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Zombie revival, any interest in occasionally flying il2 46


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Kira has been on touch with me and we are floating the idea of flying il2 again , it would be fun to fly some of the old favourite and different theaters. So is anyone else interested?

A few issues, 

1) dates, squad callander is pretty busy and I know a lot fly on various nights but Saturdays are generally free so I'm proposing a week tomorrow 29th aug at 20:00 GMT as a start to see interest

I'd also like a test prior to the night so looking for volunteers . We can arrange suitable time if interested.

2) iv not hosted in years so I'll need to find out how to set router etc and see what missions I have, any help e.g. idiots guide would be appreciated

3) controls layout etc , if anyone is interested then please check out controller ets to make sure everything works ok on the night

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated


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I've not got the game installed anymore Dave, but I think I have a copy of it somewhere. I'd be happy to look it out and join in but Friday/Saturday nights tend to be busy ones for me so any attendance may well be patchy.

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I do like the idea ... I do miss a lot of a/c and maps and missions in the currently active SIMS.

Now here's where I had planned a whole list of buts and ifs... instead, I fired it up... and it runs, I hosted a DF map, jumped in a Mitchell ... and all my controls still work!


Had archived my hosting tools... undid that... 

Looks like I'm good to go for Saturday - no need to test, I can host ... lol

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There doesn't seem to be a great deal of interest in this, dont think there is any point if only me and ft and Kira show up, so please post here if interested, if we get 5 or more then ok but if lower then better cancelling 

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