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ATAG Pattle

Cliffs of Dover Blitz exhibition - Hunter Valley Airshow 6-7 April, Cessnock NSW , Australia

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Hi all,

Great to be a part of your forums.

ATAG Torian and I  exhibited Cliffs of Dover at the Hunter Valley Airshow last weekend.

Day 1 was great. Steady stream of people having a look and fly. A few break also gave us the opportunity to watch the aircraft on display.

Day 2 - went off! Thought I would share the report.

It was the crowd of people, not just enjoying the event, but in checking out and having a go at Cliffs of Dover. All day!!!

From about 9.30am to event close at 4pm, Torian and I would have had 30 minutes to ourselves. Torian was the only one of us lucky to sneak a lunch in.

Day 2 started nice and early with a 7am tour of the flight line, hosted by one of Australia's top Warbird photographers, Mark Jessop. https://mynikonlife.com.au/news/gear/the-air-up-there/

Image 1.

Torian really looking down the barrel! Image 2

The gates opening for the event turned into flood gates for us. DD Sheriff  dropped into what was literally a room full of people having a go or in line waiting. Sorry I didn't have much time to chat Sheriff!

Many kids also had a fly, watched on by very happy and photo snapping parents with massive smiles, watching their young chargers getting stuck in. 

Was great seeing people wanting to try and land. I enjoyed giving instruction and watching the sense of achievement on the faces of those that survived it! 

It was great having the Hurricane outside our door, as we could say to the kids, see that Hurricane, jump in and lets fly it! Worked a treat.

And I mean literally outside! Pic 3

Later in the afternoon I switched from the joystick to yoke, with a highlight for me watching an 8 yr girl flying a Heinkel! And doing a good job, with a bit of coaching. Her parents were absolutely thrilled.

Plenty wanted to give a 109 a run to use the cannon's. I had my $50 bargain surround sound system and subwoofer turned right up. The sound and the air rush coming out of there was awesome.

Lost count of how many people had a taste of what Cliffs had to offer yesterday. 100+ easily. Many openly commenting and in awe of how good it looked. 

One guy was super excited to hear that a flyable Wellington will be in 5.0 as his grandfather flew them in the war.

Best of all, we have been invited back when the event is back on!

Thanks again to Torian for hanging our and representing our community. 

Also, I am now with Team Fusion in a PR role. Looking forward to being more of a presence in the Danger Dogs forum. Between Bonkin and I, we will be sharing information on the progress and later release of 5.0.

Exciting times.



2019-04-08 19.26.47.jpg

2019-04-08 19.27.11.jpg

2019-04-08 19.25.07.jpg

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Nice work Pattle! Glad to have you here.

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