41. The external tools attached to the German tanks were improved to look better, ground jack added for Pz.V Ausf. D; 42. Other changes and improvements to the German tank interiors; 43. The sounds of control levers, pedals and the hand brake are added to Tank Crew tanks; 44. Turning the SU-122 and SU-152 panoramic commander sight produces a sound; 45. Pz.IV Ausf. G and Pz.V Ausf. D odometers have been corrected indicate a change of direction; 46. A failure of one of the M4A2 engines now affects the instrument readings and the engine sound; 47. M4A2 low oil pressure indicator lamps have been corrected; 48. Sound of the M4A2 engine's startup has been improved; Visual crew improvements 49. The color of pilot’s glasses of the late war Bf 109 Luftwaffe pilots has been corrected; 50. The “holes” in the texture of the American flare gun were eliminated; 51. The texture of the flare gun on the British pilot model has been corrected; 52. Shooting any pistol ejects a casing; 53. Soviet tankers have less gloss effect on the faces; AI improvements 54. AI pilots won’t try to attack targets with the parameter engageable = 0 which could cause steep diving on a ground target with no chance of recovery; 55. AI pilots aim at air and ground targets better and the rockets and projectiles won’t fall short of a ground target at the beginning of a burst; 56. AI fighter pilots won’t chase its target too far from their assigned route or area of operations; 57. All AIs in a fighter group will attack a target (previously one of them could ignore it and follow its mates in a formation; 58. A rare random bug that could cause the AI gunner of a player tank to spontaneously rotate the turret at the beginning of the mission has been fixed; 59. A knocked off detailed AI tank (no marker visible and other AIs don’t see it as a threat) won’t continue to fire at targets sometimes; 60. When all the gunner visors of an AI-controlled detailed tank are damaged, it won’t track the targets and fire at them; Other improvements and fixes 61. The residual inertia in the first-person non-VR view of the gradual zoom at maximum zoom and maximum zooming speed option when not using a mouse for looking around has been addressed; 62. The contours of objects against a clouds background have been minimized by using special tech; 63. The lowest cloud quality setting still causes significant artifacts on the aircraft visible against a cloud at near distances, but no longer gives an unfair advantage in spotting a distant aircraft; 64. The double triggering of onKilled events in the mission script shouldn’t happen again; 65. New training missions added for Battle of Moscow in the spirit of the real initial training of a MiG-3 pilot (Missions – Battle of Moscow – Migalovo training); 66. The recently found error on the Moscow map (the landscape height above the sea level was 50m less than it should) has been fixed - check this link; 67. The missing buildings at the Liege / Bierset A-93 2414/7 airfield on the Rhineland map have been added; 68. The poor-looking machine shop buildings in the industrial district of Belgorod (Prokhorovka map) were replaced with better ones; 69. The truncated or missing phrases of one of the USAAF air traffic controllers and RAF and USAAF forward observers were corrected; 70. The shimmering of very long railways on Kuban map that was visible up close has been corrected; 71. The look of the passenger and freight railroad wagon roofs has been improved; 72. Visual snow thickness increased on all winter maps; 73. The ground surface looks more detailed on all summer maps; 74. Selecting a random Entente aircraft in the duel on Arras map in QMB no longer produces a Bf 109F-4.
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    Evening gents, i'm currently working on an interim skin-pack for the 401 and 402 with individual code letters to help with easier identification. More historical skins with nose-art etc will be worked on at a later date, but these should help us out in the meantime. I'm hoping to have the pack uploaded to vault in the next hour to enable participants to download and install for tonight's mission.
  32. 1 point
    Bloody hell! Thats one way to get a lock-down hair cut
  33. 1 point
  34. 1 point
    There is a chance that I won't be back in time to participate tomorrow. I am travelling down to Plymouth to see Pete and intend to be back by 2030hrs in time to fly however, always something that could get in the way. Please place me on the rosta and I will let Painless/Fen know before 2000hrs if I won't be able to join. Cheerzen
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    “For we are jolly good fellows” Bloody great idea this campaign Major Tom !
  36. 1 point
    The hunt the ASI game is my least favourite aspect of the P38, especially when one of your props has all 3 blades curled around its engine housing!!!
