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Saitek Cyborg Evo Force Vs Ms Sidewinder Ffb 2


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I'm looking to a get a fairly cheap force feedback joystick for IL2 1946 and have been seeing these 2 joysticks come up a lot. I've found mixed reviews for both so i'm not quite sure which 1 to get.

Any1 got any ideas which i should go for or if there is a better alternative out there?

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Hello Sfrost, interestingly, I used the Saitek stick for about five years and was well happy with it until I got my paws on a MSFFB 2. The difference was night and day.

I agree with Fruitbat completely. Remember, E-Bay is your friend;




Good hunting!

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If your able to check the part number on the under side of the stick, X08-******** were the last model made. The X05-******** was the unit made prior to the X08. These are suppose to be the best two available.

I've only used the two, so I don't know if that is true.

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