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    I flew as number 2 in the 5 ship formation of Harvards on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was sort of surreal flying a WWII aircraft in formation flying over formations of Daks. from an operators perspective the whole 4 days was a total clusterfu*k but as a spectator it was amazing to see all those Daks. (I will never complain about Legends ever again) Sorry Crash for not immediately recognizing you, I had no idea you were there and I see familiar faces all the time.
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    It's too bad you couldn't stay for the second day Dave, it was definitely an experience! Thanks to everyone who was able to attend on either day! Photos to follow once I've had a sleep.
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    It was an interesting event and great to see so many Daks there, however the poor weather really spoiled the occasion for me. I did see a formation of 7 Daks as I waited to get in the airfield, but the rain and gusty conditions meant that there wasnt any parachute drops
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    It ís entirely utterly completely virtually professional!
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    Yes that sounds good, just wanted to keep up the momentum, we have a habit of letting things slip, but that soundsike a good plan
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