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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Sunday 12th July 21:00 BST


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    In preparation to tonight's event, a little re-shuffle is required in the Command Structure of 402nd FS. The painful loss of Capt. Nick Jabeaux has left a leadership gap in White Flight. Ergo, Lt. Arthur Smedley will be OC White flight hereon-in, with Lt. Chris Bloobair taking over the second element. As a basis going forward if we get a full compliment, then 402nd should look like this: Red 1 - Maj. Tom Fen Red 2 - 2nd Lt. Jasper Jacobsen Red 3 - Lt. Arjen Efftee Red 4 - 2nd Lt. Louis Zook White 1 - Lt. Arthur Smedley White 2 - 2nd Lt. Luke Rocks White 3 - Lt. Chris Bloobair White 4 - 2nd Lt. Peter Lamarr Blue 1 - Capt. Kevin Fruitbat Blue 2 - 2nd Lt. Bertrand Finknottle Blue 3 - Lt. Per Fesser Blue 4 - *vacant* This of course is highly dependent on pilot availability so expect some shuffles from mission to mission to accommodate any absenteeism. Also I may choose to vary the Red 2 position as I see fit; cos I'm the ****ing boss. So there.
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    Well, after all that drama and heartache, the After Action Report failed anyway, my suspicions fall on Perf's freeze and disconnect. Same happened back on the 1st of June with Arthur's machine restarting without warning (thanks Bill Gates). Both FT and I suspect that PWCG is expecting to see a definitive mission ended routine in the logs (for when you click "Finish Mission" after landing, bailing or being killed) but when you disco, it doesn't register as something PWCG recognises and when it comes to the AAR process it can no longer determine whether the disco'd pilot is alive, dead, wounded, a prisoner or just plain safe and sound and subsequently throws a wobbly. So the good news is for all of you who bit the dust today one way or another: it was all a bad dream! As far as PWCG is concerned it never happened and the 5th October 1944 mission is yet to be flown. Nick, some consolation may be found in Pooka having an identical problem to you with de-synchronisation of engines just after take-off; it may be worth you two having a conflab on TS at some point to see if there are any common peculiarities to your set-ups or any potential double bindings. The loss of controller inputs both at mission spawn - or even mid-way through a mission is a troublesome and insidious one and one I think I've bumped into once on a standard co-op evening a few months back. I suggest that anyone who suffers from this from hereon in logs it here in a dedicated thread thread so we can build up a picture of what may be happening when it occurs because it's got to be either Il-2 and/or windows issue, and we need some better data before we start reporting it to 777. After all that (and another round robin of 35 minutes of restarts *sigh*) I rather enjoyed the mission. Hope those of you who managed to see it though did too. Next event will be on Tuesday 7th July. 2100 BST cut-off time for inclusion.
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    Apologies but won't make tonight due to family Good flying all
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    There is a chance that I won't be back in time to participate tomorrow. I am travelling down to Plymouth to see Pete and intend to be back by 2030hrs in time to fly however, always something that could get in the way. Please place me on the rosta and I will let Painless/Fen know before 2000hrs if I won't be able to join. Cheerzen
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