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DCS Screenshot and Video thread

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So playing around a bit more with optical mavs......

Urgent intel just in, special forces observers have just reported in, a helicopter is being prepped to take off, carrying a high value target, can't be allowed to leave. The area is protected by 3 SAM systems and AAA positions, you have around 10 mins from scramble to neutralise the SAM's and disable the helicopter, to allow A 10's to level the rest.

Sure, no problem, i've got a Viper....

Co-ordinates of the SAM's and Helicopter have been uploaded to the Viper (me on the ground in actuality along with Boresighting the mav seeker heads....)


On the way up....





Target area afterwards less than 10 mins after scramble.....



Disabled Helicopter,




On the way home,




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More SEAD in the Viper, HARMS this time, not really relaxing, but my favourite mission profile at the moment.....


Using both HARMS in HAS mode for closer in and RUK mode for stand off against longer range threats.


RUK mode,



2 attack runs and evasion in HAS mode,



I really love the Viper!!!


After that second vid, I still had plenty of fuel so I shot down a couple of Mig 23's just for good measure before landing, what a plane!!!

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This thread needs more TOMCATS!


Take off from the super carrier,


Dogfight against 4 Mig 21's and a cargo plane kill, plus some valley flying,



And the carrier landing,








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Lol that heat seeker literally went through the pilot's hair.


I've pulled the trigger on the Syria map and will be posting some screens and vids from that through he following days.

Here are screenshots of my recreation of the only video that shows Ka-52 helis in action, rocketing ISIS on the edge of Tadmur (Palmyra) in Syria during the first battle to retake it in 2016 (it fell again in autumn and was retaken several weeks later).




I was a bit too high, here's the RL video:


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Some Beirut today



Heart of Downtown Beirut, Nejmeh Square with its clock tower (that took me 20 minutes to properly land on), Al-Amin mosque, Maronite St.Georges Cathedral, and in the background, Catholic Armenian St.Elias and St George Cathedral and far behind it, the coolest looking high-rise in town, Sama Tower. Roman ruins behind the buildings in the foreground are also generically modelled.



The grain silos that saved west Beirut during the recent explosion, as they blocked a significant part of the blast in that direction, and kept standing despite the explosion's ground zero being right next to them in the warehouse with the green lines on the side.


The famous Pigeon Rocks are, well, funny :D There's supposed to be a natural arch under the helicopter, I assume game engine limitations can't handle holes in the terrain and they didn't bother making a separate model.


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 A few shots from last night, and a short vid,

Myself and DD_Fenrir orbiting, waiting for the Hornets to land, as somebody forgot to  put a gas tank in them when they designed the thing.....:dance:






And down on the carrier,






10 points for whoever can spot the deliberate mistake, ahem.




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Another pic of ground zero in Beirut, with the proximity of residential buildings, its amazing the death toll was not higher than the 204....


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Although what happened to Beirut was tragic, the area adjacent to ground zero and much of the interior too that got the most damaged is literally the most expensive real estate in the Middle East outside of the Gulf. All of those fancy high rises with blown out windows? Don't worry, all these people got places to go, and they have the money to repair their multi million dollar condos. Mar Mikhael / Gemayzeh / Armenia street are the only areas that had a front row seat to the port that had lower and middle class families living there.

There was a hostel/restaurant/bar/Arabic school in a cluster of buildings in Gemayzeh where I stayed, right across the road from the explosion, that was a great little oasis of greenery in this concrete rat maze of a city. It was called Saifi Urban Gardens and was a hangout for many in the city, not just travelers. The buildings half-collapsed in the explosion and it's closed for ever, it's remarkable that no one died there considering that I've seen photos of entire top floor rooms caving into the lower floor ones along with their furniture and everything. A major local hospital, St. Georges hospital is also nearby, modelled in DCS, got royally fucked in the explosion and closed down.


Had this happened in the slums and refugee "camps"in south Beirut, the area would look like Haiti for the next ten years.

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Haifa Panorama towers and the Sail Tower behind them (seat of district government).



I thought this badass looking building is some security HQ, but it's actually a hospital.



Baha'i Temple gardens



Two shopping malls in west Adana



Dust storm effect at very low camera FOV + dust setting in mission editor (setting is the same as above picture)

Also the Sheraton, Hilton, another shopping mall and the second largest mosque in Turkey.







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Al-Ghab plain, the north end of which was the site of some of the highest-intensity rebel vs. government fighting in the Syrian Civil War, when the rebels cleared the Idlib salient after taking the city of the same name, this is where they stopped and a lot of back and forth ensured. The government kept sending soldiers to defend positions on the M4 road despite the surrounding mountains being controlled by rebels with plentiful ATGMs.



Tabqa dam south-west of Raqqa. This is one of two points at which the Kurdish-majority SDF (AANES)-administered area extends beyond the river Euphrates which borders them (the other is Manbij, not counting Tel Rifat pocket which is just a few villages really). As far as I'm aware, this is the biggest and most significant hydroelectric dam in Syria. There were fears that ISIS might blow it up as they were about to lose it (which made little sense as they controlled most areas downstream), and the US made an air strike on the control room at one point as well.


Ba'ath dam, downstream of Tabqa, close to Raqqa. Sadly the third most prominent dam on the Euphrates in Syria, Tishrin dam, isn't modelled, despite being the most picturesque one.


Kuweires airbase, SAA soldiers besieged by rebels and later ISIS for a total of three years, was relieved in late 2015. Only a third of the soldiers survived.


Artillery Academy in south-west Aleppo, by far the most insanely intense battle in the city took place here shortly before the rebels lost the city. As the SAA encircled Aleppo, the rebels managed to break the siege by capturing this area and establishing a narrow corridor. For the next week or so this area was a meat grinder of near constant fighting, bombing and shelling as the rebels tried desperately to keep it and extend their control to the apartment block projects north and south (not modelled), ultimately failing.



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