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Can I do it every time....

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Very nice takeoff:salute: 

Haven't flown it for a while....but landing the Spit is just the same for me as in BoS;  at 1500' and 200mph the runway threshold appears under the trailing edge of the left wing.  Close the throttle and start turn onto finals in a curved descent.  At 160 put gear down and push prop lever fully forward.  Drop flaps at 140 and then concentrate on rate of descent and throttle.  Aiming for 90mph and 10' over the threshold and then chop throttle and gentle back pressure on stick.  At this point in BoS I can actually let go of the stick and it will land.

If all goes well you should get one - Spitfire - bounce and you're then on the roll out.  What I really, really like about the DCS Spitty - and the 'Stang too - is the immediate throttle response.  This is in marked contrast to BoS.  A successful BoS landing is much more of a controlled glide to touch down whereas DCS aircraft can be 'driven' onto the ground on the throttle - much better!

Takeoffs?:blink:  Since I'm still not sure how to trim for takeoff or what throttle settings to use,  takeoff in the Spit requires the full width of the runway and any handy, adjacent open ground as I veer to the left and porpoise into the air.  There then follows a brief period of fighting with the controls to get the nose down whilst retracting the gear and trying to get the engine under control.

I then need around twenty miles of clear air to get the bloody thing trimmed to fly in something approaching a straight line in level flight.:roadrage: 

After that I can then fly formation - great throttle response makes that bit easier too:)

Takeoff in the Spit?  Tis' a mystery to me:startle:  


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