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Hello, might wanna join if you"ll have me

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HI, I'm Chad. I started flying sims as a teen. I have owned every Janes flight sim, Microsoft combat flight sim of one version or another, Falcon 4.0 and man others. My favorite turned out to be WW2 plane sims. The reason is, modern planes you are heavily relying on tech for a kill. WW2, its all the pilot and his team.  But I have not been able to fly for quite a while. Last time, IL2 1946 was relatively new. My PC would not run anything better than War Blunder. And I truly hate that game and the play style it encourages. All that said, I finally built a new pc, I am getting the hang of Great Battles, and would love to find some like minded people to fly with. I am 45, really seeking common sense people who actually can think. This comment may seem harsh but I don't think most people can really exercise critical thinking skills anymore. I consider myself a novice virtual pilot but I know enough not to get in the way if my mate has the upper hand in a fight. I will watch his six instead. Common sense. I really lie the way the group works together on Sheriffs Sim Shack on Youtube. And they have fun. It is a game but there also needs to respectful game play so everyone can have fun. This is basically my thinking. I would love to fly in a group, I would love to increase my skill level, and I would love to have fun. I prefer fighter planes. P51 has been my absolute favorite eve since I knew what a plane was. But I enjoy the BF 109 as well. Not much for Russian planes personally, Maybe lack of knowledge is to blame there. And not a lot of experience with British planes. 

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 really seeking common sense people who actually can think.

We got those. How many? Not too sure. :)

Correction, we can all actually think. I doubt the common sense part regularly though.


To me it sounds like you would fit our group just fine. We try and combine the common sense with the fun ... it's a balancing act though!

You're in the states somewhere I see, so timing wise it could be a challenge for you to join our euro-time-zone flying (we just finished a two and a half hour session ...)

We do have some Western USA/Canada - evenings flying going on...

Welcome here!

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Well, I work Monday they Friday.  7:30 am to 4:00 PM.  I am on quite a bit. I really do need improvement though. Just tried to use my P51 fir a mining drill. I found no oil except for the oil in the plane. It went everywhere I would assume. Lol


But yeah. I am in Florida. So running on Eastern time zone. 

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Hi and welcome, we fly Box on Tuesday and Sunday nights . We are online around 2000 hrs UK time. Format is dogfight server for 30 mins to warm up then into co ops. We also host events, currently flying a p-38 campaign and a tank/plane event planned.

We use teamspeak for communication

We fly coops using all versions of the SIM and bodenplatte is almost necessary to take part.

In addition there are squad members from united states and Canada and they host nights suitable for your time zone.

We do not usually fly full real but allow incons etc. However you should be comfortable with engine start and management and twin prop plane control

The is no ranking per se in the squad tho some senior members have a committee to help run the squad

The most important is that we are a FUN friendly group that have been flying together for many years and welcome all but the most absolute idiots. 

There is plenty of experience, support and advice in the squad and I'm sure you would enjoy being around



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Welcome aboard Chad, glad to see you here. You'll doubtless find that most of us have thought at some point or other. I'll drop you a PM with our teamspeak server details so you're able to join in the comms. 

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