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*****squadron Standing Orders*****

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We of the Danger Dogz are pretty much a "free Wheeling" bunch of deadbeats that have found ourselves pulled together by the enjoyment we get from playing this sim and chatting to mates via Teamspeak.

Here are the guidelines we all go along with to ensure everyone has a good time, and maintain the core Danger Dogz ethic: to have lots of fun.


We enjoy the company of members with varying levels of flying skill, from different age groups and from many different parts of the world. Please respect their nationalities, views and beliefs, well, at least until you get to know your fellow flyers and can consider them mates! The general atmosphere on Teamspeak is one of friendly banter, someone said once that it is like being in the pub or bar after work with your mates, we would appreciate it being kept that way.

Also, please try and not talk over someone else; particularly if the host is giving out a game IP. If you are going to use voice activated commands for your microphone make sure the sensitivity is turned down so we can't hear your wife farting.

Mapping a key and using 'Press To Talk' is preferred.

Game Settings

If you are new to the Dogz or a guest please make sure you have multi-engine starts mapped properly. Same applies to carrier take offs and landings. Wing fold/unfold, toggle chocks, toggle tailhook, mixture and supercharger (we use Complex Engine Management) should be pre-mapped.


The settings are externals on, mini map and speed bar on, map icons off. If we get into competition e.g. Scorched Earth Campaigns, externals will be turned off and limited icons may apply.

Although more and more of our pilots prefer to fly "in-cockpit" only, externals can be used if you are killed during a co-op so that you can "watch" the action via "view next friendly" and "view next enemy" (When doing so please do not act as a radar or warning system).

Sometimes a player will have an issue at the start of a co-op, a crash on take off, he spawned and blew up etc. If the host is feeling generous (and I am pleased to say that here at the Dogz, they generally are!) you may hear them declare "20 Seconds Guys". This means that he is going to end the mission and re-start it so it is now every man for himself. Kill or be killed.


We generally start our evening with an hour or so of dogfights.

Its is RED V BLUE. Kill or be killed.

You are free to pick any plane from the available plane set. If you want to fly RED (allied) in a BF109, feel free to do so, likewise a BLUE (axis) Spitfire, its fine (although some members do take a light hearted exception to seeing one with German markings, "it's just not right"). When joining the dogfight map therefore, please think about keeping the numbers balanced as much as possible.

Some members choose this time to practice. We generally say that if that is the case and you are not taking part in the actual dogfight, put your NAV Lights on and other flyers SHOULD leave you alone. However, they should not be used as protection when fighting. Anyone found doing this will be called “A Big Girls Blouse". People also use them when taking off and landing. Please respect this.

Please check your connection speed settings, we have determined setting this to 'Modem 56K' has produced the best lag free results (some of our number are still on dial-up).

Vulching This is always a contentious issue. We would suggest that you don't until you have settled yourself into our little pack. You may see others doing it, it's more likely to be a bit of pay back

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