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OBD Wings Over The Reich

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I'd not heard of this sim before, but apparently it's predecessor 'Wings over Flander Fields' has a following. It's said that the AI is the best out there and it has a truly dynamic campaign. Single player only I believe but for the price I'm considering checking it out. The WW1 offering looks pretty good too, albeit both being a bit dated looking but still an improvement over IL-2 46 graphics. I've got some Battle of Britain itch. Anyone have any experience with either of these titles?




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Reviving this thread. I bought the WOTR game, downloaded and installed it last night but I cannot run it. I click on the desktop icon and get a blue circle with a line through it on a black screen for a few seconds then back to desktop! I cannot see anything covering this on their 70 page FAQ so I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem?.


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I got a response from Mark the support person who pointed me to page 68 of their 72 page FAQ! It seems that if using a laptop you have to get rid of the opening movie OBDSplash.WMV by renaming it. The game then loads like a charm. I am not used to wading through FAQ's or manuals so I must have fallen asleep after page 10 😄

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