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Hi chaps!



Version 1.4 - 10 June 2020


  • 3D/Cockpit Model
    • added radar glow
    • updated cockpit lighting. Added red floodlights on both sides of the ejection seat
    • made clickable (oxygen switch, walleye/shrike selector, air-conditioning panel)
    • new sidewinder volume knob
    • added destination slew knobs for navigation computer panel
    • new compass controller panel model (clickable but currently not functional)
    • revised engine control panel with clickable switches
    • new AFCS test panel model (currently non-functional)
    • updated misc switch panel for accuracy
    • external fuel quantity check is now a button
    • new light indicator model for manual fuel control, jato, and doppler memory mode indicators
    • implement clickable spot for hiding the control stick (#9)
    • Added clickspots to toggle rear view mirrors in the cockpit
    • added animated brake pedals to cockpit
  • 3D/External Model
    • New anti-collision light model and effect
  • reworked ECM control systems
    • upgraded AN/APR-23 to AN/APR-25
    • added separate APR-27 simulation
    • added ALQ-51A
    • added ALQ-51A BIT Test
  • air cond panel is now clickable
  • added emergency fuel shutoff control
    • engine will shutdown if lever is set to 'emer off'
    • engine will not start with lever in 'emer off' position
  • added fuel dump capability
  • added command for manual flight control override. Update brake hydraulic system
  • added refuelling probe light
  • added radar scope glow. radar scope glow is linked to brilliance setting
  • added option to disable catapult location checks (client side checks)
  • toggle switches and multiposition switches are now animated
  • added initial implementation of huffer simulation and sounds. moved external power logic to the huffer.
  • added native NVG and NVG keybindings
  • added clickable shoulder harness handle and secondary ejection handle
  • added function for APN-153 to calculate wind vector and pass to ASN-41
  • ASN-41 will now display wind vector when in D1 or D2 mode
  • Initial implementation of manual and primary fuel control mode
    • manual fuel control warning light will come on when engine fuel control is in manual mode
    • manual mode will occur when fuel control switch is in the manual position
    • manual mode will occur when engine rpm is less than approximately 5-10 percent
  • added sdef for engine sounds to allow for customisation for engine sounds
  • added ability to export radar display. Display name is "A4E_RADAR"
  • Made JATO ARM-OFF and JATO JETTISON-SAFE switches clickable. Switches are clickable but no logic is coded in the systems due to lack of JATO.
  • Added axis binding for gunsight elevation control
  • added support to take off from the Sao Paulo A12 and Charles de Gaulle carriers
  • added navigation log page to kneeboard
  • added option to remove ECM control panel from cockpit via mission editor
  • added option to choose between MIL Power or Manual catapult launch in A-4E options menu
  • added ability to map two axis to the brake axis. Both axis still function as one combined brake axis and does not perform differential braking.
  • added payload options for 2 x AN-M57A1 and 3 x AN-M57A1 with the TER
  • added PictureBlenderColor property which is required for newer ME icons
  • Liveries:
    • added Trainer USMC VMAT-102
    • added Trainer USN Bare Metal 1956
    • added USMC VMA-124 Memphis Marines
    • added USN VA-45 Blackbirds
    • added USN USN VA-212 Rampant Raiders
    • added Trainer: USN VC-5 Checkertails
  • Textures/Exterior:
    • added Roughmet gloss-level options
    • added hardpoint bottoms textures
    • added MER rack textures
  • Missions
    • Added Nevada missions


  • new collision model and updated critical damage values
  • updated hydraulic system to be dependent on engine rpm
  • changed layout of option menu
  • moved clickable definitions to separate file (clickable_defs.lua)
  • tweaked switch behaviour to be consistent between left/right clicks
  • weapons and RWR sounds will now be played through the pilot headphones. Sounds will sound like it is coming through the helmet when "hear like headphones" is used"
  • AI model now uses 3D argument lights
  • updated AN/ASN-153 warmup and test sequence timings (1 minute for test and 5 minutes for warmup)
  • changed ASN-41 to require a push-and-turn to change values (same in real world, left + right-click and drag or left-click and scroll)
  • new UI elements for version 1.4
  • updated MER model and textured
  • Hide stick option is now consolidated with main sim options. Remove option to hide stick from A-4E-C special options menu.
  • rewrite more accurate simulation of APN-153 warmup time. Change APN-153 TEST sequence.
  • changed brightness of lights to match lighting changes in 2.5.6
  • renamed radio in mission editor to ARC-51A
  • turbine fan blade is now an opaque texture instead of translucent
  • updated hydraulic system pressurization to occur when engine startup has reached idle rpm. (#189)
    • Although idle rpm is set at 55%, the sim approaches but does not reach 55.0 or greater upon startup. Lower the hydraulic checks to 54.9 will guarantee the trigger to occur for engine startups.
  • changed AN-M30, AN-M57, and AN-M65 to use models and weapon definitions in DCS Core
  • updated weapon payloads to use newer TER model in DCS Core
  • THREAT light on glareshield has been returned to the original IFF light. RHWS warnings are available on the ECM panel as per aircraft.
  • increased IR emission coefficient to 0.5 to be more inline with other modules.
  • 3D/External model
    • updated navigation lights
    • fixed uv for pylons, bypass fan, fuselage bottom
    • new model and animation for rotary beacons
  • Textures/Cockpit:
    • updated boards, labels, buttons
    • updated cockpit gass
    • updated internal photograph
    • fixed gauge edge bleed
    • misc. minor 2019 improvements
  • Textures/Exterior:
    • removed/re-packaged loose files
    • replaced exterior lights textures
    • fixed interior fan, engine exhaust pipe, engine intakes
  • Liveries:
    • updated Aggressor camos for better matching with weapons connections
    • updated Blue Angels with custom Roughmet
    • updated NZ with more accurate markings
    • renamed "Unmarked" so it loads as the default instead of Argentina.
  • Missions:
    • updated Caucasus missions with new liveries, times and weathers
    • updated Persian Gulf missions with new liveries, times and weather
  • UI:
    • New main menu splash screen image
    • New briefing windows images
  • Input:
    • Major rewrite of keybinding files. HOTAS profiles will now use diff files instead
    • Duplicate keybinds are removed
    • Standardise naming convention of binding names and categories
    • fixed some standardisation for "else" and capitalisation for "Special For Joystick"
    • new binding diff file for CH Fighterstick and removed old binding file for Warthog joystick. Updated throttle binding.
    • added diff bindings for Sidewinder Force Feedback 2
    • added default binding for Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 in XInput mode



