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New Guy Says Hello


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Hey guys, new member of the dangerdogz just saying hello.

Painless tempted me here with illusions of a good group of guys, very active and very friendly and from what i've seen so far he was not lying. Looking forward to lying with you guys :)

~S~ Sfrost

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You more than welcome to lying with Painless, he's our local resident Spooner here. ;-)


Welcome to the pound sfrost, I'm sure you'll find the place to your liking.


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Welcome welcome welcome!

It's fun here, you'll like it! Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun. :lol::lol::lol:

(Uncle Rog, can I have my pills now?...)

In all seriousness though, congratulations, you've just joined the best squad on earth! Look forward to flying with ya :thumbsu:

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~S~ Sfrost,

As you can tell by the replies so far they are all F---ing bannanas (especially Typically Offensive And Daft ) LOL ;)

Welcome to the pound sir. They are a great bunch (of bannanas)

~S~ Painless

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