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DCS Jet Mission Monday Nov 1, 2021- China Rising


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For all you jet jockeys out there. I have made a mission in DCS involving a fictious attack by China on Guam. You need the Mariannas  Map (free) and either F18, F14, or F16 to join in. There is room for about 12 pilots. I would like to start about 12:30 pm Pacific Daylight saving time. I do not know what time that would be for you guys. The mission should last about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. All are welcome.

You would be a US navel pilot Airforce F16 pilot defending Guam form both air attacks, navel attacks, and a ground assualt. I have had to make some adjustments as DCS does not have full Chinese air or navel assets available. The enemy will be a mixture of Chinese and Russian units, but we will try to make it work. 

If interested let me know and will reserve a slot for you, or just just show up on Monday and join us. Happy Mig hunting.



F18 Hornet.jpg

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