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Re registering modules

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Before I search the DCS forums - which I find confusing at the best of times - I thought I'd ask of anyone's experiences here.

I've just moved my Eagle Dynamics folder from my old spinning HD to a new SSD.  It all went quite smoothly and the game starts but detects significant hardware changes so asks me to revalidate the authorisation codes for the following modules; 

P51D,  Flaming Cliffs 3 and the F86.

I go through what is being asked and revalidate via the internet as requested and it all seems to work.:huh:

However when I fire up the game I can launch missions ok but am unable to get into any cockpits.  The only cockpit I can enter is the SU25, which is a freebie with DCS world.  This suggests that the validation process has failed.

Any ideas? 

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Try and run this command from your (new) dcs/bin folder: DCS_updater.exe repair

Might fix it, but it has not always worked for me (having DCS on a different disk, and running that from a freshly installed Windows 10 on a new disk) Not the same situation, but comparable ...

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Sorted.  After visiting the DCS forums I now realise I should have de-activated my modules first. 

However, what DCS provided worked and we're in business again and oh er!!!  Upgraded pc - not even overclocked yet - and DCS is running appreciably better than before.

I might have to buy the Harrier now:thumbsu:

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