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AMD Radeon issue

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Hello Dogz

I am wondering if any of have encountered this before. It has now occurred about 4 times. I turn on the PC no problems. I can be using it for around 30 minutes when the monitor goes blank and does not return. I force the re-start and all (touch wood) appears to be back to normal. Strange this is that this appears to have occurred when my PC was being used for browsing and twice of the 4 times whilst in the DD forums. 

Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going on please?


Wattman settings.png

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Wow ... googling the error I get the idea it's like a last resort message - something went wrong.

Solutions mentioned were to disable windows' fastboot, replace burnt power cables, change windows power settings... links to youtube videos... could be old driver, or bad driver for graphics card...

Not sure, but you may need to use google yourself, and slowly check option by option - whether it could be a relevant solution for you.


It does sound to like some failing power-save-procedure; 30 minutes in something happens, where Windows or the card switches the signal to the monitor to off where it should not... I dunno.

Maybe first check the current video driver, download and install the latest version.

Check windows' power save settings for monitor...

open up the case, and check the cabling whether everything is connected nicely ... 

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