  • removed custom models and weapon definitions for AN-M30, AN-M-57, AN-M65


  • ECM panel indicators will now work with master test light button
  • gear handle light will no longer light up when primary ac power is not available
  • spoilers are now linked to the hydraulic system
  • flaps and gear are now dependent on utility hydraulic
  • fixed bouncing nose gear
  • fixed briefing map to auto load with A-4E-C missions
  • restructured sounds folder for sound asset isolation. Sounds should no longer affect other modules.
  • cockpit damage is revised to fix issue where the sim counts the aircraft as dead but the pilot is still alive.
  • fixed issue where red flood lights flashes to full brightness when turning on
  • fixed aileron trim function for MS FFB2 joystick (#137) (AFCS is still not compatible with MS FFB2)
  • fixed windspeed and wind direction displayed on ASN-41 and BDHI when in test mode
  • fixed issue where A-4E-C does not appear in encyclopedia
  • corrected warthog bindings for flaps up and flaps down
  • fix bug where countermeasure values were not updated after rearming or with unlimited weapons
  • make canopy functional after ground crew repair
  • fixed external anti-collision lights not turning off when master light switch is turned off or power is disconnected. (#199)
  • fixed hookpoint for better catapult wire tracking.
  • fixed issue where probe light is not connected to the master exterior light switch
  • fixed issue where ECM panel still functions without power
  • fixed issue with missing shrike pylons in multiplayer
  • fixed issue where pylon cannot be removed from AI aircraft
  • added back engine exhaust smoke
  • fixed issue where engine compressor fan does not rotate for AI and multiplayer (#219)
  • 3D/Cockpit Model
    • fixed canopy uv mapping
    • fixed white floodlight canopy glare
    • fixed nav panel digit glitch
    • fixed incorrect appearance for control hydraulic annuciator on state (#176)
    • fixed green glow from radar while radar is powered off and in the dark. (#57)
    • fixed issue with pylon 1 not being removed on AI model
    • fixed issue with shrike pylons not appearing correctly in multiplayer
    • fixed normals on top surface of spoilers




Available here: https://github.com/heclak/community-a4e-c/releases/tag/v1.4






Updating Your A-4E Install

Because of all these changes to the inputs, if you’re upgrading from previous versions of the module, you will need to delete your old bindings before using the new version and rebind all the controls for the aircraft.



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Version 1.4.1 - 2 September 2020


  • added dimming wheel on angle of attack indexer
  • ladder lights will now dim when INST LIGHT knob is in any position other than the OFF position for night operations
  • glareshield lights will now dim when INST LIGHT knob is turned up past the first 20% (approximately)


  • changed warning lights to use additive_self_illuminated shader as transparent_self_illum has been deprecated in DCS
  • updated brightness range for the gunsight
  • updated cockpit lighting brightness for DCS lighting changes
  • gunsight brightness is now a logarithmic function to allow for better brightness control
  • tweaked glareshield annunciator textures for night lighting (a-4e_lights_1, a-4e_instr_details_1)
  • updated texture for gear handle (a-4e_instr_bckgd_3)



  • removed payload option to load incomplete buddy pod



  • fixed clickspots on throttle where they do not track the position of the throttle
  • fixed incorrect spelling for TRIMMER SWITCH - LEFT WING DOWN
  • updated carrier detection code for MIZ file version 18


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Hey guys, I'm currently building an ANZAC-themed map/ mission for the Skyhawks. It's mostly focussed on getting to grips with it's systems and fiddling with the radar. Both the RAN and the RNZAF are featured.

It would be cool, if we could run it some time.


The only additional requirement would be installing the HMAS Melbourne mod. The Melbourne comes with a couple of skins, so it can also stand in for other small-size carriers.




Don't worry, there's also a shore-base. 😁

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