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A number of changes will be incorporated in the next patch which should be released next week.
Overhead Pilot armour
The 109E-7's and 109F's had overhead pilot armour installed at the factory.
Some pilots removed this, leaving the back seat and headrest armor. These were mostly the 'Experten', or Schwarm/Staffel/Gruppe Leaders who had to be able to see around and make decisions. Most Nachwuchs or Average pilots left it.
We are unable currently to allow the player the option to keep or remove the armour... the code needs a re-write. We were going to leave the armour in place until we did the re-write, but its clear the majority of the players want the armour removed.
So we are removing from all E-7's and all 109F's. As mentioned, in the future we will re-write the code to allow the player the choice.
Auto Radiators on 109F's
It has become clear the 109F's were significantly down in performance over what they should be.
The 109F's are the first aircraft in the game with automatic radiators and it looks like the code for this, (left over from the original developers) is not completely accurate.
The radiators open too soon, before they need to, and stay open longer than they need to. This creates additional drag and affects top speed on the 109F's
We have adjusted a number of elements on the radiators to reduce the early opening effects.
This reduces the excess drag effects and brings up the speed to historical levels.
These changes will not affect the climb rate significantly.
109F Propellers
The 109F props, the VDM 9-11207 for the F-1/F-2 and VDM 9-12010 for the F-4 had their drag a little high, this has been lowered improving the overall Lift/Drag ratio on the props. This has also helped with the speed.
The 109F-4's have had their overheat schedule redone... this means they will not overheat as fast, especially at low speed. This will allow the players to use full power longer in a climb.
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