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Is Cem Accurately Modeled?


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The relation between RPM and manifold pressure in IL-2 doesn't seem right. Fooling around with QMB last night; when I reduced RPM (in cruise flight), the MP also decreased, the opposite of what I would expect. This was true for various aircraft (F4F, F4U, P-51, Ki-84). Is CEM modeled incorrectly or am I simply missing something?

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How did you reduce RPM's? By throttlin' back, or by reducing proppitch?

Throttlin' back would decrease MP, lower proppitch would not change MP?

I really do not know.

I do not think CEM is modeled incorrectly, its more like it's simplified, and incomplete.

And I do not know why I am posting here.

Basically, I have nothing sensible to add.

Probably I'm just bored....

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It's very simplified.

If you try and use the historical power settings (RPM and MP) that are available for many of the aircraft that we fly for such things as Take Off, Climb, Cruise and Economical Cruise, you will quickly see how simplified it is.

From my testing, the way to get the most out of an aircraft is to use the percentages that are displayed on-screen.

As an example, 85% power works best with 85% pitch.

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