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Rof Printable Maps


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Thank you Brando. Excellent idea. They sure are great maps.

My plan is to use them when I fly RoF instead of using the in game map. I have an old computer that need to be fixed and When I do get it fixed, I'll use it to show the map while I'm flying. :)

Thanks again.


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Likewise, I'll have the map on my second screen, so it's handy

Bird-dog dropped over yesterday and brought me the whole set - printed and laminated! With a set of Lumocolor felt-tips (made by Staedtler) this will make navigation a whole lot easier. :thumbsu:

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Hi DD_Brando,


A few years on since you kindly took the trouble to upload these maps but still nevertheless very much appreciated by RoF newbies like me.


I think I'll make these maps readily available via my touchscreen so I can plan more precisely where I'm going to crash!


Hahahahahaha  :salute:

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Hi Slicker


Glad to hear that you're sticking with Rise of Flight and really enjoying it :)


I've been "rebuilding my flightgear" for about a year and a half now (and dealing with a lot of housework, lol) and I finally found a good deal for ten "On/Off/On" micro-switches. Got them yesterday and am restarting the project. With luck I'll have my server up by Christmas - you'll enjoy that.


B :salute:  

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