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TFS 5.0 Leander and Leipzig class cruisers - First look WIP images

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Our upcoming desert war expansion will feature a number of new ship classes, including capital ships!

Here are the WIP images of the Leander and Leipzig class light cruisers. 


The level of detail going into these ships is incredible, not just visually. They will feature a huge array of firepower of varying sizes and types, multiple damage areas and damage modelling, armour plating of various thickness. All designed to be as realistic, and difficult to attack and sink, as they were in reality.

Players will also be able to set up sea battles, along with naval gun support of land based operations/missions.

For those looking forward to attacking the these ships flying solo, and getting in close, will most likely result in your virtual death or taking a swim in the warm med waters. Their collective firepower is intense, terrifying and awesome to watch.

Study real life tactics and employ them, if you want to get home.

In the near future we will showcase these new ships in action. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the screenshots of our Leander and Leipzig class Cruisers.

Images by Larry.  

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