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When we try to learn English. It is not that bloody simple! Because we use compound words. Some examples of direct translation.

Flodhäst = hippopotamus (river horse)
Pepparkakor = ginger snaps (pepper cookies)
Fruktkött = pulp (fruit meat)
Björnbär = black berry (bear berry)
Jordnötter = peanuts (soil nuts)

Tandkött = gums (tooth meat)
Bröstvårta = nipple (breast wart)
Kofångare = bumper (cow catcher)
Blixtlås = zipper (lightning lock)
Tvättbjörn = raccoon (washing bear)
Färgglad = colorful (color happy)

Prästkrage Daisy (priest collar)

Återvinningstation = recycling station (re-winning station)

Dammsugare = vacuum cleaner (dust sucker)
Sugrör = straw (suck pipe)

Kylskåp = refrigerator (cool/cold cupboard)
Spårvagn = tram (track wagon)
Sjuksyster (or, sjuksköterska) = nurse (sick sister)
Sjukhus = hospital (sick house)
Tandläkare = dentist (tooth doctor)
Matbord = dinner table (food table)

Välgorenhetsorganisation = well doing organisation= (charity)

Over and out!


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