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Something that was mentioned when we were doing heli action yesterday is that we would need a proper area with mostly soft targets that helis stand a chance against. Some kind of insurgent compound with no SAMs, MANPADS, vehicles with ATGMs or 23 mil AA guns (not sure if there's a difference in accuracy of manually aimed and radar assisted AA guns in DCS), but with trucks, cars, the odd IFV, APC or tank, some buildings and insurgent infantry.

Since I know Tom is often busy, I can easily fix something like that up in the mission editor if I'm sent the mission file (I assume/hope it's not huge). I'd just place the units somewhere reasonable from the FARP and not touch anything else.

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Since I have no idea about AI impact on server performance, is this overkill or ok? There are around 40 AI vehicles and infantry here, plus a bunch of static objects.

If that's too much, I can turn most of these unarmed vehicles into static objects and cut down on the infantry.

If the server eats this for breakfast then I might also want to add an outpost (smaller than this, and a bit more dangerous) in the mountains north of the dam.






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Howdy chaps,

Been meaning to do this for a while and finally got round to it...

The carriers have been kept deliberately sterile up till now for both framerate and spawning reasons. However, they did look a little too spartan so I decided to add a few bits and bobs to give them a little more life, particularly the Stennis and the Forrestal (for those of you who do not yet own the Supercarrier module).

Part of this is adding in a few parked planes, some of the tugs/push back vehicles and cranes, plus some static (non-interactive) crew, including some LSOs on the LSO platform, to make the decks feel a bit less 'Marie Celeste"...

On top of this each carrier now has a 'Plane Guard' helicopter hovering 200ft up off the port abeam position to attend to emergency situations should aircraft and aircrew end up going for an unscheduled swim... ;)

These should not interfere with spawning in, but if they do please do let me know.

Some screenies...










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1 hour ago, Ben griffiths said:

tried joining the dcs ob server but couldnt due to t45 is that a mod


Yes it is. Link here:   https://forum.dcs.world/topic/203816-vnao-t-45-goshawk/

You will also need the A-4E-C: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/290302-community-a-4e-c-v201-march-2022/#comment-4860158



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