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    Sim flying can get a bit silly. Still, awesome PC+ top of the range controllers+VR+motion platform is an awful lot cheaper than owning a plane and lets face it WHEN you mess up all you do is hit re-fly
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    Finally found the "issue" with that weird truck icon on the map in Dover, the one with the yellow/orange explosive marker on top of it... It turned out to be a Balloon Winch. Never knew I put it in there... changed it to a Barrage Balloon, and there ya go... I know it's not really relevant, and not really worth mentioning here, but it had been bugging me for ages ... and I am happy it's now been fixed. (It's not easy to find a truck, when you are looking for one, and in the mission builder you are looking at something that does not look like a truck, it looks like a Barrage Balloon... amongst many others ... )