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PWCG P-38 Lightning Strikes Co-op Campaign - Next Mission Tuesday 7th July 21:00 BST
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DCS OpenBeta Version Update 20-03-20

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At last! Let's hope the majority of the performance/Carrier Ops/Netcode issues are mitigated if not wholesale solved by this patch.


Warning! - it's 4GB... :tongue9:



DCS World

Hydra 70 rocket. Adjusted drag, corrected motor data. The rocket began to fly a little slower
MP. Stennis. Can't start from 3rd cat - fixed
AIM-7, AIM-120, R-27, R-77 missiles. Loft and HOJ trajectories on the net clients will be closer to the host (delivery aircraft) trajectory
Leader Vehicle. Move crash - fixed
Get Target State For Car crash - fixed
AIM-120. Fixed bug where loft trajectory was dependent on missile heading
MP. Fixed occasional crash at artillery fire
Some memory leaks in the terrain sources were fixed
Crash when AI helicopters collect troops - fixed
Wake turbulence damages aircraft on the ground - fixed
Helicopter AI wingman taxi bug with script - fixed
MP. Missiles flying underground & into Space - fixed
Aircraft repair under hard cover will not creates problem - fixed.

DCS C-101 Aviojet by AvioDev
Seat movement sound correctly stops now when reaching max position, if moving it from one end to the other
Adjusted reset speed of accelerometer needles according to real behaviour
Implemented safety pin of canopy fracturing handle
Modified fracturing handle
Ejection mode selection lever is now functional: by default, it ejects instructor and then pilot, but can be switched off to allow for independent ejection
Fixed ejection pin state initialization at cold start
Both ejection seat handle pin and canopy fracturing handle pin store now in their corresponding compartment, map box or soft Velcro case
Fixed erroneous cabin pressure value at altitude. Behaviour for large differences of pressure is also modified
1020 Hz radio test tone is heard now again
Fixed external lights initialization
Added Ejection Seat Priority Lever ON/OFF control input
Clickable cockpit is now conforming to DCS standards. Both C-101 EB and C-101CC
Corrected Generator OFF position when using control input, it now correctly sets to OFF
Solved longitudinal stability problems. The airplane now behaves correctly in flight (good stability) and during takeoff and landing. No more issues with nose down tendency after landing and nose up "jumping" after takeoff
Left console interior red light in the rear cockpit does not deploy the emergency gear extension handle any more
Fixed emergency fuel korry button light that was not illuminating when pressed
Fixed C-101CC trim. It now has a correct range of +6.5 and -2.0
Landing lights will now be in taxi position when starting on runway
Dimmers brightness decreases now when rotating clockwise, when rotated completely the light will go off
Removed Mk-84 from the C-101CC inventory and removed BR-500 from center pylons, those weapons exceed the maximum authorized weight that may be carried by the underwing pylons

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM
Added Head to VR Pilot's Shadow


Radar HOTAS "TDC CENTER" changed to "TDC DEPRESS (Lock Target)". Its unique function is to lock AA targets
Radar HOTAS "STT/TWS Toggle (Target Lock)" changed to "STT/TWS Toggle"
With a locked AA target: toggles between STT/TWS tracking modes (same as before)
With the radar on SCAN and no locked AA target, it selects the default lock mode for AA targets: STT or TWS. The default lock mode can be overridden by the toggle switch but upon target unlock will go back to its default
Guns default firing mode: TOT and PAR either in AA or CAS. Mode will reset to default when deselecting the weapon
Rockets default firing mode: TOT. Mode will reset to default when deselecting the weapon
S530D Salvo mode is disabled
Default switches position when starting in the air:
Radar Altimeter is active (Switches in M and H respectively)
Radar is on EM mode
DDM is OFF (if it is mounted)
DDM (IR Missile detector) is now unmounted and OFF by default
FBW "too slow" sound logic updated
AP "Gong" Sound logic updated
AP Roll limit updated
AP Track Index behavior fixed
Display Changes:

S530D SVI Brackets have been deleted. They do not exist in the M-2000C
S530D G and D are now circled all the time. They indicate that the missile seeker head is locked on the target
Radar TDC is now available in SIL and EM modes
TWS/STT (PID/PIC) lock mode legend is now visible at all times in both SIL and EM modes. It indicates the radar default lock mode (with no locked target) or the current target lock mode
CCRP Target cross "+" has been deleted. This is a M-2000D feature only

DCS: AJS-37 by Heatblur Simulations
Reverted Rb75 FM
Fixed radar screen brightness setting not having any effect in B-scope mode
Wrath of Thunder mission 6: fixed mission complete logic
Fixed RAT sync in multiplayer
Tweaked engine smokiness
Tweaked zero alpha pitch moment at slower speeds

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
NEW! Added TID AVIA page (displaying AoA, Vertical velocity, ILS and ACLS), enabling the RIO to closely monitor landing procedures and assist the pilot with pattern work
Fix for radar ground stabilization at high roll angles
Fix for radar range scale reverting to 200NM during P-SEARCH HCU acquisition in multicrew
Fix for RWS contacts on TID timing out too soon in a 1-bar scan
Added COMM1_FREQ and COMM2_FREQ params exported to lua scripts for ARC-159 and ARC-182 radios (for example to be used with “cockpit param” in mission editor)
Fix for AB lighting at too high of a throttle position
Improvements to pilot stick travel animation
Added afterburner markers on controls indicator
Removed debug carrier glideslope on controls indicator
Added FFB trim checkbox option for more realistic trim operation feel while using a FFB joystick (works if ANY non-vJoy FFB device is detected!)
More realistic FFB travel with trim actuator movement
Adjusted compressor stall spool dynamics
Fine tuning of pitch axis handling qualities

