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DCS F/A-18 Hornet - Outboard pylon Missile bug

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If any of you, as I was,  are experiencing a bug where AGM-65s (and now the AGM-88 in the beta version) mounted on the outboard under wing pylons (stations 2 and 6 IIRC) do not disappear when fired, well i have a solution.

I deleted the fxo & metashaders2 folder from C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS (or DCS.openbeta as appropriate) folder. Then I Repaired DCS World from the Windows start menu.

Ran a mission and now both AGM-65 and AGM-88 do not leave phantom missiles on outboard pylon when fired!

To be clear: the bug behavior is weapons fire, track and (sometimes!) hit targets, disappearing from the stores page so they cannot be selected and weight and trim are affected accordingly; however, the 3D model remains on the pylon, unless emergency jettisoned.

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