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Spitfire Pilots


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Took one of my very rare jaunts over to the Ubi forum just now and came across a gem. The topic was bemoaning the loss of the old style forum for this new, useless, and impersonal style. A statement was made about how the images are geared toward gamer kids, not historically oriented adults, and especially about the World of Warcraft sci-fi look. The following interaction transpired:

quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Beirut viewpost-right.png

Agreed. This new forum makes me feel like I'm posting on a World of Warcraft site. Can I get an Elf and an Orc for my Spitfire please?



Certainly. The significant contribution of the large contingent of young and cute elven lassies flying Spitfires for the RAF during Britain's darkest hours is under-rated and warrants far more attention than previously given.




Galway, you should be ashamed of yourself. We don't need elven photoshoppery. tongue.pngReal Spitfire pilots were much better looking:


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