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DCS: coming in 2021...

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From here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/254461-official-news-2021/?tab=comments#comment-4532354

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New Aircraft

DCS World



DCS: Mosquito FB MK.VI

Our first new product of 2021 will be the impressive Mosquito. This will be our first multi-engine, multi-crew World War II aircraft for DCS World, and it will mark an important capability for future projects. The Mosquito is planned to be released into early access by the end of the 1st quarter of 2021.



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DCS: The Channel

We continue to expand this map with additional airfields, including the famous RAF Biggin Hill and Eastchurch airfields in England, two new advanced landing group airstrips, and numerous new landmarks. We plan to release the final version of the Channel map in the 1st quarter of 2021.



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New Clouds




The wait is almost over, and the new clouds for DCS World will be introduced in the 1st quarter of 2021. In addition to being visually stunning, the new clouds will block visual and optical sensor line of sight and be synchronized online. We will initially release the new cloud system with an array of weather presets that will cater to most mission building scenarios. Later in the year, we will update the Weather Tool in the Mission Editor that will allow finer control of the clouds with a dynamic weather system based on a more advanced meteorological engine.




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Small detail, but I'm looking forward to trans-sonic shockwave cones, they just look so damn cool!


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The Channel

Development Progress


The latest addition to the Channel map will be the fighter base that protected South East England from Luftwaffe bombers during the Battle of Britain. Over the course of the war, fighters based at Biggin Hill claimed thousands of enemy aircraft, at the cost of hundreds of aircrew lives.

Please note that DCS: The Channel l will soon be moving to Release state. Don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying the 20% Early Access discount while it lasts. Check out the Development Screenshots.

New Unique Objects England:

  • Leeds Castle
  • The Parish Church of All Saints Birchington
  • St Augustine's Abbey, Ramsgate
  • Holy Trinity Church, Broadstairs
  • St Laurence's Church, Ramsgate
  • Deal Castle
  • St Mary The Virgin Church, Ashford
  • South Foreland Lighthouse
  • St Mary's Church, Dover
  • Dover Town Hall
  • St Mary and St Eanswythe's Church, Folkestone
  • St Leonard's Church, Hythe
  • Hastings Pier St Leonards Church, Deal

New Unique Objects France:

  • Château de Boulogne-sur-Mer
  • Belfry Of Dunkirk
  • Church of Saint-Éloi, Dunkirk
  • Hôtel de ville de Dunkerque
  • Column of the Grande Armée
  • Fort d'Ambleteuse
  • Église Saint-Pierre, Calais
  • Town Hall, Calais
  • Lighthouse, Calais
  • Eglise Notre-Dame de Calais
  • Saint-Omer Cathedral
  • Basilica of Notre-Dame de Boulogne

We are making fine edits to building and terrain textures and final testing is now progress.



New development shots of the airfield additions.









Biggin Hill:







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