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SAAB Viggen

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One of the projects i have wanted to do for a lonnnng time is this, a Viggen painted in the Swedish 4 tone camouflage featured from the 70s onwards.

This is the Italeri 1/48th scale one. It is a good kit to build, goes together very well considering the complex curves around the air intakes and wing roots.

The colours took a long time to decide on but I am happy with the effect....the light doesn't always work well in piccies and in this case it shows the light colour more and the middle green very green, more than it does in 'real life'. Being red/green/brown colour blind the colour selection was an impossible task for me so a very patient Suzi helped with choosing from the colours I had looked up for the scheme.

In the end I went for acryllic spray cans: Tamiya Dark Yellow TS3 (there is Tan also but they are exactly the same), Humbrol Grass Green 80, Tamiya Olive Green AS14 and Tamiya USAF Green AS13 on top with Tamiya Medium Sea grey underneath. The top coat of matt varnish tones things down nicely and blends them in really well.

I have seen a few of these models built but haven't been happy with the overall finish due to the colours selected but to my weird eyes, this looks right. The masking was done using a Maestro masking set, taking about an hour and a half for each colour to be masked and 5 minutes or less to spray. I started off with Olive green, then the grass green, then the tan and lastly the dark green. I did the Olive Green first because it was easier for me to reference the ares to place the masks. Will weather the paintwork, fit the undercarriage and load it up with 4 x rocket pods, 2 x Sidewinders and a belly tank.



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Lol, just seen an area that I'm not happy with and have corrected it....NOW I'm happy

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