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations
Fixed flipped Laser/LSS code issue
Fixed CTD caused by flush DL dbg info
Fixed ext light special binding
Fixed SD-10 to SPT wont LOFT
Fixed TOT speed indicator for on-time arrival (NAV, or AG with WPT as SPI)
Fixed channel copy issue (from 30~59 to 1~29)
Added AG Modes show TOT speed indicator
Allow unbalanced fuel tank loadout (FM improved)

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
Longitudinal stability model improved
Suspension model improved
AI aircraft SFM model improved to more closely comply with “human” model, most notably in terms of previous AoA differences for comparative performances
Positions of fire and smoke effects corrected to comply with visual damage
Some audio-visual effects fixes, such are corrected F2 RPM indication for afterburner regimes, IR signature on afterburner, etc
First stage of code cleanup: part of the code optimized for faster execution and less memory use. Next stage in progress
Corrected inverted animation of PRMG localizer needle on NPP instrument

DCS F-18C by ED
Added FLIR Pointing Modes (HUD Pointing Modes/Snowplow Pointing Mode/Velocity Vector Slaved (VVSLV) Mode)
Radar sometimes doesn't see targets in multiplayer - Fixed
Fixed A/A gunsight foresight cue/Adjusted A/A gunsight funnel
Port Side Navigation Light Stays on - Fixed
Added canopy and MFD reflections options

DCS F-16C by ED
Fixed Dogfight Mode ( Redone Attitude Awareness Arc/Add DLZ for dogfight/Remove silence radar mode in dogfight switch/Correct ACM BORE HUD indication/Added MFD/Add DLZ on FCR page)
Search targets on FCR screen have velocity vectors instead of Hotlines - Fixed
Missing Lock Lines - Fixed
No LOFT for AIM-120 - Fixed
FCR AA Declutter toggles by short depressing COMM Sw inboard for less than 0.5 sec
Improved EEGS mode (Adjusted T symbol,1 and 9g pipper/Adjusted A/A gunsight funnel Level 3 to 4 transition dynamics (now a bit smoother)/T-symbol out-of-plane maneuver lines maximum length was limited)
Horizon line seems too high on Persian Gulf Map - Fixed
F-16 has no option to send flight to tanker in radio menu - Fixed
Add Canopy Color Option
Added canopy and MFD reflections options
UFC training mission inaccuracies - Fixed
Cockpit Warning lights material tuned
Add livery for FS - 13/14/22/23/55/77/79/179/480/522
Add bort number
Radar STT automatic range scale adjustment does not work if STT was entered from TWS

DCS Fw 190A-8 by ED
Major updates for cooling and oil systems
Start-up procedures and priming were tuned for proper use in different weather conditions
Fixes for propeller governor
Engine sounds update
Destroyed tail no longer has multiple tails
Training missions update
Training with bombs is added
Update for start-up and take-off training
Added W.Gr.21 rockets and corresponding control panel in the cockpit
Added all currently existing german bombs to the arsenal
AB 250 cluster bomb with SD 10A submunition
AB 250 cluster bomb with SD 2 submunition
AB 500 cluster bomb with SD 10A submunition
SC 50
SC 250 J
SC 250 L2
SC 500 J
SC 500 L2
SD 250 Stg
SD 500 A
Added provision for the fuel tank
300 liters fuel tank added
Windscreen glass color edited
New skins added to the game
Manual update with information about bombs and rockets

DCS Bf 109K-4 by ED
Major sounds update

DCS Fw 190D-9 by ED
W.Gr.21 rockets were remade as separate models so they could be ripped off while hitting the ground

DCS L-39 Albatros by ED
In the case when the aircraft is controlled by a player in the back seat and is thrown out of the server for some reason, control passes to the first player

Flaming Cliffs 3 by ED
Su-27. Multiplayer data link ghost contacts - fixed
F-15C. Instant Action Persian Gulf F15C Free flight over West Dubai. Increased start speed to 0.8M to prevent stall conditions

DCS Black Shark 2 by ED
Increased time to idle working of first engine for correct start second engine in the cold conditions
Fixed a bug that broke the display of the message "AIRCRAFT READY"
Corrected mirror images inside the cockpit
The Standby Compass (the one on the overhead) fails to show directions from 180° to 360° - fixed

F-5E Aggressors BFM Campaign, F-5E Aggressors ACM Campaign, F-15C Aggressors BFM Campaign and F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Mapple Flag:

Updated some units to current models
Removed unused units and replaced them with static models
Corrected parking positions to match 2.5.6 changes
DCS BS2 Republic Campaign:

Minor changes in missions Despair, Party, Cleanup
The Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign by baltic Dragon:

Mission 2. Fixed missing encounters / chatter in Zone Delta if player didn't stop the convoy in Charlie
Mission 17. Fixed problem with the convoy carrying HVA refusing to move
Mission 21. Updated Predator's callsign (Popeye instead of Pontiac in remarks page)


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Have to say the “Foolrir” / “FenTrottel” combination is a highly effective cocktail .... what ! 

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Afternoon chaps,Redtail who I hear you ask!  I'm afraid the rubber band is still u/s for the F-14 on the carrier.You are still left waving at the seagulls as they fly by!

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Thanks for the info Tom.I normally just do another circuit round and re connect and more often than not it lets me take off!

I will try and get on sometime this week and have a chat then.

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Hey, Mark. Hope to hear from you soon.Drop in and say hello M8. 

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