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    I've got 150+ hours in the P51 and I am halfway comfortable with it. I've got 10+ hrs in the Spit and I feel like I am trying to herd cats across a frozen pond 🤣🤣🤣! For every 10 flights in the Spit, I fly one in the 51 just to remind myself I can still "fly"... This too shall be overcome with practice. I've got a F86 and F5 waiting in the wings but I WILL beat the Spit in to submission before I touch them 😁!
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    Yes, it is a flying FW 190 A8 and it is stationed in Sweden. Unfortnuatly it isn't the BMW 801 engine, but a russian ASH82 one. Short story, from what I read in the comments: Many Flugwerke "parts" were required to re-build this aircraft. Which was crash landed on a farm in Southern Sweden by Ludwig Nitzsch of 1./J.G. 54., at the end of WWII. Ludwig returned to the farm on his release from the authorities and married the farmer's daughter. He lived in Sweden until his death 1998?
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    You appear to mirroring my success rate with the Spit. Actually landed today with Fen watching .. (how embarrassing).. but the spit and I survived.. only taken 5 solid days of practice.