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Touch Portal / Maticapp


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okay looked at both, downloaded touch portal as wanted to use an ipad (matricapp only android at the moment).  Looks great, but there are no dedicated IL2 decks (the is one in Matric).  There are flight sim icon avalaible and DIscord pages avaialble for both portals, looks great and will start to make a basic functioning screen for IL2 .


Good explanation https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/touch-portal-for-dummies-a-simple-approach/350264 


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Toch portal seems a little glitchy, struggle to reconnect ipad.  Decided to to try matricapp, breeze to install and £5 cheaper. just downloaded the IL2 deck and will give it a go. wish my german was better, but screens look intuative.

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Good for Android users, I hate Apples anyway LOL

Back when I posted this I had a couple extra android phones laying around, if you get to liking it BOB I may go get a used one and dedicate it to just this.

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its definately work in progress, but worth the few pounds for a go with. Editing an existing users deck as easier tan working from scratch (there is only one IL2 deck I could find, loads for DCS jet hots shots, but I guess they are needed more for the hundreds of buttons it takes to do something in the more modern aircraft.  Screen shot below of what I'm up to.  Buttons down the right are quick access to the different screens, highlight shows which screen you're on.



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making progress with the app and deck, some points:

althought technically only a wirelees keyboard (no issues with lag that are perceptable) app does not like multiple binds with joystick/throttle

PC editor works great with app, just hit save on any changes and they immediately can be seen on app.

some images from editor below, layout is my best guess and would be great to heart what more experiences fliers think.  Its easy too change and add functionality, next upgrade planning to include sliders for trim wheels, but buttons just as goods as main keyboard

Added a Tank Command page as can never remember which controls are bound to my throttle, will find out tonight if they work.





If anyone also has the Matricapp have attached the file I'm working on, currently set up for a 10 inch tablet so might be a bit small on a phone

Anyone wanting a to give the app a  go ; the editor is free download from their website https://matricapp.com/, the app is on googleplay https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tbm.matric.client&hl=en-GB its free version will let you play around with some basic buttons, but the deck version is £5.99




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