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I am looking for a friendly and laid back group to play with who:-

1. Do not use Discord or Facebook as a primary means of communication. (Teamspeak or Mumble is good for me).

2. Do not do full real anything. (I have little interest in becoming a real pilot in these games).

3. Do not swear too much.

3. Do not mind having having an older member onboard who would rather fly transport planes or ground pounders. (and not very well).

Any such animal exist out there?

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Hello Gary!

1. Checked!

2.Checked!  For some sessions we use limited icons, we do use 'complex engine management'

3.Checked! Well, there's a 'Hey, mind your language!' call out on TS every now and then.

3.Checked! Our average age is estimated to be 58. We claim to be very good pilots though ... ground pounders and transports we do use. Some of us.  (Our calculations regarding average scores or ages is not very good.)

We are mostly NA and EU time zone though! We have one active aussie member, who gets up rather early to join our EU sessions. When I wake up, every now and then I see him on TS with the NA group.

(We already have a 'Gary' in our group, so as to avoid issues with communication, we may need to call you 'Dave', as we already have two active members that go by the name 'Dave'. )


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That sounds good to me. I am in the process of learning this sim, so if you want an old pre-schooler I would like to fly with you.

PS. I don,t mind AOB as an allround Moniker. It stands for Ancient Old person born out of wedlock. ☺

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Welcome Sir, Shouting "break AOB" might be a bit troublesome for some of our crew. Perhaps "AO" for short :)

Our antipodean is called "Sheriff". You might know him...

We are certainly a laid back bunch, no command structure, no forced training, no forced attendance. Just get here when you can, fly what you want and have fun.

We have plenty of people that can help you. Sounds like you are putting the time in to learn which is good. Asking how to start an engine would not be a good way to start flying with us (EDIT to all other Dogz: Yes I know you have to start your engine in order to get off the ground...) 

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Welcome AOB, you sound like you would fit in here no problem sir.

Many of us are both old and complete bar-stewards also.

A two syllable name is ideal for comms on TS......

how do you feel about the name “Ancient” ? 🤔

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Not sure about Ancient, I am thinking Pontius is a good pilots name. ☺

Actually I am not bothered if I get an official rename. I would like to put DD_ in front though. 

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2 hours ago, Friar said:

Will that be "Ponty" for short?




Well, I think that 3-syllable Pontius would eventually come out as 2-syllable Ponchus anyway.....

Welcome DD_Pontius, hope you are able to catch us in the skies when flying Adelaide time 👍

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