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New Monitor Help Please!

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Hello chaps,

So I'm in the market to replace my venerable Samsung monitor with something new and shiny (and with a VESA mount - which the Samsung does not have). Having done some reading, I see that there are three main display types - TN, VA and IPS. There are pros and cons to all three of these, but which monitor/type have you guys gone for? And what informed your decision?

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Acer Predator XB241H


- It's 24" can't fit anything bigger in

- It does G-Sync, which I wanted to fix stuttery in il2 1946. That did fix it, too bad we quit 1946 a few months later I think...

TN, VA, IPS? Dunno, do not really care. Yes, put them side by side, I may see the difference - but this one looks good. And if I cannot see things in game that others can, I blame my eyesight... that's the quickest "solution" 

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Asus PG278




G Sync

Good one Perf....Tom's Hardware review

VESA fitting

Scan Computers (retailer and my primary source of tech and bits) reviews


Wouldn't know one screen type from another but I tend to steer clear of monitors that are marketed for artistic purposes (unless you include modelling??? websites) as artistic.

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Thanks Sid but I wasn't looking to spend £500+ on a monitor. I'll check Tom's Hardware out though.

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