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Screenshot Thread


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~S~ Greynight,

There were 2 guys...Iceman and Mykyll...they flew as a pair,all the time.I believe they're with the 334th squad on Hyperlobby.They pretty much did they're own thing during intrusions.They did work well together, in their "lone wolf" style.

Here are some pics of them in action...

they've been chasing this bogey for quite awhile,well away from our base.Note they spraying water...reminds me of some WW2 movie...I like this pic...


this bogey is about to fly under the bridge to try and shake them...


bogey couldn't shake them...did'nt last long after this...


Those are cool pics I think....all for now.

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Nice shots Pete. Was I the "victim" in the bottom pic? AAARRRGGGHHH !!! :soapbox:

Logos ~S~

Nope, that was Trout. Did you check out the vid I made? I'm putting it to music later - 11 minutes long!!

Did you guys call for the Yaks to save you, or was it too hairy to take your hands off the stick? Come to think of it, a macro could be programmed for that.....put it on the joystick.....

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yep I noticed the panel lines to defined also.I tried using a lil off white to cure the bright effect but not off enough lol. The US markings was an accident as I took the screen shot and had the wrong country selected, it actually a British sopworth thats why the tail fin is blue white red. I havent actually appied the decals for GB yet. But thanx for the tips!

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