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Community A-4E Mod

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Hi chaps,

Starting Monday 28th January, the mission I host that gives everyone a chance to fly anything will have a new toy: the DCS community made - and therefore free! - A-4E Skyhawk!

However it will mean that anyone wishing to join will have to have the mod installed, whether they wish to fly it or not.

Could I therefore request that those wishing to partake retrieve and install this surprisingly good Mod - it's a fun little jet, not nicknamed the Scooter for no reason!

It's available here:


Follow the install instructions in the thread, it's pretty darn simple as Mod installation goes.

Manual for those wanting to know how to do stuff once you have it is here:


Be advised it's not yet feature complete and they are still working through some bugs, though most have workarounds, and generally don't affect too much the enjoyment of this nippy little jet.

Thanks chaps!


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It's got a functional air to ground radar?

 Wow, thats some mod:salute:

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Hmmm...hasn't DCS only just managed to get ground radar functional - with the F/A18 - very recently?

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No, Viggen's had ground radar for about 3 years now. Benefitted from a comprehensive update recently too. 

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The A-4E mod has jus received an update!


v1.3 Changelog:
- New carrier catapult mechanic
- New RWR System, complete with originally produced sounds
- Aircraft chocks now available, allowing carrier cold starts
- Enhanced Shrike Usage, with originally produced sounds
- Reworked Internal Lighting
- New Menu Music by Eric Haugen (Thanks!)
- New collision Mesh (Hitbox), aircraft no longer invincible
- Huffer now works on carriers
- Fixed TrackIR issues

However, for now, for the sake of simplicity and making sure for tonight's session we are all singing from the same hymn sheet, I strongly suggest you delay updating.

It would be best to wait until the current Beta version is ported to the Release as this also solves the issue of exploding Skyhawks when spawning cold & dark on the ground.  


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