  37. 1 point
    Bertrand Finknottle reporting for duty.
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    Sorted it, it was a combination of a couple of settings between Windows and another application thanks guys.
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    It takes your current age into account, and thus it tries to prevent you from suffering further loss of hearing ... Windows HearLow (TM) it's called.
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    Figured it out. Excellent guess, Sid. U.S. Army, 121st Assault Helicopter Company. It's a unit designator, not a national symbol.
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    Haven't updated yet. Thanks for the reminder.
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    I tried, but no action when I clicked the link in the thread. Is it this one in the BOX libary?
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    Finally got around to trying out the new P47, very nice indeed
  44. 1 point
    When you mention it. Opened the cover and I could hardly see the components. I need to vacum some dust 😬
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    "Is your purchaseable friend in need of a frock, sir?"
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    Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
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    Thanks for organising Fen, most enjoyable! (Particularly with the split comms so I didn't have to put up with the rabble - joke of course). Kudos to my leader for bagging a probable Jerry, even if I lost sight of you (sorry old bean). Well lead Jabo. I can't do Sundays unfortunately, it's family evening so hope to catch the next one whenever that'll be?
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    @Llama, as fruitbat said... “REAL LIFE ALWAYS COMES FIRST” has been the DDz way since 2006. It is essential for all of us to never feel pressured or overly obligated, flying with the Dogz should always be painless 😉 @ Friar.... no worries Col, you still played your part in a successful mission and we have a spare P38 available for the low low price of $149.99 per calendar month 😎
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    Capt Jabeaux reporting for duty. Understand I have been posted to the 402nd but happy to stand in where there are any gaps.
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    402 squadron takeoff and form up. Was Leakage red three. Everything went really well on our outward leg and Leakage red leader did a great job in gathering us all together to the rendezvous with our Spitfire escort and onto the target. All I had to do was keep him on my two o'clock. Then it got quite exciting and continued exciting right up to the moment on our return leg when my pc decided it needed to restart itself. Wtf? Sorry I couldn't stick around for the de-brief but my thoughts - for what they're worth; No question that our briefing and takeoff times will improve greatly over the next couple of missions as we all learn what to do. 402nd. squadron target was described as 'Ground Troops' I think. After we did our initial run on the target from 10,000ft. it became apparent that ground troops in PWCG amounts to a collection of flak, artillery pieces and vehicles spread over half a square km that only reveal themselves fully when you get below 3,000ft. This makes flak avoidance interesting! They were also engaged in a ground battle with our own nearby troops. Our flight leader and his wingman got the chop over the target but Leakage white leader took over command of 402nd. squadron quickly and efficiently. Leakage red four - Dennis - did a great job hanging onto my tail and covering me. I thought comms went pretty well considering we're DangerDogz but again, this is something that will no doubt improve rapidly over the next couple of missions. I hit the record button when we spawned in and then promptly forgot about it. Surprisingly the track recorder ran for forty minutes before hitting the 500mb. limit. We decimated our ground target leaving only one flak gun active before the LW turned up in the guise of four Bf110's. Our a.i Spitfire escort - all two of them - did stick around in the background and did engage a couple of low flying '109's on our return leg. Leakage red section - Dennis and myself - engaged two low flying Bf110's and claim two shot down. I understand that we won't be able to claim half a kill or joint kills but........ The first 110 we engaged dog-legged himself into Dennis's guns first and he absolutely nailed him and left him floundering along leaking fuel, smoke and coolant. When Dennis broke off, the target was still showing a red icon so I engaged and set his starboard engine on fire and he promptly went in. Dennis confirmed this kill. We then pursued another low flying 110. I made a brief pass and scored some hits and the rear gunner shot my right aileron off. Dennis made a pass and put rounds into him too and I then put some more into him and he went down. Dennis confirmed this too. On our return and just before my pc decided it wanted to talk to Bill Gates I brought the score board up and it had credited us with a kill each. On reviewing the track it becomes obvious that Dennis put much more rounds into our first target than I did and I feel the game correctly credited him with the kill. Of course, we don't know yet what PWCG is going to decide when it manages to produce a result but could this become a problem? Looking forward to doing this again in a couple of weeks and once again; Fen - big S! for doing this
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