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Got An X52Pro And Like Level Bombing, Take A Look At This:)


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This is awesome, :wub:


Hello everybody!

Accurate levelbombing is indeed not too easy and there are some very good tutorials on how to make bombing runs and how to use bombsights, but since wind found its way into our favourite sim (v4.10.1m and following) accurate levelbombing became even more challenging.

I tried to solve most of the upcoming difficulties by writing a small application for the display of the Saitek X52pro joystick that is capable of computing correct bomb-release angles and, should there be wind, sideslip-corrections in the bombsight and heading corrections compensating wind-drift to precisely intercept the target.

Here are some pictures of the software:

(dear board admins, please accept my apology for posting more than three pictures in this posting, but since these pictures are rather small I hope this is no big problem.)









The scroll-wheel on the left lets you scroll through the pages, the scrollwheel on the right lets you increase or decrease the values shown in the active line. The active line can easily be spotted by the arrow "->" in front of it. Pressing the right scroll-wheel (select) lets you jump through the lines of a page.

Have a look into the manual (german and english language, PDF) to learn more about the utility and how to use it.

The application supports all bombers in stock game (v4.11m), HSFX5.0.1 (v4.10.1m) and UP3RC4(v4.10.1m).

The tool does not interfere with the Saitek Programming Software, so you can use it along with any joystick-profile you created for IL2 1946. The tool will just create a few new pages on the display.

Depending on what driver-version for the X52pro you currently use it might be necessary to update your drivers to the latest version.

You can find the latest Saitek X52pro drivers and SD6 programming software here: http://www.saitek.co...own/drivers.php

There are reports of the display showing strange behaviour when having the X52pro plugged to an USB-hub. This is a known issue, but saitek does not fix it (they can't or they don't want to...).

(For me) the issue was solved by plugging the stick directly to the computer.

To quit the program please hit Return on active console-window. Exit by clicking the X on the upper right will throw an error because DirectOutput will not be deinitialized correctly that way.

Unfortunately Saitek published the SDK for the X52pro only, this software will not work for the X52 (non-pro).

Download (mediafire): AIRSTRIKEpro_v1_6.zip

Improvement suggestions and critique welcome!

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I like gadgets, and that is very cool, but all you need is your TAS, and the speedbar mod puts that on your screen. IL2 is not complicated enough for gadgets like that IMHO. Maybe if we flew with wind regularly that would be helpful though..

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